e-Joe Epik Lite Video Review – Cheap Folding Electric Bike with Throttle and Pedal Assist

>>Court: This is the e-JOE Epik. It’s a folding
electric bike with a lot of extra features at a pretty good price. Let me go through
some of the specs on this thing. So, it comes in two flavors actually, there’s the Epik
and then the Epik SE which actually has a rear cassette and like seven speeds. This
one’s a single speed bike. And, you know that works out pretty well, it keeps the chain
from you know, rattling around. There’s going to be less maintenance and the gear’s fairly
standard. It’s kind of like if you’re a kid and you’ve got a, you know single speed bike.
It worked okay; going up hills could be a little bit trickier but you know, that’s where
the pedal assist and the electric motor really help on this bike. So it’s kind of neat, it
comes in a few different colors. There’s like black, red, blue and then kind of a green
color. Its got these nice fenders, front and rear. And its got lights built in. Now the
rear light isn’t actually connected to the system, so that means extra batteries and
a little bit of extra messing around, but the front light is. So as soon as you turn
the bike on there’s actually a switch up there on the controller that lets you activate the
light. So I think that’s pretty cool. Its got that rear rack, you know that’s just kind
of handy if you’re carrying around a bag or panniers or something. A lot of times you
keep a bike like this on a boat or maybe in your RV, something like that and it’s just
nice to have that extra carrying capacity. You’ve even got the, you know kind of like
spring loaded gripper right there which is pretty cool. So yeah, in terms of folding,
you know the bike is fairly easy to deal with. Um, let me just kind of get over there and
grab the thing and show you. Just slide this up, pop that out like that and then the frame
folds right there. And you can actually see, that’s the battery pack. And you can charge
this on or off the bike which is super cool. Not a lot of folding electric bikes allow
that, especially ones that have batteries built into the frame. Erch, I’m going to try
to fold this back up real quick, there we go. And it’s kind of nice that they offer
that because you know, you could take the battery pack off, makes this bike even lighter
weight. The bike’s already pretty light weight, it’s like 37 pounds. Um, you know, very liftable.
The other folding points are right here, the neck sort of slides up and down, the seat
slides up and down or completely off. And then that folds down that way. There aren’t
any, you know, magnets or clasps built in to keep it folded. You might want to carry
a bungee cord or something with you. But otherwise, you know, it works fairly well. The seat actually
kind of does that swivel up and that’s because some of the other Ejoe bikes have a battery
that sits right there. So it’s, you know, overall a pretty cool little bike and I feel
like the price point is really a good selling point here, it’s under $1,500 and you’ve got
kind of the standard rim brakes and stuff that you’re dealing with. So overall I think
the components are fairly decent. And in terms of the drive system here, what we’re looking
at is a 250 watt geared rear hub motor. So the gearing means that it can offer a little
bit more torque, little bit more power for the smaller size. 250 is kind of small but
that’s sort of standard in Europe. And frankly, for a bike like this that’s sort of light
weight, that’s, you know that’s pretty good. It’s not too bad. The battery is 36 volt 7
amp hour. Again, right there in the downtube. You can charge that on or off the bike. And
again, that’s pretty, you know kind of middle of the range there. Seven amp hours isn’t
a whole lot but that’s part of what keeps it light weight. So, you know, overall a decent
system. It’s Lithium polymer, which is, you know there’s Lithium-ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate
and Lithium polymer is a step up from Lead acid and stuff. It might kind of have like
a medium lifespan. But the fact that it’s replaceable is pretty cool and this is a pretty
big operation. They’re, you know, I feel like they support their bikes pretty well. And
overall, this bike rides fairly well. I’ve been cruising around parking lots and stuff
here, and alley ways. And it feels decent going over the bumps. There’s no shock absorbers
or seat post shocks or anything but the tires are a little bit bigger and they’re like Kenda
thorn resistant tires. But you know, they’re not pre-Slimed, it’s just kind of standard,
standard issue. But again, you’re saving some money and frankly it works well enough. This
only comes in one size. I’m about 5’9″ and it feels pretty good, you know the seat’s
adjustable up and down. So let me just hop on and you know I can show you the motor.
But first, this is the control panel right here. You just turn the bike on, you can see
it light up. It shows you how much power is left. There’s no speedometer, nothing really
fancy up here. There’s three different modes of pedal assist, so low medium and high. And
it uses a pedelec sensor, you can kind of see in there. So there’s like a little sensor
and it just, whenever your crank passes it tells the motor “activate” and then this is
basically telling it how strong the motor should be. Well the cool thing is, you can
actually use the trigger throttle in conjunction with the pedelec system at any time. So you
can just press that and it will go; you can stop pedaling. And if you want, you can turn
off pedal assist completely and go scooter style which works pretty well. So I was impressed,
again I’m not super heavy I’m like 140 pounds, but the bike you know the geared motor design
is pretty effective at getting you going. Especially on the flats. I’m just going to
put it in low here and show you the motor. And you can listen for it. [motor whirring]
Well, pretty smooth, pretty quiet and efficient. I’m going to do the twist throttle, or the
trigger now. [motor whirring] Kind of what you’d expect, um not too bad. You know it’s
a fairly polished folding electric bike at a pretty good price. I’m going to go ahead
and put on the wide angle lens so you can see what the riding position looks like here.
There we go! I’m going to go up to medium. [wind and motor noise] You can kind of see
the handle bar position there. [wind noise] So there you go! Woo! Haha, pull over. That’s
the E Joe Epik, for the full written review and more electric bikes check out ElectricBikeReview.com
I’ll see you there.