Custom Electric Bike Yamaha YZ 250

Hi, I’m Maxim Zvonitsky and this is my electric bike It’s electric conversion of dirt bike Yamaha YZ250 High speed is unprofitable for electric transport So I choosed dirt bike, with the expectation that middle speed would be 40-60 km/h In this mode, the battery works good, energy is spent not quickly Engine is from maxi scooter weighing 230 kg So power is with a reserve capacity Battery capacity is 3.2 kW/h, voltage 144V Enough for 100 kilometers, if saving and 50 km in race mode Here is only one gear connected with rear wheel through a chain This greatly simplified the system The advantage is that the system is not served It is only necessary to charge and ride The battery has a life, and here it is about 2000 cycles The main motorcycle feature is that there are no gearbox and no clutch This bike has same characteristics as dirt bike with engine 250cc I was delighted when made motorcycle Very unusual to have power without noise and vibration Dynamic is similar to trolley, this smooth acceleration is impressive At the moment the motorcycle is being tested, statistics are collected some stuff is still not completed belt transmission will be covered, engine guard will be installed I will make dashboard with indicators of battery charge and odometer rapid acceleration Easy to make wheelie But on a high speed acceleration is not fast On ICE bike I can shift gear and increase speed, here I can’t do it Very interesting bike, here is no foot rear brake – it’s a problem Rear brake on the left side of handlebar is not comfortable and hand gets tired much