Cycling The Monsal Trail in Derbyshire 2015

Hello and welcome to the Monsal trail in Derbyshire. Hassop station is usually our starting location of choice as it is a great resource on Monsal Trail. It has a cafe, bike hire and a bookshop as
well as ample parking. Monsal trail in Derbyshire is almost 9 miles long. It stretches from Coombs Road near Bakewell to Topley Pike Junction in Wye Dale. Today we will be riding from Hassop station SE to Coombs road viaduct… then NW towards Wye Dale, then return to Hassop Station for a snack before heading off home. this will give us a total of around 18 miles. so when she heading out the station
copper take a left and head towards Bakewell The route follows part of the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock and Midlands Junction railway. The railway was closed in 1968 and passed in to the hands the Peak District National Park in 1980. at the time numerous tunnel section were closed for safety. Roads or paths were used to link the various sections together. Bakewell station is very picturesque can
be easily recognized. Although the only facility here appears to
be parking. When you get to the end of the trail at Coombs Road and you’r feeling energetic enough you could roll down the ramp and check out the Coombs Road viaduct. It cannot really be appreciated from
the trail itself. The trail throughout is pretty easy going. When heading North West, go straight passed Hassop Station. Work costing in the region of £2.25m started on the four tunnel sections in 2009 in order to make them safe, this work was completed in 2011 creating the continuous trail that we know today. For the tunnels I’d recommend having
at least having a front light as they can be dark. and allowing others to see you approaching can help avoid accidents. I would also recommend a bell on
these busy multi-purpose trails. Millers Dale railway station is good
place to take a break it has a place to sit, toilets.. and on our most recent visit had a mobile vendor selling cold drinks, teas, coffees and snacks. The end of the trail isn’t far at all from Millers Dale. It has a cafe and bike hire facilities. Once you have reached the end of the trial and had a break, drink or maybe even a snack. You have then got an epic 8 mile ride back to Hassop Station. I really like riding a Monsal trail
the path is flat and the scenery great, the tunnels break up the ride and make it more interesting. At the end I rode down to Bakewell Station before returning to Hassop to get my mileage over 20. Now to the scoring.. For time taken we gave 3 wheels they can take between two to three hours at a leisurely pace taking in the scenery and
allowing for of breaks here and there. For the distance of 18 miles. We gave it 2 wheels. we don’t think this distance is ideal
for beginners, however anyone who has had a couple of sessions in the saddle already shouldn’t find it too difficult. For the terrain we gave it 1 wheel out of 5 for difficulty. It’s a good surface and pretty much flat for the full length of the Monsal Trail. Technical difficulty we also give it a 1, there’s nothing technical about this trail at all. For overall enjoyment we gave it a 3 out of 5. We really enjoyed this trail the surface is easy going, the views are fantastic and going through the long tunnels is an experience anyone who walks or cycles can appreciate the Monsal trail. We had a good selection of bike brands this week, GT won. We had 2 GT, 1 Trek, 1 Cube, 1 Claud Butler and one Carrerra. If you have any questions use the comments section below. If you enjoyed the video please LIKE, if you want to see more the Cycle Routes please Subscribe. Oh and thanks for watching!