Epic Ride Around Whistler’s Lost Lake | Martyn Ashton’s Random Tandem

(cash register beeping) (muffled background talking) – [Martyn] Oh, not that big. – [Blake] Whistler water. (muffled speaking) – [Blake] Super sub – Do you think someone would like– – [Blake] That’s real nice. – Trail mix? – [Blake] Trail mix.
Come on. Oh yeah, all right, come on. – Done. – So we’ve got our pack lunch, we’re going to have a picnic. – Yes. – But, Mr. Ashton…
Yes? – I think we need to go find
a place to have a picnic. – Well, do you know where we’re going? Have we got a map or something? – No maps, Martyn. – What? – We’re going on an epic adventure. – I don’t think we should
go away with no map. – No, getting lost is the
best thing about exploring. Cause you’ll never see
what you want to see. – I don’t feel comfortable with this. (laughing)
– Don’t worry. – You’re not going to get
me lost, and eaten by… You know there’s bears, right? There is actually bears. – And there’s a place called Lost Lake, so we might get, we are going to get lost. – (laughing) Okay. Well, I don’t mind. I’m really looking forward to picnic. – Picnic!
Picnic! Picnic! (clapping) – Should we get the tandem? – Let’s get the tandem. Do it! – Get the tandem.
Yeah! (rock music) (clap) – [Martyn] I feel like
we’re down in the middle of the forest and we can’t get out. – [Blake] We can’t get out. (rock music) – [Martyn] (laughing)
Wow! That was mental. (rock music) We’re out!
– We’re out! We’re out! (rock music) (boom) (smash) – So me and Blake thought
we’d use a beautiful day here in Whistler to
go out on an epic ride. – Let’s get lost. – We’re going to get lost. We’re going to a place called Lost Lake where there’s absolutely
tons to see and do, loads of little mountain
bike lines that we can try on the random tandem. Should be amazing. – And then end up having a picnic. – Aww, could it get any better than this? – No. – Well, here’s how it all panned out. (pop music) (yelling) (muffled talking) – [Martyn] Oh, that’s good. That’s good, that’s good, that’s good. (pop music) – [Blake] What do you think, Mart? – Oh, it looks amazing! I really want to see a bear! – Think you can hit this berm? One handed. Berm. – Whoa. – Whoa. – I actually nearly fell off. – Imagine if you fell off. (laughing) (pop music) There’s trails going
everywhere, it’s amazing, Blake. – It’s amazing. – Right then, so we go back up the hill, – Yep – Hit the North Shore. – Then we go and do that, yeah. So it’s chill, this like, tech trail. – [Martyn] Tech trail. – [Blake] Oh, nice line. – [Martyn] Nice line. (muffled speaking) Oh! Oh! Oh! – Oh, that’s nice. That’s good. – [Martyn] I went to
get you the smooth line, – But that was not smooth, that. – [Martyn] I’m worried
about your feet, man. I’m worried you’re going
to knock your feet off. Bloody hell, that was
some good power there. (muffled speaking) We need power, ya mind. – [Blake] All right, power, power, power. Power, power, power. We’ve got a line on this log. All right, go! – [Martyn] Oh yes! Oh, that was good! (pop music) Yes! Go on, go on. Go on, go on, go on, power power. No don’t, no don’t. Did you feel the front
fall down there, then? – A little bit. – [Martyn] It kind of
falls down them roots. Oh! – Why you wobbling like that? Puts me up. – [Martyn] I saved your life, then! – [Blake] No you didn’t,
you nearly killed it. – [Martyn] Oh, tree! Cheers! (laughing) – [Blake] I’m going to
put my foot down here. – [Martyn] No! – Feet going down. – [Martyn] Do not put your foot down – Oh you, gosh, I nearly put them down. Yeah! I reckon you should go up there. – What? – Back up to that one. – Up to the rocks. – Yeah. – All right.
Do it. Here we go. I think we’re going to go left? – [Martyn] All right, bit of this. – Bit of this… Whoa! – [Martyn] Oh, look at this! – That’s a cool bridge! – Mind your pedal on that bit there. Oh my God, it’s quite narrow, too. (laughing) – Why you wobbling? – I don’t know why I’m
wobbling, I’m sorry! (laughing) This is cool! Oh, it’s a really tight turn. – Oh flippin heck! – Right, Go! Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal – [Blake] Oh my goodness, me. – [Martyn] Pedal, pedal, just pedal. Yes. Yeah! – Yeah! – I’m hungry! – Right, I’m ravenous. – It’s hot. We’ve done some ace climbing.
