Cycling Tips | Would You Recommend Your Vilano Road Bike To A Friend?

Morning everyone. This is the Road Biker. Today is December 2015 and we are in Guildford,
Connecticut and it’s 63 degrees. Incredible. Course I’m not here to talk to you about the
weather I want to just introduce to you very quickly to my Villano Shadow road bike. I have a little bit of this information on
my blog and on my Youtube video channel but I just thought I’d show you the bike first
hand so to speak. The only difference – I’m sorry – the only
changes that I made to this bike after I purchased it was to put brand new tires on the bike. I bought Gator skins, Continental Gator skin
tires for it primarily because I heard a lot of things online about how cheap the tires
were on this particular bike. And based on that you run the risk of blowouts
and things of that nature and nobody wants that. The other options that I added to the bike
was putting on a different saddle, not a bad saddle, not a high-end saddle but much more
comfortable then came with the bike. I put on the rearview mirror which I’ve also
mentioned before in some of my videos. I think it’s an essential safety feature everyone
should think about putting on their bikes. I put on the bike computer Sigma BC a 1200
WL. WL is the model which is a wireless model. This model can be mounted to use to the right
or left side of your handlebars. They say you can also mount it on the stem
but I’ve had difficulty putting it on the stem because I think locating I understand
interferes with the signal between the computer and the front wheel and I haven’t been able
to get it to work yet so consequently has been mounted on the left side as you can see. I put a water bottle on the back naturally. In general I’m very satisfied with this bike. I’ve been riding it for 12 weeks now and in
the first ten weeks I had one thousand miles on the bike so that speaks to how much I enjoy
riding the bike. You’re riding in general I found that this
bike is very dependable, very reliable, it’s fairly lightweight at 23 pounds. I think its what I wanted and it’s an aluminum
frame, obviously it does have aluminum forks as well, and I would have liked to have gotten
carbon fiber forks to help me with some road vibrations but it’s really kind of on a wish
list type of thing. As I said in some of my other videos and on
my blog this bike for the money really meets my needs. Do I have bike envy when I see other bikes
going by or see bikes online? I like to hold short who doesn’t but this
is an entry-level road bike. This is my first year getting back on the
bike. I used to ride many years ago but this particular
bike I think suits my needs and for those of you who are interested in getting into
road biking and cycling for exercise, riding, with clubs if not this bike there are a lot
of other bikes that you can find that are well within a five-hundred-dollar budget. Personally I don’t feel as though$2,000 $3,000
$4,000 dollars for a bike makes sense for any of us recreational bikers. You professional types or racing or anything
of that nature absolutely… knock yourself out… the rest of us average Joe’s three,
four, five hundred dollars is plenty to spend on a good quality bike that you’ll get a lot
of use, a lot of hours of enjoyment, lot of miles on the bike. And this is mine. Oh yes I should also mention the other thing
that I did was I put toe straps on the bike and the toe straps are my substitution for
clipless pedals at this point. Clipless pedals – I’ve considered buying them
and probably will sometime in the future. Right now that I’m struggling with the same
sort of process that I had for buying the bicycle itself that is to say what should
I buy? And I what will work for me? And as I also mention on my blog I spent less
than $325.00 on this bike. It seems like I have to spend another $150.00
or more for shoes and clipless pedals and clips and I don’t know. I actually went to my local bike shop and
ask them about toe straps and this is such old technology that they literally gave them
to me for free. You can’t beat that. So anyway that’s the story on my bike. I appreciate you guys stopping by and see
my videos from time to time. This is the Road Biker coming to you from
sunny warm Connecticut on December 2015, 60-63 degrees who can believe it. Thanks again for watching and we’ll see you
next time.