Crazy Mountain Biking POV in SnoopaVision

Welcome back to another
exciting episode of, things you won’t see
black people doing. Roll the tape. First of all, this hill is
definitely not made for us. Oh god. Oh, it’s vertical. Look how steep it is. He– oh no, wait a minute. Hold on. Wait a minute hold on. This is not safe. This is also really
not a nice video for people with high
cortisol levels. See, I’m afraid of heights,
so me even looking at this is hurting me. He’s definitely white. Look at his forearms. [LAUGHS] Yes, he is white. He is white, Snoop. He’s riding the hell out
of this little cliff, or whatever this is he’s riding. Look at how thin that is. Olga, you should do this. Yeah, right. You’re a circus performer. How many times do
you think he had to practice before he got it? See, that’s something
that you can’t practice. I think you just gotta do it. You’ve just got to get
it done, and he did that. Sweaty palms. He did that. SnoopaVision, 360 baby.