– Yeah. We’ve done some trials.
– Yeah. – But now I’d like some lunch. So the picnic we got, I think it’s time. – I think it’s time. – I think it’s time. – Should we go?
Let’s do it. – Yep. – [Martyn] This is a cool line, this. Climbing! Proper climbing. Right, ignore the braking. Go on, go on, go on. – Yeah! (muffled speaking) – I’m doing no hands, Martyn! – [Martyn] No! – Yeah! – [Martyn] Try and do one of these, if we’ve got any more turns like that. – [Blake] Yeah. (laughing) – [Martyn] Oh yeah. – No hands! – No hands? – Yeah. Keep it no hands, keep it no hands. – [Martyn] Don’t put your hands out! – No hands! – [Martyn] Don’t put your hands out! – No hands! – Don’t put your hands out! Keep it no hands. – No hands. – High five this guy! – High five this guy! – High five the guy! – High five the guy! (slap)
– Yay! (laughing) – [Martyn] Oh! Go round here. – Round here? – [Blake] Round there. – [Martyn] Round there – [Blake] Round there.
Round there. – [Blake] Through here? Oh no, look. – [Martyn] Is that a stop point? – [Blake] That is a
perfect spot right there. – [Martyn] Let’s setup, that. – [Blake] That is perfect. – [Martyn] Beautiful.
I just found the sandwiches. Should I just park it
up next to the things? – [Martyn] Random Tandem in view. – Oh, yeah. – Lean me against here, like this. – Lean you against there. – Like that. – [Martyn] Oh my word. – This is the dream. – [Martyn] Look at that view. – Look at that view, that’s the dream. – [Martyn] That is actually insanely nice. – [Blake] That’s the insanely nice view. (jazzy music) – I’ve got you a super sub. It’s got sausage and cheese. – Okay… – You can’t have that. – I won’t have that, if you don’t mind. I’d rather have something– – I’m only joking! – What you’ve got? – I got you a vegan wrap. – Oh, amazing. – There you go. – Thank you very much. – And..
Look at this! – Melon. We’ve got loads of food. – Oh! – Look what I’ve got for puddin’. Those, my friend, are vegan
chocolate chip cookies. – No, they’re not! – 100% are. – Wow!
I thought I’d treat you. (hand slapping) – Right, look at this. – That is amazing, that. – It’s amazing, isn’t it? – I’ve got loads of choices. – I love that.
Should we cycle over there, and get lost over there? – I thought we were lost until
we found all these people. And I guess they must know where they are. – [Blake] I’m ready. That was terrible. – [Martyn] It was brilliant! I did a really good job then. (pop music) – [Martyn] This is wild. Go on, go on. Wow! That was mental! – Go over that. I’m going up over it. – [Blake] Oh my sack. (laughing) – Go on, just keep going. Keep peddling. Wow, that was mad! Can’t believe we went up over that rock. – [Blake] Jesus Christ! – Whoa!
Wow! – [Martyn] Okay, left, left, left. Oh my God! Oh! (muffled speaking) Oh, push in! What ever you’re doing,
just keep doin’ it! The woman who said come
down this trail is insane! Oh Jesus. Jesus Christ. I lost the front. I lost the front. Oh my God, pin it. Pin it like you’ve never pinned it. Pin it, pin it. Pin it, pin it, pin it. (laughing) Pin it. – Oh my goodness me!
Oh my word! – I’m stoppin’. – That was insane! – Oh my goodness me. – How the hell did it go up there? How the hell did it go up there. – Oh my God. (laughing) (raspy breathing) – That was (muffled), yeah. – I feel like we’ve got ourselves in a bit of a predicament. – I feel like we’re down
in the middle of a forest, and we can’t get out. – We can’t get out. – What are we going to do? – Well, we could return
and fail the mission, or we continue, – [Martyn] I think– and really, really get stuck in the bush. – It feels like it’s going
to start going up and up. That last bit was so hard. – Pinocchio’s Furniture, Martyn. What does that sound like? – Logs, to me. That sounds like logs. I think we should expect logs. Cause Pinocchio’s wood, isn’t he? – True.
