Continental Sport Attack 3 Motorcycle Tire Test and Review

Hi, I’m Dave with We recently had the opportunity to test Continental’s
newest hypersport tire, the Sport Attack 3. Continental says the Sport Attack 3 is a brand-new
tire, not an evolution of the Sport Attack 2. They said it was a carcass-up redesign. It does, however, retain some of the features found
on other “Attack” tires in Continental’s line-up such as “Traction-Skin” that eliminates
the need for slippery mold-release to be used on the production of the tire. As well as Continental’s multi-grip, or Continuous
Compound technology. By curing the tire at different rates and
temperatures, the center of the tire is less flexible and more resistant to wear, while
the shoulder of the tire is softer, grippier and more compliant. They’ve also added a brand new feature they
call “Grip-Limit-Feedback”. The idea is that as the tire nears the limits
of adhesion it will start to gradually slip a little to warn the rider, rather than just
grip and grip and grip and then no more grip. We traveled to Uvalde, Texas to visit Continental’s
5,000 acre test facility where they push the limits of everything from semi-truck tires,
passenger car tires and motorcycle tires. For the motorcycles we had access to their
slow-speed, handling course, which would simulate your average canyon or street ride. And a high-speed course that would allow us to see how the tires would behave at a local track day. We’re rolling out onto the handling course. Continental has supplied us with a stack of
bikes for us to use and I’ve chosed the Triumph Daytona 675 for this session. What kinda’ excited me most about this tire
is that Conti said that spent a lot of time and energy making the front tire as good as
possible. Now, I can tell you that the first few sessions
on the tire I, quite honestly, didn’t even notice it, which is really kinda’ high praise. Having a tire that just does it’s thing is
freeing. It just lets you focus on finding your apexes. On a side note, Continental has a helicopter
following us around and it’s a little unnerving. I keep getting little glimpses of this flying
yellow thing in my rear-view mirror Which is something I, honestly,
haven’t experienced before. And, uh, I have to confess, it makes me feel,
well, it makes me feel really cool. Well, I guess, this must be what it’s like
to be a MotoGP rider. Well, only I’m a lot slower, and there’s no
screaming fans. But other than that it’s just like MotoGP. Now the front tire has changed from the Sport
Attack 2. The initial tip-in is a little slower than
the older version. But it’s still very stable and planted while
leaned over. So, the tire is a little slower through these
fast kickers, but again, more stable. This also makes the tire more forgiving of
any sloppy handlebar inputs. So, the softer carcass is really compliant. It makes this a very agreeable tire to get
on with. I’ll also say that the softer carcass makes
this tire really communicative for trail-braking. This course has a lot of these decreasing-radius
bends that require you to brake deep and this tire just… is just up to the task. I’m finding myself entering these turns quicker
and quicker, braking deeper and deeper and the tire is just fine with it. It just has a lot of, a lot of feel. I can tell, I can feel like I can tell exactly
what the tire is doing. Which is great! But what is even more impressive is that we
are running street tire pressures. If you are doing track days, you could adjust
your tire pressure accordingly and get even more out of this tire. One thing that really seems to stand out about this tire is
based on how it handles and behaves, is that you can tell it was designed around
a street rider who visits the track from time to time. As opposed to many other tires that are designed
around the rider who spends almost all their time on a race track and only occasionally
rides on the street. So the impression is that this tire is really
good. I’ve pushed the front tire really hard and
it’s rock-solid the entire time. The Sport Attack 2 was a good tire but their
front tire had kinda’ fallen behind the competition over the last few years. So yeah, this front tire is good. The rear tire is totally solid too. The last corner just goes on forever and I
just keep feeding more and more throttle and the tire is just happy to do it. I suspect if I were to ham-fist-it and wallop
the throttle wide open, I could get the tire to spin but with proper throttle use, the
tire is just transparent. Thanks so much for watching. You can learn more by checking out our complete
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