Controlling Your Front Wheel | E-Bike Handling Tips

– Learning to place the front
wheel can be massively handy in lots of trail situations. In this video, we’re gonna look at how to and where to use the technique. (upbeat techno music) The first step, what’s
the technique involved when it comes to front-wheel
control and placement. Well, there’s two
different approaches to it. You can either go for
the bouncing approach where you simply pogoing
the front wheel like that using the fork and both brakes locked out. That’s probably quite
a good starting point. Now, the second approach
is a far more considered and accurate technique when it
comes to front wheel control, but it requires you
mastering the track stand before you begin. So, the technique involves
using your hips, your brakes, and the fork to move direction. Now, for example, If I want to move left from this situation, I’m
bouncing the fork using the back brake and shifting
my body to the left, and it means you can get far more leverage and distance on the front wheel. Now, when you’re practicing
front-wheel control, I suggest you do it on quite
a hard surface to begin with, not deep soil or heavy loam because that’s really
gonna hinder the movement of your back wheel. So when you do it, you
should get to a point where you get to enough
confidence where you could do like 360 degrees in four,
five or six movements. Now if you’ve not quite mastered the front-wheel movement
technique on your driveway, then a fire road is a
great place to learn it. And that’s because you can
use the slopes on the sides of the trail, and when
your bike is at an angle, it’s far easier to move that wheel off the bank than it is
if you’re on the flat. So where do you go, how do you progress, once you’ve mastered
your front-wheel control? Well, you can actually use
in conjunction with an endo or a rollback to get out of some ridiculously tight situations. Now, I’m on the same bit
of track I was on earlier, and you just simply do an endo
first and then you combine it with your front-wheel hop. Hopefully, I can do it. And you kinda round in 180. Now, front-wheel control
is a really important skill to have on an E-bike
particularly when you’re out on the trail because
there’s a tendency on E-bikes for the motor to override
and push you to the outside of the corner when you don’t need it. So in that situation, you need
to be able to move direction with the front wheel in an
instant and change your direction onto the right course. So, here’s your own man-made
switchback and this is kind of what happens if you go too far. (upbeat techno music) In front of me is a very simple situation where you use front-wheel
control to change direction in quite a close environment. Now I’m using the brakes,
forks and hip movement to move my body and the
bike in the direction of where I want to travel. Now certain changes in
gradient are a great place to use front-wheel placement
to square a corner off so you’ve got the best
approach to the steepest part of the bank. So you need to kind of read
the terrain as you get into it. Stand there, have a look
around, scope the terrain, and then go. Now, here in this example, we’ve got a bit of a steep rock step mid-climb;
however, on the inside, there’s a smoother line
so you can come in, bounce the front wheel around and get up the smoother gradient. So there you have it, front-wheel control, it’s a great technique to
have on any part of the trail. Make sure you practice both the bounce and the hip technique,
and soon you will get up any climb in the world. If you want to see how to get
up any climb in the world, check out, “How to Plan
a Climb” just over here. Please give us a thumbs-up
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around the front wheel there.