EPIC DOWNHILL FREERIDE High Speed Trails! – Mt Prevost | Jordan Boostmaster

I’ve got a big day of riding ahead of me
today I’m heading to Vancouver Island and riding Mount Prevost with some locals,
this is another one of those videos filmed before I got my Skypilot so
again I’m on my Wilson We’ve got a good crew with us today,
Thomas Shaw is also a part of the Evolve bikes team so you can see that he’s also
riding a Skypilot we’ve also got Paul and Dallas riding with us today we’ve
even got a shuttle driver with us today Aleda, she’s a racer but unfortunately
she suffered a concussion recently so she can’t ride today what is this trail called then? Memphis we are starting on what they
consider the warm-up trail called Memphis it’s the easiest trail on the
mountain even though it’s a black diamond hardly a warm-up run on any
other mountain Mount Prevost is not for the
faint of heart it attracts a lot of World Cup racers
because it’s great for training but the interesting thing about mt Prevost here is
that you can’t shuttle it during the summer time
now that’s to avoid forest fires so they close it around mid June and opens up
again once the rains return probably in September oh cool scratch me stanchion! shoot that’s
not good just need like some sandpaper yeah it sucks
this wasn’t just any little scratch it was actually kind of big you could
really feel it with your finger when rubbing it and it was definitely gonna
destroy my seals I was desperately trying to minimize the burr that was
made but I’m gonna have to ride like this and this is just the first run on a
day that we do seven shuttle laps so I’m gonna be wrecking my seals for sure and
that got me really pissed off at myself it was a downer for sure I mean you
might get lucky okay here’s a better picture I got of it later in the day you
can see it’s a fairly big gouge I will try and fix it at home with sandpaper
and nail polish and hopefully it just needs new seals otherwise let’s just
enjoy the rest of this day and these awesome trails when you get near the
bottom the trails merge into this jump trail
well I think there are other options but they just aren’t worth riding apparently
we’ll be coming back here many times so I don’t need to hit anything just yet hmmm need to carry your speed
I will definitely like to hit this line these last few look a bit technical so
we’ll see how they ride later on so we’ve had our warm-up now we’re gonna
ride something a bit more spicy this one’s called putting on the Ritz and we
have another rider joining us for today Keegan he’s taken out his trail bike I
would describe this trail as fairly difficult it’s gotten numerous gaps and
stunts as well as a lot of high speed single track and you really want to know
this trail before you really commit to anything
whoa oh okay that’s cool I guess that was a step up your guys are talking
about that’s pretty cool though this Ritz you go this fast okay yeah yeah it
turns pretty soon there I’ll do it alright I see it we’re about
to look at the biggest drop on this trail and you might recognize it from
some other videos what’s going on oh wow it’s gonna take a look at this oh that’s
sick yeah I remember this drop from some videos so like what do you do you just
kind of roll over it I guess like do Thomas and Keegan show us how it’s done Zac yeah I’m just grand you’re like a
run up it looks attractive to me but I’m just not sure right now if I’ll commit
to something like this you’re really coming with all that speed yeah
not now I need to get a bit more warmed up what’s that oh that’s a your sting
landings you yeah I know you know that’s like Turner oh that’s pretty cool yeah looks fun
that was really fast and fun and it goes a lot longer to which you’ll see later
on then we went to check out a new drop that was built recently by Dean Tennant
Tommy wanted to hit it so he was eyeing it up he wasn’t gonna do it just yet
though but he might do it later the thing is like you’re going here all you
see is just like big flat ground so he was like what yeah what am i doing man oh yeah I kind of use that a little bit
that’s busy yo I’m just gonna yeah pretty much for this
run we’re writing a super-fun advanced flowy trail if you connect it all it
would be pretty epic right now it’s new for a lot of us so we don’t quite know
what to expect yet well that’s a jump oh I thought this love that’s pretty sweet if you couldn’t like
do the jump Dallas got super squirrely here and you can see it in the instant
replay that his chest landed on the down tree and his right thigh hit the other
tree wearing your chest protector good job Dallas got back on his feet but he
was done for the day it was just a matter of making it down to the bottom
now and what is what is this table okay oh
it looks like I forget what this trail is called but it’s also got some
beautiful jumps and stunts on it including a nice creek gap lower down yeah are you gonna do it yeah I’ll catch
you doing it I’ll just roll down there I look sick
I think I want to do this Oh Cooper fun is it easy it looks kind of easy you
just make sure I got the right one the right great you know what sends it I’m
gonna do this this is a cool jump line I did over here didn’t I account on a flat
yeah after that epic run Keegan and Dallas parted ways and then we went on a
photo run Thomas brought out the camera and he got some great pictures of us
which I’m pretty stoked on it’s not that often that I can get some sick pictures
of myself actually Oh Delhi Oh that’s it basically no break you come in
Sloane you know a break just past this tree all right sweet Oh baby oh yeah
that’s sick and that yeah we did seven runs in total today quite a
full day and it was so sick I was noticeably improving on some things as
well clearing some features that I didn’t go for before I did it yeah dude
I sent the big long one all right the jumps again these jumps I haven’t
got them all they’re a bit difficult a bit technical see this one’s easy I actually did that yeah nice say yeah boys I’ve got one
more lap thank you that was a stanchion look in here mmm
get oil there that really sucks for our last run we are revisiting the
ribs I would say it might be the most high-stakes trail here it’s just so fast
and then has all these jumps and stunts on it but you got to stay focused
because you could really get out of control with the high speeds on here oh that was insane whoo I’ve got that one did you get that last road gap too sick
I didn’t get it Oh scary man yeah high speeds I could so like monster truck e
fun stuff the plowing through dude real fast yeah but what were you saying about
like this place is kinda like it’s just built by riders all like or a lot of
racers right up here yeah it started as a training ground for BC comes yeah it’s
it did slowly kind of got a reputation for not being very friendly to beginners
it’s unsanctioned so they’re currently illegal trails but they’re talking about
having them sanctioned next year oh yeah which makes me nervous because they’re
probably gonna take out a lot of the big features oh yeah I guess so all right so
this is the pretty fast high speed section pretty fun this trail was
showing me the limits of my we’ll set it’s more centered around freeride and
jumps especially with the geometry setting that it’s currently in not if
not three I would love to ride the trail again with the new sky pilot I got it
would feel better on this trail oh ho yeah so thick I already know I’m
bun my gold is like not hit trees oh wow that felt really bad and it’s a
testament to how you need to be careful on these trails with such high speeds
you can really hurt yourself here what did I do
I don’t know why as I mentioned before there are no beginner trails here and I
think that’s for the better wow that was a lot of fun everything out here is
either black or double black diamond a lot of World Cup racers do consider this
a great place to train so I would say keep these trails for the more
experienced riders that’s it dude good that was luck all right let’s
do the jump line last one last chance to them all let’s see how it goes I was
nice little petal ones are easy people with
others excuse me yep that’s easy hot ones he also easy ah I was I just love popping man Thank
You Ryan it’s so cool don’t prove Oh beautiful oh yeah yeah it was epic thank
you guys so much for watching this video all the way to the end please give a
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to my current videos with my new bike and I will be getting my enduro bike
very soon actually big thanks to all my patrons who are a big help with me going
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