Faraday Cortland Electric Bike Video Review

Hey folks!! This is Peter from bikes and
life. Now here in beautiful Monterey Bay California, at the sea otter Bike
Festival with the Faraday Portland. The coolest thing about this bike of course
is that step through frame, so instead of having to swing your bike way back over
the seat like that, you can just step on and step off just like this. Now it’s
important to stress that the step-through frame is not a women’s
specific bike, this is for anybody who just wants to make it easier to get on
and off their bike without having to swing their leg over. And that’s sooo cool
because with the Faraday it’s really about relaxation and comfort and taking it
easy and having a fun bicycle ride, but with the assistance from the front wheel
when you need it. With the Faraday Cortland as with all the other Faraday
bikes you have this nice swept back handlebars, so it suits you in a nice
neutral position. Your hands are going to be about the same height as your hips or
little bit higher and you’re gonna just feel comfortable and relaxed and
easygoing there. And that’s one of the things that really leads the Faraday
Cortland having a nice comfortable, laid-back feeling, when you ride it.
If you take a look right here at this is the switch, where you can turn off or on
with just one simple click. This controller is where the brain is. Now you
really have to look from the back to see all the action, basically what you do
is, you just tap this button to turn it on. There’s a blue light here and then red
lights kind of a brake light and a power indicator, you’re charge port is right
there now a lot of people think that the the battery of the bike is in this part.
But now it’s actually in the down tube. so this lower section of the frame right
here, all the batteries are contained right inside of that area. And so, it leads
to the completely concealed effect that you get, when you look at the Faraday. So
this is definitely the kind of that you can ride, if you don’t want people to
know that you’re riding an electric bike if you want something that’s more casual,
it’s going to fit in wherever you go, the Faraday is a great choice. So thanks for watching video on the Faraday Cortland. Remember this is their low step version
of Faraday Porteur. Relaxed easy on and off easy to ride, a lot of fun, power from the front wheel, batteries in
the down tube, controllers in the frame. And if you want to watch more and learn
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