Cycling Maintenance for Mountain Bikes : Adjust Brakes on Mountain Bikes

Going to loosen each one of these up a little
bit. I think a quarter-turn or so will do it because you don’t want to clamp things
down too hard because then if you hit something, it will fall off. So I can move in. If I did
it out here, then my finger would be crushed. Like that. If I was somebody who rode with
my hands farther in on the grips, fully in like this, I’d probably want to move my brake
lever and my shifter over that way. And if I move my everything over this way, I can
take this brake lever off completely by loosening both of these up because it’s a two-piece
clamp, put it on the other side of the shifter and move the shifter over. For my specific
needs, the shifter on the inside of the brake lever works the best. It really depends on
the size of your hands and the size of your fingers. If other people rode their shifter
as close to their hand as I did, they’d inadvertently shift with their thumb and stuff like that.
Because my hand is so far out, I don’t shift inadvertently. The other thing to take into
account is the angle you have your brake levers at. You want it to be a nice, even, smooth
angle when you’re in sort of a riding position. On this bike, I tend to be a little bit more
hunched over, a little bit more aggressive when I’m riding it. It’s a pretty fun and
aggressively-ridden bike. So you can see, I have the brake lever angle set so when I’m
in my normal, preferred riding position, I pretty much have a straight line coming down
between my wrist and my finger. Everything is just sort of a line straight down. That’s
the most comfortable, most powerful way to set things up.