Croatia & Slovenia Bike Tour Video | Backroads

(upbeat music) – [Blonde Female Cyclist]
Slovenia and Croatia have been unbelievable. I had no idea how gorgeous
both countries have been until now. We get to see Lake Bled and the turquoise blue
waters, and cathedrals, descending into alpine villages. Now we’re along the
shores of the Adriatic, which is just stunning. (upbeat music) – [Brunette Female Cyclist]
One of the highlights would be this hotel
that we’re at right now. It’s stunning. I’ve never been to anything like it. Super relaxing, a great way to wind down after a day of biking. (upbeat music) – [Blonde Female Cyclist]
One of my favorite things about this trip so far is the food. And with the food, comes the
people that are serving it, explaining it, preparing it. It’s been amazing. And of course it tastes great. – [Male cyclist] Lake Bled had this island in the middle of it. And we had a tour guide
that took us back over to the island, on a boat. Showed us the island, gave us
a tour of the church there. (bells ringing) – [Other Female Cyclist]
So you go into these just remarkable viewpoints and then to these valleys
that are out of a story book.