hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video! today we are testing a cheap bike again wanted to use the kernschrott 3000 from max but his dad gave it to someone else who is actually still riding the bike properly and I mean that’s what a bike is made for we went to a store and got a bike already 201€ good price dude its quite heavy 169 net, 201 with taxes such a machine machine! we don’t have the right tool for the pedal, lets do it with a wrench instead works they fit thanks dude, lets straighten the handlebar weird there is only this one screw and no stem i am stoked that this still exists the new kernschrott 3000 machine fire flash is ready for take off how do they come up with these amazing names high quality fork lets test it so okay there is a v brake in the back and a disc brake in the front look at this, rear brake doesn’t work, no tools here as we are at the first spot and for sure we have this thing. so dope the rear shock is even iced out so now we are the first spot. sending stairs to get used to this weapon before we start, lets take a closer look on the bike 21 gears and I already went through dog poo 201€ lets send it hope it is holding on last challenge in SD, the bike was holding on show it the chain broke already when trying to go up the hill haha no tools here yet tho one chain part completely broke off so we going to send the next one chain less we don’t even need sound fx as the bike makes so crazy noises haha what a weapon a whole chain link brake and I had to do some magic to make it work again, actually took some time now its ready and we are at one of my local parks there is a skatepark in the back and dirt jumpers over here these were actually the first jumps I started riding at they felt huge back then table jumps, step down, trick jump in the back lets leave it on for now, maybe it will brake itself first line worked lets do the next one now tank off looks weird tho but I think these tires can handle it the fire flash bike is going to handle it the bike is kinda working with me and not am I working with the bike it feels so weird. worst bike I have had so far, tbh I know why this bike feels so weird look at the headset, its broken weird noises haha doset even move properly lets click a table top in now now we are at the pool section. its called like that cause you could fill it up with water but no we build ramps in there instead so fun to ride we can jump corners, air, do tricks lets see if we can even ride in here oh and the chain went off already and I hit the stem with my knee want to see a 360 360?! such a machine i am steady losing speed in there tho sui this fell off? now there are only 3 out of 4 left lets do a little edit. max will capture some moves and we put some nice music underneath not so stoked with the bike tho we have to send it so it feels better haha film this. this thing is so crooked lets bend it the other way again lets flip it now I heard it a bunch of times from you guys. so I have to my foot slipped, so have to do it again such an impact whilst landing throw the head in to ya neck best YouTube had to change batteries real quick am I doing the flip now? yea! you can put your bike on the stand hey I wanted to park it what feels the worst for me is the handle bar its like 60cm wide and I am steady shifting as the grips are so small ‘its a kids bike dude, what do you expect haha’ true dude, that’s why I am only slipping around on here lets flip the fly out over there aswell that was so nose heavy look at the seat haha had to go so much faster haha that was my stunt, won’t do any more way to gefährlich! (dangerous) that’s ridicoulous lets jump in there my feet are wet haha thought its not as deep, but I went in with the shoes haha next challenge: flat bomber, 2 times last action for the day. starting of with a stair set, finishing the day of with it aswell that’s it formt eh 200€ cheap bike challenge unfortunately have to say: this was the worst bike so far don’t buy this haha it was fun for sure after riding the stairs now I have seen that I broke 4 spokes so the wheel is messed up the rear brake isn’t working anymore would have liked to send it down faster but then I would have crashed into the cars on the street other than that it held up pretty good was just now editing the video and the last outdo part I have filmed didn’t had no audio so we are outroing from the next spot this Is going to be the next video: riding this amazing set up: airbag and trick jump the only thing I basically said was that I would like to send some DH with this bike. just have to fix the back wheel and than we are good to go if you guy guys would love to see that, let me know in the comments hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave a like and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet thanks for watching! you guys are the best, peace!