E-Bike Tips. Troubleshooting failed E-Bike Battery Problems

Hi, I’m kirby with Augustin ebike today I will share with you some Maintenance tips, and some ebike tips there to make your a bike instead of like to ride every day, just the way we do Recently a customer of ours ran into a problem with a battery buddy but from someone else Then prompted me to want to make this video about troubleshooting your battery Before troubleshooting your battery make sure to fully charge the battery The best way to check if your battery is charged is the onboard LCD on the battery itself Some of the controllers LCD readout to the battery aren’t always the most accurate so use the battery The customer bought a 1200 watt conversion kit from us and bought a 52 volt battery from someone else Everything worked great for two weeks, and then nothing worked He called me out to see if the problem might be the conversion kit The people he bought the battery from had asked him to take the battery apart and test the battery management system I let him know that minute that if you open up your battery your warranty is null and void and basically you’re on your own The battery management system or BMS is a small computer inside the battery that manages the discharge in charge of individual cells The BMS also talks with the controller managing the power distribution to the motor The customer told me that when he tested the battery off the bike it showed a full charge When he connected it to the bike every time you turn on the LCD controller the bike was shut down I thought it strange that turning on the battery would shut down the controller So I asked him to connect the battery to the bike and then plug the charger into the battery Connecting it to his local house current what he connected the bike it worked indicating the problems with the battery and not with a kid and Then what basically the battery wasn’t holding a charge Since then he’s gone off and Gotten his battery fixed. It’s taken him a while, but he’s got it done Some basic things to consider in troubleshooting our battery have a voltage meter you can buy them for under $40 at any hardware store The voltage meter will directly test the voltage of the battery if you’re not getting a proper voltage Readout for your battery giving your BMS is corrupt or your cells are dying the older your battery the more likely the latter is true It’s very important to make sure you’re charging your battery with the correct charger Your charges input an outcome holders and amps are clearly mark on the back of the charger. This is seriously important Make sure it’s designed for the battery that you have you can ruin your battery if you’re charging it the wrong charger these batteries can operate in both cold and heat however the minute you’re done riding make sure to store and rest the battery in a Dry place at room temperature and Avoid humidity humidity is the enemy of the battery