Fast & Powerful 17kW DIY eBike|Electric Bike|Wheelies, Drifting, Acceleration

hey I’m Lodi and this is ebike one old one [Music] these strongly bugs are brand-new category of Transportation it stands somewhere between a bike and a motorcycle you can use it as a regular motorcycle just by adding throttle and choosing one of three power modes you can pedal just like on any other bike just with the white difference it’s made out of a frame battery motor and BMS that stands for battery monitor system on this particular model of a 3.2 kilowatt hour battery I was able to do 80 kilometers per charge on the highest power mode [Music] these are strong a friend of mine has a prototype that does 17 kilowatt peak power he can do wheelies when riding 60 kilometers an hour drifting passing cars and leaving motorcycles behind is achievable because of its light weight average weight is around 65 kilograms and torque is incredible you don’t have to change gears so acceleration is just insane top speed depends on what motor you have but it’s common to go up 210 kilometres an hour one cool feature some bikes have is the ability to recharge the battery with regenerative braking this battery has 18 650 cells same standard that Tesla cars use on average I charge with 1400 pots that takes around one-and-a-half hours to charge or I charge for my solar panel slowly the entire day the biggest benefits of these bikes is cheap transportation electricity is affordable and available everywhere you can charge at home work at Fay’s or public charging stations for cars he bikes don’t require too much maintenance either most maintenance is similar to any other bike you need to lubricate chain replace brake pads or change tires [Music] the price of these e-bikes can vary because it depends on which bars you want and hotels is for you these powerful ones sell somewhere between four thousand six hundred and six thousand three hundred euro if you’re interested send me a message and ask we develop them so sometimes we have few for sale [Music] you can definitely build these bikes yourself it’s important to keep in mind you will need sufficient knowledge of high voltage distribution heat management mechanical skills torque distribution batteries and preferably have a bike or motorcycle background remember if you like this knowledge you’re risking multiple fire hazards explosions and electric shocks [Music] if you do decide to build an e-bike you might appreciate a chart I created of all the parts with corresponding prices and links send me an email at the address below and I can share it with you for a few dollars it’s an ideal machine for a local exploring commuting or just hardcore writing it’s quiet and feel sophisticated compared to motorcycles my special love carrying them in our van and using them to explore new places for free during the day they stay under the bed to charge via our solar panels or we can charge faster from the alternator when driving this way the bikes are always charged for our next adventure [Music] we travel with easy bikes full-time and if you want to see where we are writing them at this point follow my girlfriend markets Instagram is curly hair camping I’m a photographer so I mainly use them for location scouting and fun riding sometimes together and you can find me on Instagram a spanner on my man thank you very much for watching and see you next time in another video you