Easy Motion Neo Volt Sport Video Review – Folding Electric Bike, Torque Sensing, Twist Throttle

>>Court: This is the Easy Motion Neo Volt
Sport. And the Sport edition doesn’t have lights, doesn’t have fenders but it’s still
quite capable and a very interesting design I must say. So, this is eight speeds. I’m
going to start out with kind of the bike specs you’ve got eight speeds back here, Shimano
components. A nice big chain ring on the front, you’ve got pedals that fold as you would expect.
You kind of pull them out and they flop down, right. One upgrade that I really appreciate
here is that its got these nice big hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear. That’s going
to give you plenty of stopping power, you know if you’re going down a hill or maybe
it’s a little bit wet like it is right now. That’s going to be nice to have. I love the
fact that they’ve got these beautiful ergo grips here, really comfortable. And generally
speaking, this is a pretty full sized folding bike, you know you’ve got a good body position
and it rides relatively smoothly. The tires are a little bit bigger so it absorbs some
of the shock if you’re going over cracks and stuff. And, you know, it’s pretty solid. Nice
neck folds and everything. I’m actually going to show you what it looks like when it folds.
So you kind of unlock the seat post like that, pull it up. That actually keeps it in the
folded position. So as soon as you take that out, all you have to do is lift in the middle
of the frame. Do you see that? The whole frame just woah! Up like that, and then it locks.
Did you hear that? It clicked. So you can actually walk the bike like this if you want
to, kind of go along. And the neck would fold down like that, you could take the front wheel
off and you can start to imagine that this thing gets pretty small. Woah! [laughing]
There we go, no harm no foul. Got the bike back up. So, that’s the folding piece. To
get it unfolded, just come back here, there’s this button thing right here. I’m going to
try to hit that. There we go, perfect. I don’t recommend doing this with just one hand but
it is possible. Grab the seat again, pop that in like this. Woohoo! Okay, oh there we go,
finally. We’re ready to go. Um, so the cool thing about this, other than it being a neat
folding bike is of course that it’s electric. So I’m going to jump into the specs there.
We’ve got a 350 watt geared rear hub motor. That’s quite a bit of power for you know,
a little folding bike like this. The battery pack is built right into the frame. Looks
beautiful. It distributes the weight evenly across the frame so you don’t have like, a
big rear rack that’s heavy and hard to lift or something. And, you do have to take it
off to charge it. That’s one of the negatives. Also, there’s no like water bottle mounts
but frankly your water bottle would be like sideways and you know, it’s like get something
for your seat or you can always just bring one in your backpack. I do like the battery
design a lot. It’s actually shared across the entire Easy Motion Neo line and this is
a 36 volt 9 amp hour pack. That gives you pretty solid range. I mean, this is a very
capable little folding electric bike. Um, and again if something goes wrong with this
it’s pretty easy to swap out the components because all of the Neo’s use sort of the same
stuff. Also, the frame itself is built by BH so Easy Motion is a BH brand and they’ve
been making bikes, they’re from Spain and they’ve been doing this since 1909. High quality
stuff here and good support which I appreciate. Got a really unique kickstand on this thing
but it’s cool because it folds right next to the bike. So these are very purpose built.
This is high quality stuff here. So I’m going to jump right into how you make it go right?
That’s what’s interesting, here we’ve got this nice LCD which is removable, super cool.
Take it with you if you use this as a commuter and you don’t want people messing with your
bike. You hold down the power button for a few seconds. It comes on; it tells you your
speed, your battery capacity and then it lets you choose from four levels of pedal assist.
Right now we’re in boost. See boost, sport, standard and eco. And of course, the lower
pedal assist you choose, the more you’re going to conserve your battery. But, it’s going
to go a little slower. What’s really neat about all of the Neo bikes is that not only
do you get pedal assist with a torque sensor, so it’s really smooth and responsive, you
also get a twist throttle! So you can just twist that and the bike will take off which
is super cool. I like that because sometimes it’s nice to ride around like a little scooter
and, so yeah. I’m going to kick up the kickstand, woah. There we go, take it out for a little
ride. I’m going to hold the camera near the motor so you can kind of hear it in action.
You know, this is a hub motor so you do hear it a little bit more. And again, it’s you
know you’re a little bit rear heavy because of that but being geared it’s a little bit
smaller, little bit lighter which is nice. So I am in, change this to sport mode. Get
ready for it. [motor whirring] Wohoo! [laughing] Can kind of hear it kicking in but as soon
as I stop pedaling it stops going. So, you know, that’s what I meant by responsive before,
just you know, super fast. Sorry for the wind, I’m sure that sounds great. Um, you know these
bikes are awesome. I really like the Neo line and if you’re looking for a folding electric
bike, of course there’s a lot to choose from out there, but I love how integrated and sleek
this thing looks. I mean, you almost forget that it’s an electric bike and because it
does have a removable battery pack. That makes it even smaller and lighter, like if you’re
loading it somewhere. You can take the battery off, stick it next to it in the closet or
whatever. So for the full written review on this bike and more info and photos and stuff,
check out ElectricBikeReview.com and I will see you there.