Could Motorised Doping Happen In Mountain Biking? GMBN Vs GCN

– [Scott] Now, we’ve seen in
the under-23 Cyclo-cross World Championships, in the women’s class,
a hidden motor has actually been found in one of her spare bikes. – [Neil] Yeah, so the question we’re
going to pose today is, could this have ever happened in a cross-country
mountain bike race? – And to do just that, we’ve brought in
a Global Cycling Network dirt roadie. – [Si] Sorry. All right. We’re good. ♪ [music] ♪ – So, Si, tell me about this bike. – All right. Well, if there is any
cheating going to be in mountain biking, then the chances are it probably
did start on the road, and this little bit of kit has come from exactly that. You may
be wondering what is in my giant saddle bag. It’s not just my packed lunch.
There is, in fact, a battery. So, the wire from the battery goes into the
seat chief and the business end is right here. This is where the motor sits,
okay? And it produces about 150 watts, which is pretty reasonable, I
think, for like a fit mountain biker. And then, that drives the bottom bracket
axle directly by like a little pinion gear. And then you simply switch on
and off using that little switch at the handlebars. If you take your feet off the
pedals, the pedals would still turn round, but it does mean that when you
stop pedaling to try and freewheel, then the motors stops. So then you’d
have to switch it back on again. – Do you think this conceivably
could’ve happened in a cross-country mountain bike race? – Conceivably, yeah. Whether
or not it’s faster, I don’t know. I think we should try and find out. – Let’s try it. – So this is what Si’s up against,
Canyon’s highest spec mountain bike. Hardtail, full carbon frame. I have got
to [inaudible 00:01:45] but only in my derailleur. Now, this bike only
weighs seven and a half kilos, which is four kilograms lighter than Simon’s
bike. It could be the weight in the climbs that really just makes a difference,
and hopefully, I’ll get that win. ♪ [music] ♪ – Okay Si, I’m on my cross-country
29er, super lightweight bike, and it’s kind of hard work pedaling
up this hill. How does that feel? – Well, I haven’t got my motor
switched on yet, mate. So it’s honestly, I think you probably should
just do a little bit more training. But it can’t have… You can
definitely feel that it’s working. I suppose the funny thing about saying you
got 150 watts is that 150 watts to someone that’s 50 kilos, isn’t very fit, is a
massive amount. Whereas the bigger you are, the less it gets. Which certainly,
I’m not having to work anywhere near as hard right now. So, do you mind if we
press on a bit? Because I’m getting a bit cold. – My legs are tired. – Sorry, mate. You got it? ♪ [music] ♪ – Okay guys, time to race. I’d
love to do it myself, but actually, I’m on a full suspension bike, so
it wouldn’t be a direct comparison. And my seat foam’s a little bit out
of torque. So, Scott, it’s up to you, I’m afraid. So, cross-country time
trial, one lap. Ebike versus your legs. Let’s do it. – Anyway, sorry. You
can’t go just yet, mate. – I’ve noticed this is getting way
too roadie. – You got to look right for these things.
There you go. You’re ready to go. ♪ [music] ♪ – Tell you what Si, I’m not going
to lie. The Canyon was a rocket ship, but I’d be very interested to
have a go on your electric assist bike. – I’m not surprised, mate, 150
extra watts, you could argue. – Should we do a swap? – All right, fine. – Come on, I know you
want a shot of this. – I was going to say, I’m pretty
excited about getting on that. – Let’s do it. Go on. There you
go. Look after her, though. – I will do, mate. – She is my baby. ♪ [music] ♪ – Okay, fellas, the times are
in. Right, I’ll hit you with it. Scott, you were one minute, 19
faster on the cross-country bike. – What? – Than on the ebike. Si, you’re only 38
seconds faster on the cross-country bike. – You didn’t switch
it on, did you mate? – I think I pressed on, pretty sure. – So, Si, the cross-country bike
is actually faster than the ebike. – Yeah, well I’ve actually got to pick
up on this, is that you can actually feel the extra four kilograms.
It’s quite a lot heavier, and also, that saddle bag being right up
high. Your weight’s quite high, and when you’re actually maneuvering
on the descents, it’s just not got that same agility that the
cross-country bike has. – That is an awful lot of time. Where
did you think the cross-country bike made that time? – Well, ironically enough, I’m
pretty sure it was on the climb. You know, you’ve got 150 extra watts,
but it doesn’t offset the fact that that Canyon is four kilos less, and it
is just built for going fast, isn’t it? The one place I did notice the electric
bike was over the top of any kind of steep kicker, where you’re soft pedaling,
getting your breath back, and that’s when I felt that extra 150 watts. Which is
quite subtle, but that was just sort of dragging me along a little bit. – Yeah. I think as well, with that pinion
mechanism, as soon as you come to any obstacle where you maybe got
to stop pedaling, freewheel a little bit, it obviously kicks off, and you’ve
got to press on again. So there’s a bit of a lag there as well. So… – So I think, in conclusion, we can
say that you’d be pretty stupid to use one of these in a cross-country race. – Yeah. – You would. Unless, I suppose, you
were really light and really weak in which case, maybe 150 watts might
help you, but yeah. Generally speaking, I don’t think there’s any stress about
this being used in the Olympics. – That’s me. – But I tell you what the bike would
be good for is, if you’re out on the canal paths, having that extra 150
watts could be really beneficial. – Yeah. That is true, actually, and
the bike is a lot lighter than an ebike, isn’t it? Maybe ten kilos lighter, but
everything was put in pretty sharp focus, wasn’t it? We were standing on a far
road filming a section, and a guy on an electric Duro Bike came past about
30K an hour putting out 500 watts. – Yeah, but then you have got
that 350 watts to compensate for, and that’s quite a big difference, really. – That’s massive. – If you want to check out
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