Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Storage Stand Review

this is the feedback sports bicycle stand and I got these on Amazon I actually got two of them from Amazon for Christmas and I had them on my list for a long time because I used to always just have my bike propped up against something in the garage I have a proper bicycle stand that’s tall that you can get the wheels off the ground but I didn’t have a low floor bike bicycle stand like this so I would always find myself putting the bike up against some junk in the garage and trying to glue my chain or inflate my tires and inevitably the bike would start to slip and fall down I’d use like cardboard boxes or anything in the garage to try to keep the bike propped up while I just did some quick maintenance I’m really happy with the stand I think it’s well built it’s good solid metal it pairs up quite nicely these two lock together easily and then you can put two bikes side by side I did find that my bike and my brother’s bike line up okay my bikes a lot bigger than my brother’s bike so the handlebars don’t quite hit if you had two bikes that were very similar size you’d want to like alternate right so put the front tire in one stand and put the back tire in a different stand you can see my front tire is a hans dumped by Schwalbe it’s a 2.35 and you can see it kind of fits it if it’s decent it’s definitely about big as you can go so it still goes in there just fine and I’ve used this on my road bike even though it’s got kind of that big keeper I’m not sure what exactly what you’d call it so I’m super happy that I’ve got these now they really come in handy in a pinch when you’re just messing around with the bikes in the garage or the backyard and it’s so much better than putting stuff up against a wall and then hearing it in the background fall down because you weren’t careful enough with your $7,000 bike