Fitting a Bicycle to You : Various Types of Bicycles

In the three major types of bikes out there,
we have the hybrid, usually indicated by upright handle bars, like a mountain bike, wide gear
range like a mountain bike, however, the narrower higher pressure tires of the road bike. The
industry is a little confused right now about what to call these bikes, they actually refer
to them as lifestyle bikes, fitness bikes, pavement bikes. Really what this is is just
a general use bicycle that you can do a lot with. They can be a solid commuter, they can
be a halfway decent club performance bike if you’re just going to go on longer fast
rides on the weekend when you feel like it. The one draw back with this type of bike for
that application is that it doesn’t have multiple righted positions on the handle bars. But,
overall, comfortable, a lot of different uses, good bike. Here we have a traditional road
bike, even narrower tire than the hybrid, the traditional drop racing handle bar that
affords the rider a multitude of riding positions, access to your brakes and gears right from
the levers, fairly aggressive position from the saddle to the bar, very lightweight, usually
not quite as wide a range of gears as the hybrid, definitely designed with performance
before comfort.
Finally we have a traditional hard tail mountain bike, this one is geared towards more of a
performance fit in that it is not particularly short lengthwise, proportionately for its
size. You know, still for the size rider, it’s going to put them in a fairly aggressive
fit in terms of saddle height and bar height and, you know, great all around bike in terms
of you know, having fun in the woods, equipping it with the right kind of tires actually makes
the bike fairly versatile for a winter commuter or just a general use bike.