Electric Bike Review and Features

hello YouTube this is Pranav again and
this video is going to be about an electric cycle and this is going to be
the review of it and it’s good it’s cool physical features and how at the
difference of an electric cycle and a regular cycle and how an e-bike is so
much more comfortable so much more better to have. so starting with
the physical features of the bike we’re moving on to the handles over here so
this is the back brake and this is the
front brake these are the gear shifters and this thing this little this thing
over here I have no idea what if this it’s like you pull it down or something
and then when you press this button it can go back up please tell me what that
is I have no idea, and make sure you comment down below and tell me what that
is okay, and this plus and minus button which controls the screen and I’m
going to be telling you the information about that later.
this is the screen this is the power button and the control buttons
now going down this is the mountain tire,
front suspension disc brakes and while going back here’s the battery to the
power pack 400 made by Bosch it’s the battery
and this is the motor this is the pedals the chain and this is what this is it’s
like it’s like a valve that controls the electricity flowing from the battery to
the motor so I’ll get to that thing later, this is the back suspension,
the seat and the seat height changer this is the spokes there are ten gears
on this thing one two three four five six seven eight nine 10, here okay
this is the back disc brakes and the back suspension
and the back light reflector alright so moving on to the function of what it does so there’s two
ways of turning on the bike
one is the pressing this power button and the other one is when you press a
button down here so as you can see there’s a button down here that when
you press that button the battery power lights up and tells you how much power you have. have to tell you how much better you
have but I don’t recommend that guys it’s really hard when you do it so when
you’re cycling I just recommend you just press this button and what pops up is the battery power and
the distance you’ve traveled and the speed that you’re
going in miles an hour and the speed of the battery so moving on to
the functions of this, you press the plus button over here and when you press that button it changes to eco and that’s just when you’re starting the bike and that gives
you a little bit of electricity and then you switch to tour which is more
faster and it gives more electricity and sport and then turbo which
is the fastest and eco is the lowest and off will make it a
normal bike again, this little button over here I don’t know what it does guys
that’s everything on the bike that I don’t know make sure
you comment down below tell me what this is if you guys to know what this is and
this is the power button again this is the reset button, this little
button over here this info button when you press this button it switches over
here so it tells the time and then it switches to range then to auto meter
then trip distance and then clock and then maximum speed which is 26 miles
an hour but 25.9 to be exact, and average speed and the trip time
again and that’s what it does so far
going down what this thing does this little purple or pink nob, you see there’s a pipe which electricity flows coming from the battery to the
motor so this is like a passage for that and whenever when you twist this thing
they twist it all the way this valve blocks the supply blocks the energy from
the battery to the motor so even though if you cycle it’s just going to be a
regular bicycle again there’s not going to be any pedal assist
at all so that if you if you if you turn this knob all the way it blocks that
passage but when you turn it back again it’ll is it allows the electricity to flow to
the motor so I wouldn’t recommend fiddling around with this. and now what I’m going
to do is I’m going to ride the bike now and when I ride I’m going to be
holding the camera in my hand and I’m going to be showing you the amount of
speed I’m going so getting on the bike, I’m on the bike right now at zero miles
an hour so this is off okay I’m riding it off now what I’m going to do is I’m going to
show you a different view of me riding the bike and the speed
it travels, now I’m going to be showing you how fast it goes in a different
angle and in a different view. so right now this is off, and I’m riding at a normal speed. now sport and finishing off with turbo there you have it guys this is the bosch
power factor 400 electric bike, i really recommended this bike a lot to all of you guys it’s
really fun and is really comfortable with it so make sure you hit that comment button and
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I want to get up to 50 at least. come on guys I took this long video of this just to show you all about the electric bike. make sure you rate comment and subscribe. Bye bye Youtube, Peace out.