Cyclo-cross Legends:  Annemarie Worst

Cyclo-cross Legends: Annemarie Worst

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rising stars of the sport, and Annemarie checks both those boxes. We were lucky enough to be
able to spend a day with her before the Cross season
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miss any of the action. (dramatic music) We’re here today in the Netherlands to meet up with one of
the most exciting riders in the Cyclo-cross circuit. A young woman named Annemarie Worst, who is the former under-23
women’s world champ, the current elite European champ. We’re going to sit down
with her to hear about what she’s got coming up this season, and a little bit about who she
is and where she came from. 39. Jan en Anne, with the dirt bike. Always a little nervous when
we go into someone’s house. (door opening) – Hello. – Hello! (Host laughing) Annemarie, nice to meet you. – Hi, good to meet you.
– Thank you for having us. So we’re here in your home. Can you pronounce the name
of where you are from, where you grew up? – We are in Nunspeet,
it’s a little village in the Netherlands. You slept in all right? – Yes. – Yeah, the failure it’s got a big area, and yeah it’s just a little village. – The north part of the Netherlands. – Yes. – I mean for me, close to Amsterdam. – Yeah it’s really just
one half hour, I think. – Yeah. Cool. – Yeah. – So you’ve been racing but also winning because your first word championships as a under 23, I believe? In cyclo-cross. You won and that was
in Luxembourg in Wiltz. Yeah, and a friend of
mine was I believe second to you Ellen Noble, you
guys had quite the dual. – Yeah, I got really excited to race. – Yeah, that was an incredible race. – I think everyone was just slamming, just watching, in awe of all of the just the great battles back and fourth. It didn’t happen till the last lap, which is perfect cyclo-cross. – Yes it was really excited and I tried to ride away in the first lap and then I crashed, and then
I came back together it was Asia that was also with us for the first few rounds and then yeah. I rode away with Ellen
and then the last lap I could right inside
of a corner and then I could ride away. (upbeat music) – So we’re heading over to your training course, where I presume you do laps and yeah, maybe. Are you training with other riders there? – No most of the time I stay alone. But here and if I go to cycle train then I go to with other rider. (upbeat music) – This is sweet, Annemarie! – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Okay, I have to try to
take time where I can. (Annemarie laughing) I think that you’ve had such a big year last year, I
feel like winning the European championships had to be an incredible feeling for you. – Yes. – Tell me about being, you know, being European champion, and what that race was like. I watched it, personally. – Yeah. It was a really exciting race, I was going into buko. Yeah I knew I could win a race. But yes, I’ve never had to expect I wasn’t going to win
it, yes the race was very excited. I think we
were 6 riders in France? – [Host] Yes. – And it was really a fast course, with sun paths, sands and a forest. And every lap I knew in the forest I could ride right there, and yeah I think one of the last laps I rode away in that
forest, and I think I had still one more left to go, I knew the gap between other riders was just 10 seconds It’s not really big so I had to go full gas and yeah, it was so really nice to win the race. (upbeat music) – And what about coaching? Do you have a coach that
you’re working with? – Yes, since this term I have a new coach. It’s Belgium, my guy.
Exiled from the team. – Cool. – So I have a new trainer. – Very cool. And do you guys meet every, like often? Do you guys see each other? – No, he’s living
– And he is yelling at you? – Yeah. – “Go Annemarie!” – No, he’s live in Belgium so it’s a little bit too far, but we’re apping, and we have a good time with
telephone, we’re calling. So everyday we are in contact so. – Excellent, what about like other training that you’re doing? ‘Cause a lot of riders
we’re seeing are in the gym, doing a lot of weight lifting. – Yes. – Also doing of course
probably some running. Maybe with and without the bike. – Yes, sometimes I just rode my road bike and mountain bike but I think the last few
months before the cycle season, I go to gym I start with weights. And also then I start with running but that’s just without the bike. I do it with bike on the cycles training, but at home I just run and ride bike. – Yeah, that’s better.
– Yeah. – Yeah, and you can do it.
– I like it but (laughs). – And do you like typically
do like two workouts, or are you doing something
like morning, evening? – I like training morning. – Yeah, of course. – And if I have to go to gym or something then I do more in the
morning and then in the evening to ride on the bike. – Perfect yeah, it’s nice for the legs. To get the gym out of the legs. – Yeah, so you can walk. – Yeah exactly. And so where are the European
Championships this year? – Italy. – Italy. – Which play I don’t know, but Italy – Oh no. – Yes. – Your team mate Arzuffi’s
– My team mate’s, yeah – home town. – Oh man, she’s going to
be in like, peak condition. – Yeah, I think so. – You guys are going to have to stop texting the week before. – Yeah. (laughs) That’s the hard part. – No conversation. – No it’s going to be okay, (laughs). (calm music) – What are thinking about for this season? I think that you have probably a lot of ambition to do something different, but what would you say was your thing that you would
like to work on the most? And what are you looking
forward to the most this year? – I think the things
when I have to work on this, I think the sandy course, but I don’t really can do it really good but yes, last season I was
in a road curve but I never won on road curves so I really want to win a road curve next season
so that’s really, yes, my goal for next season. – You know with a lot of the big names in women’s cyclo-cross retiring so we have obviously Katie Coptons seems
like she can go forever. But she definitely has
to be towards the end of her career. And we have Helen Wyman who’s stopping. Nikki Brammeier is stopping. So a lot of the women
that have been in this work for a long time now have really won world cups, have sort of paved the way for women’s cyclo-cross to
be on this international scene with so much
coverage and everything. And now your new generation is coming, so yourself, Ellen Noble, Evie Richards, your team mate Alice
Arzuffi, Carmen Alvardo Laura Van Der Shot. (Annemarine laughs) – I’m trying. Verdonscot. – Yeah. – Thank you, okay. So all of these riders are really the new generation. – Yes they’re so many
strong girls going out and yeah things are going
good for cycle-cross really good for sport, I think new girls and all new nationals so
that’s a really good thing. (calm music) I think I know now the feeling you can get when you win the race and if you win a really big race and yeah, I really like it when I wake up, I see
my jersey and then yeah. This is a big motivation for me. – And how about inspiration like is there something that you feel like is really inspired you to continue on? Or there may be riders
that you’re looking up to and trying to emulate and emulate meaning, like copy but be your own person, so is there someone
that you’re just saying like hey I really enjoy
not only spending time and racing against this person or if there’s even someone
in a different sport. I’m just curious if
there’s someone that’s. – No I think Noble is someone I really look up to because, yeah, I know she was really good
rider but she had a few setbacks in her career
because a few years ago yes that was not really
going well with her and now she’s come back
so strong, and I think that’s really motivating for me, and she inspired me really much. (calm music) – Annemarie, I finally
get your name right, and it’s at the end of the video but it’s better late then never. – Yes. – Okay, thank you so much, I’m an American, you
have to give a real clap. Okay American handshake. Thank you for spending the day with us, it was really awesome to get to know you, to see where you train and
to learn more about you so, we wish you a awesome
season with good luck, and lots of victories. – Yes so thank you for
this video and I will see you this season. – Awesome. Thank you. And if you want more
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