ebike Tips. Programming the 24v, 36v, 48v, KT-LCD3 on-board controller computer

Hi, I’m kurt doing augustin ebikes and today. We’re going to be doing a video on the Katy LcD 3 display programming this One most frequently asked questions. We get is about how to program your ebike now the katy Lcd 3 is a 24 36 and 48 volt control onboard computer It became really well known for the Saunders 36 volt Ebike but it is out there in the world in the larger value And so we’re going to do is go through all the programming aspects of the multi functions of this and how to control your bike These onboard computers control so many aspects of your bike there’s about 25 control aspects or functions here that are super important to controlling that was informative voltage to your tire size to your top-end speed So we’re going to go through that and I just want to read a couple things From just several of the many people from around the world who contacted us about this particular LcD display So here’s one from Florida my power seems to run out when I reach the end of 2 bars even though There’s a fourth bar to indicate a low battery is this just wear and tear I’m going to try the P5 real time setting today Very very common the P5 setting is one of the most important settings on this it controls what your voltages? So you really need to go in there if it’s 24 volt you want to set it to 11 If it’s 36 volt in 107 to 15 and for 48 volt 7 to 15 as well That will give you real-time display of how much how much power is left in your battery? Here’s a green tip from finland If you want to turn on the backlight press the up button and hold it in the skip some nights on Ryan So you basically hold your up button here depress it for about 3 seconds And it turns on permanent backlight for your LCD Comment from the guy in uk all this control settings is missing my manual for my yvonne conversion kit. Can you help me out? so I said in his 1 and when in doubt reboot He rebooted went to the default settings and of course it all worked comment from Germany I want my e bike to go faster than 72 miles per hour another thing is be setting these Governor’s Governor on here that your maximum speed is 72 miles an hour now 72 miles an hour This is a thousand watt motor can’t go 72 miles an hour So you said how can I do that? I said first of all you have to have a motor that would go 72 miles an hour If you have that motor then you’re using the wrong controller because this is a 48 52 volt maximum controller and What you want to do is work with something that’s compatible with that top speed of something like this If you have a motor for would be about 60 miles an hour if you wanted to go in 72 miles an hour You should be driving a motorcycle From Canada what does it mean if the battery level is blank showing no bars? But the actual battery is full so we set him back actually your LCD is not connected correctly So he connected and of course he got his full display The incident from Australia, I can’t set anything on it. It’s stuck. What do I do? so again I said you know encourage them to go back in Connect The battery come in here and set it to the default settings once you do the factory reset everything starts from scratch and work great, so finally we’re going to show you a video about how to program your Katy, LCD 3 controller onboard computer and I hope you find it interesting if you like this video, please subscribe below Thanks again for watching our videos here on Augustin. De bikes To turn on the Katy LCD display first turn on your battery Then press the middle function button for three seconds this brings up the first of three Information displays about showing information about your ebike such as battery level trip distance temperature cruise function lights brakes motor temperature error codes and more To scroll through these three displays press the middle function button briefly and will change from displayed to display To control the general project settings hold down the up and down arrow keys for three seconds this will bring either your first settings Here you can control maximum speed wheel size very important miles per hour versus kilometers temperature settings and more The change of settings use the up and down arrow keys When your selection appears press the middle function button it will save your settings and allow you to scroll to the next setting When you’re done making your selections hold down the up and down Arrow keys for 3 seconds this will bring you to the parameter settings menu we will see a blinking P1 at the Bottom of Your Screen P1 controls your motor characteristics Parameters, you’re going to want to check with your manufacturer for the correct settings for your for your particular motor press the Middle Button to scroll to P2 P2 controls the wheel speed pulse signal again, if you don’t know consult with your manufacturer It’s really important not to change these default settings Unless you know specifically about you your motor P3 sets your pedal assist functions the settings are 0 through 5 When set to 0 the Throttle is dependent on the pedal assist system gear ratio When set to 5 the Throttle would provide the most amount of power? P4 Sets the Throttle startup settings There’s an important one when set to 1 this mode will only activate the motor after the motor has been activated by a pedaling When set to 0 the Throttle will activate the motor when triggered? P5 is the Power monitor setting again? This is important if the setting isn’t set is set correct You won’t be able to determine how much you have left in your battery There are settings there for 24 volt 36 volt and 48 volt But if you don’t know the correct setting set this to zero for real-Time voltage mode It’ll give you a correct readout of how much you have luck in your battery When done with these five settings press the up and down arrow keys to move to the C parameter settings? C1 is your Throttle startup setting check your manual for your prefer settings? C2 is Your Motor Phase classification? Coding mode these parameters set the different phases of the motor when using a seen wave drive You’ll know if you have a seen wave drive C3 is your power system Ratio gear the settings are zero through five? Zero being the least pedal assisted by the motor and five being the most C4 is your Handlebar function settings this controls various aspects of your throttle handle on? C5 controls your maximum operating current again check your manual for the appropriate settings very important C6 is the back Lid Brightness setting for your LCD display settings of one to five five being the brightest? C7 is your Cruise function setting if your controller supports cruise? zeros for disabled and one enables it C8 is the Motor operating temperature display settings zero means disabled one means enabled. I enable this Elenin Oh how how hot my motor is C9 is to start a password setting if you choose to put a password You can scroll through your settings and create your own password C10 is the restore default setting it’s important if you’ve entered the wrong settings and need to start over Press y to reset and end to keep the existing settings C11 is Your LCD? Attributes entity choices are zero through two I would leave this at 0 C 12 Parameters are setting for the controller’s minimum operating voltage again. I can’t say this enough Check your manual C. 13 is the abs brakes and anti charge control settings again check your manual before changing this and Finally C 14 is your power assist tooting setting the settings are one through three three being the strongest that’s completely your choice I hope this helps and enjoy all the great things your ebike