Custom Bike Tech At The Tour de France | Tour de France 2017

– Custom bikes and custom
kit is a huge thing here at the Tour de France. So, a few days ahead of the race, we’ve been around and looked through all of the teams’ kit. And here is a selection of
the finest custom pro bikes and custom pro kit that will be racing the 2017 Tour de France. Behind me is a very nice
looking Argon 18 actually. I think that’s Fabio Aru’s custom bike, but we will get a closer
look at that later. – Marcel Kittel is enjoying
a spell in the green jersey, and his bike sponsors at
Quick-Step Specialized have made him this custom bike. And I quite like the fact
that they’ve gone with the matte black frame
and the green decals. I do think that’s quite subtle and not too in your face. Which could not be said
for the bar tape here, which I’m sure you can see as
well is quite in your face. Almost luminous green up there. But I do actually quite like that. And the details continue on the graphics of the Roval wheels. And also, a nice little touch here from their powermeter sponsors 4iiii. – Now how about this for some custom tech. This is the bike of Amael
Moinard, as you can see. And on it, we’ve spotted
a quick release, right. And you can see on his seat post, he’s got a secondary seat clamp on there. Now the team aren’t commenting, but I can’t imagine many reasons why a pro, would need a quick release. So you can slam the seat post down. And if I was a betting man, I’d say that seat clamp
is set to the height of Richie Porte, his team leader. Therefore, if Richie Porte
has a problem with his bike, he’s actually gonna be able to get a spare from one of his Tour Le teammates. That’s pretty cool custom tech. – For me, this has to be
one of the coolest bits of new tech at this year’s Tour de France. The Mavic Neutral Service
bikes have received, not an upgrade, but they’ve
received a slight build change. So, after a couple of things last year where maybe the saddles weren’t quite the perfect height for the
riders who received the bikes, they put in this. And for me, this is really innovative. It is a custom made KS LEV dropper post just made for Mavic. Weighs in at 450 grammes. And with a pull of a lever, it can fit any saddle height up to there. – I’ve spotted another really
cool bit of custom tech. Well, not exactly custom
tech, more a custom paint job. This is the Pinarello F10 belonging to national Colombian road
champion Sergio Henao, of course of Team Sky. Not just custom colours, but look at the detailing
on the top tube here. All referencing his
national championship win. It took place in Bogota in a time of five hours 50 minutes and 11 seconds, 26 of February 2017, 219kms, average speed of 40.950
kilometres an hour. A constant reminder of those
national champion’s battles. – Kittel actually has
access to about four bikes here at the Tour de France. And the one that we have just seen, which is his green jersey bike, he’s also got Specialized
Tarmac for the mountains. And then he’s got a Venge
ViAS rim-brake bike. And then this one, which
is the Venge ViAS Disc. And now we looked at this back in Dubai. At that point, he had some
fairly old brake levers here. But he’s now got the full Dura-Ace Di2 hydraulic disc brake group set on here. And this one, of course,
is notable because it became the first ever disc brake bike to win a stage of the Tour de France, which he did back on day two. – I think Andrei Greipel
could well have featured in every GCN custom Tour de
France video we’ve ever done. But here he is again, with a new Ridley Noah SL bike. So gone is his previous
national champ’s edition, I’m afraid to say. But this, stark black and white, gorilla paint scheme is every bit as cool. – Behind me now is
possibly one of the coolest custom paint jobs on tour. It’s Fabio Aru’s brand
new Argon 18 Gallium Pro. It is shiny red? Don’t know if that works. Shiny red with silver Astana details. And it just looks so cool. So, so cool. One of my favourites, yeah. – Now, he’s here a bit of
team issued tech for you. We’ve got Zipp’s 454 NSW wheels. You can only buy them in a clincher. I understood that they were only ever gonna come in clinchers. But, look closely. The Continental Competition
tubulars are very much glued onto these rims. So, Katusha have got team-issued 454s. – Well, that is exhausting, going around all of the team hotels searching for custom equipment. I very much enjoyed
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