Cycling with Parkinson’s

Adrenaline That’s sometimes all I need after a bit of a stressful day And when I’m out cycling I feel the wind in my hair like you wouldn’t believe the sun in my face the freedom the adrenaline, the euphoria the position my body’s in, I’m almost pain-free My arm still judders about and my leg judders about but I’m hanging on and I’m clipped in so I’m not going to go anywhere and it just almost makes me forget I’ve got Parkinson’s I love it for that reason You’ve got too many other things to be thinking about I’m having to think about, right are there any pot holes? Is there any drivers near me? Right, I’m coming up to a junction Right, I better make sure I’m in the right gear because I’m about to go up a steepy So I think cognitively it’s keeping me active thinking about something else rather than what’s going on with my body I was speaking to a gentleman that used to do cycling and he said he had to give up cycling because of his balance issues So I pray to the cycle gods that never happens with me I don’t even want to go there because in my head I’m going to be cycling forever