Electric Bikes & RVs: A Great Combination! My Pick For The Best Folding E-Bike For RVing

Hi, I’m Curtis with TheFunTimesGuide.com
and today I will show you an example of my dog Max enjoying a ride on my new
electric bicycle. And I will go through the features and how to operate the
bicycle, as well. I hope you enjoy the video. Ok, my electric bicycle folds in
half at this hinge point here. You just pull the lever out, and it will fold in
half. The handlebars fold down alongside the bike. You release the handlebars here
and the whole stem and everything folds over. And for Max, I have a simple wire
basket that is only attached by 4 zip ties to the existing luggage rack that
is standard equipment. I also ordered the pannier bag option so I’ve got basically a set of saddle bags that I can carry water or whatever — and I keep
my cable lock in there. But the bicycle will accelerate as you pedal. As
you start pedaling, it will take over and start powering — and you
must maintain pedaling to have the pedal assist method. You also have a twist
throttle here which will activate the motor without pedaling. And a digital
readout that tells you your speed. And, of course, there is the little bell.
It’s a very simple bicycle to operate. It comes standard with taillight and a
headlight. And I highly recommend electric bicycles with the 4-inch wide
fat tires. They’re much more stable on the ground and you do not feel at all
tippy with it. But it’s an easy bike to ride — and, oh yes, I did also upgrade the
seat to a wider saddle so that my old weary bones don’t ache. I am sure
anyone could enjoy an electric bicycle like this.