He’s a wooden boy. – Oh, it could be like roots and stuff. – I don’t like roots. – I don’t like roots either. I don’t know what we’re going to be doin’. We’ve never ridden this trail. – This sign would suggest
if there was danger. And it does not suggest danger to me. – It doesn’t, no. – I mean, Pinocchio’s a Disney film. (laughing) – But there’s some scaries in Disney. – Oh it’s horrible, isn’t it, when he always turns into a donkey. – Huh? (donkey braying) Oh, I don’t like that part. – Should we try this trail? – Let’s do it. – Oh, it’s got wood. If we can manage to get to the wood– – Go, go. Mind your pedal strike now, Blake. That’s it, go on, go on. – [Blake] Oh, it’s quite… You want to keep it wide. – [Martyn] Go for it,
go for it, go for it, go for it, go for it. I’m going to go wide. Go on, Blake. Just keep going for it. Go on, go on, go on. – [Blake] Nope.. – Oh Jesus. – We’re going off there. Oh. How are we going to do that? (laughing) We’re stuck! – What the hell are we going to do now? – We’re stuck! (cartoony music) (crash) (laughing) – Whoa! (laughing) – I’ve got you, I see what you’re doing. I see what you’re doing. – Ready?
Yeah. Yeah, go on. I feel like you’re going
to drop me down this hill. – I’m not, why would I drop precious… Preciousness. – Precious cargo. (laughing) – All right, mind that mech. We’re on, we’re nearly back up on it. – No, you want to turn your wheel. – Sorry (mumbles) I’m using my biggest trials left! – Ready? – Yeah – This is crazy. – Right, push me forward a little bit. – Okay, hold it there. – Okay. – I’m pushing you that way. – Okay. – Yeah?
Yeah. – (laughing) Whoa! Jesus Christ! Right, ready? – Steady. – Go. – Oh, wow. Hang on. – I thought I would film. – I thought I was filming. – But I’ve got a… – I’ve got a… Anyway. – Anyway, look at that bridge. That’s what tore us out. (heavy breathing) It doesn’t look anywhere near as steep. – Look at it. (muffled speaking) It is steep, but it’s too
narrow for that thing. Now, we’ve got a bit of a mechanical… Oh. Really bad. (cartoony jazz music) Yeah! We’re in business! – There’s a bear! – We don’t sound like that. – Ahh! But, we have bent the
mech when we dropped off. (gravel crunching) – We’re out!
We’re out! – We’re out!
We’re out! – Oh!
Look at this. – What is this? – Oh, we found our way out. It’s a road! I can see a road! (laughing) – Oh, we’ve done it! – Oh my goodness me. – [Martyn] Oh Jesus. – Oh, Martyn. (gravel crunching) High five. – Oh, we’re out. (hands smacking) – Most stressful thing. It wasn’t actually stressful. It was quite a challenge,
I quite enjoyed it. It was like Camel Trophy. – Okay, we’re working our
way out on the fire road. – Yep. – We’ve got a slightly broken bike. – Slightly broken, bent derailleur. – Not going to lie, it went south quickly. – Very. – We got pretty stuck
on the trail as you saw. Blake was an absolute machine. – He got us up out of that corner. – That bloody corner. – Fixed the derailleur, got
the chain out the wheel. It was difficult. We was trapped on the
trail there for a minute. In the end, we went back
down and found a route out that we hadn’t seen. We’d gone past. – It looked like it got
worse up further ahead. – Yeah, so I think we’d bitten off a bit more than we could chew, but hey, it’s good to know
when you’ve done that. – We have, yeah. – It’s good to know. We’re on our way out. We came in trying to get lost, and we did. We asked for it. – We asked for it. – We asked for it! Whoa. It turned into an epic ride. – It did turn into a bit of an epic one, Mr. Ashton. – Okay, right. Well, I tell ya what. I think I’ve had about
as much of Lost Lake as I can take today. – And tandem. – Tandem. Although, I did see a skate
park on the way on in. So, you never know. If you would like to see more from GMBN, then why don’t you click over… – Over there! Over there!
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