Egan Bernal’s Pinarello F10 X-Light

(electronic glitching) – I’m here with the bike of Egan Bernal, probably one of the hottest
talents in cycling right now. He’s from Colombia, this year
he’s won the Tour de Romandie, he’s won the Tour of California. This is his Pinarello F10 X-Light. Let’s take a closer look at it. (upbeat electronic music) Now, the F10 X-Light is the lightest frame and forks combination
in Pinarello’s offering, and instantly you’ll notice
there’s no paint on it. Instead it’s a matte carbon finish. Why is that, well, it actually
saves approximately 100 grams over a painted version of the same frame. So if you are going
for a lightweight bike, this is the one to choose, and it’s certainly not to be sniffed at. A hundred gram saving is a
hell of a lot on a bicycle. Now, he is one meter,
74 tall and he’s opted for a size 54 cm frame,
but let’s have a look at what he’s got decorated on that frame. Now, fitted into the frame
we’ve got Pinarello’s own proprietary seat post, and
then just at the top of it, the seat clamp assembly appears to be a 3D-printed titanium
little number there. That’s absolutely trick, I’d love to have something like that on my bike. Now, fitted inside of
that saddle clamp assembly is in fact the Fizik Antares
with carbon-braided rails just saving a little bit
of extra weight there, too. Fitted to the front end of the bike then, we’ve got ourselves a Most F
Series Tiger aluminum stem, and at the rear of it, it
does in fact have a kind of cam tail or aerodynamically-shaped unit to actually give a little bit of extra aerodynamics when riding along. Fitted into that stem, we’ve got ourselves the Most XFC carbon fiber handlebar. Now interestingly, they
are an aerodynamic bar. Fitted onto the handle bars then is Shimano Dura-Ace 9150 DI2 STI levers, controlling electronically
the gearing setup. And then we’ve got ourselves a K-EDGE mount here for a GPS device. Those brake levers, well they’re paired up with a pair of Shimano
Dura-Ace 9100 calipers, fitted with carbon-specific break blocks. And why is that? Well, they need to stop
the Shimano Dura-Ace 9100’s C40 carbon fiber tubular wheels. They’re shoved with
Continental Competition 25 mm pro limited ALX tubular tires. Then, if we look at the
center of the front wheel, down at the bottom there by the dropouts. These are called fork flaps. Now, apparently, according to Pinarello, they can reduce aerodynamic
drag of the fork by up to 10%, and also have a better quick-release skewer and dropout interface. Derailleurs, well they’re
the Shimano Dura-Ace 9150 DI2, electronic, of course, to match up with those levers
previously talked about. Now interestingly on this bike, the rear derailleur is actually used in the Shimano direct main system. So, it’s basically got
rid of one of the pivots allowing a more precise
and accurate gear change, something which has come generally from the mountain bike side of things, but we are seeing trickled
into the road side. Cassette-wise, that’s an 11/28 cassette. Which is pretty much standard these days for professional cyclists. Then the chain rings, 53/39 and they’re fitted to a pair of 170 mm cranks. Which are interestingly enough, the Shimano Dura-Ace 9100-P
Power Meter chain set. So it’s a dual-sided unit
to provide Bernal the exact numbers he’s gonna be riding to when the going gets tough, I guess. Now the pedals, they’re
Shimano Dura-Ace 9100, too. So what about the finishing
touches on this bike, then? What’s different from one
which you’d find in a shop? Well, first up, this bike can be run with a standard cable
derailleur system set up. So, Team Sky Mechanics,
they’ve removed the inserts that you would normally
find here on the frame, and instead they’ve replaced them with a little bit of sticky tape, I guess. Really, just to cover up those holes and keep it nice and smooth so the air just flows over it well. Then we’ve got the DI2
cable that’s shrinkwrapped alongside the rear brake
cable into the top tube. And that is done really neatly actually, one of the neatest I’ve seen so far. Down here on the hubs,
there are very small little French flags, and no, these hubs aren’t made in France. I think that denotes that basically, these are wheels designed
just for the Tour De France. They do look absolutely brand new. There’s no signs of any heavy braking, any dents or scratches,
anything like that on them. I think they’re brand-spankers. Egan Bernal, he’s very lucky indeed. On the down tube, this is
where the DI2 junction box is housed, into a specific
recessed section of the frame. Sticking with the frame, just
ran there onto the seat tube, if you look there’s an extra mount here. So, apparently, the
backseat you can actually remove the bottle cage slightly further up the seat tube, if you so wish. So if you didn’t like the long reach, I guess you could call it, that’ll get ya the next beat on it. Well, you could just move
it up and have a little bit less time to waste, I guess,
going for your bottle. Now, the bottom bracket
interestingly is threaded still. So most manufacturers do tend to go for a push fit or a press
fit style bottom bracket, but this one is actually
an Italian thread. So it’s very unusual
these days to actually have a threaded bottom bracket on a top high-end road bike like this, let alone with an Italian thread, but I guess Italian bike, Italian thread. Bottle cages, well,
they’re carbon-fibered. They’re from Elite and
they’re the Leggero model. They’re quite minimalistic, too. In fact, looking on this bike, there is nothing added on
there which you would think to yourself isn’t really needed. So there’s nothing for a number
mount or anything like that. What about the measurements,
then, for Bernal? Well, tip of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket, that’s 76 cm. Then from the tip of
the saddle to the center of the bars, 58 cm, and he’s got a drop of 13 cm from the saddle to the step. What about the weight then? Check that out, 6.84 kilos, just 40 grams over the UCI minimum weight limit. Now, let me know what you
think of Egan Bernal’s bike down there in the comment
section down below. I think, personally, it’s
got a really minimalistic look to it, but it’s beautiful,
absolutely beautiful. Anyway, it’s not about me, it’s about you. What do you think of it, let me know. Now, remember as well to
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