Hi guys I’m Lory Bart, today I’ll show you how to mount a mousse on a mountain bike. What is the mousse the mousse is a very light polymer that we can put inside the tire avoids ruining the rim also improves driving uncertainty and more in the event of a puncture you can go home without problems there are several versions now I will show you that the version to be mounted on the tubeless assembly of the mousse is very simple it must be installed inside the tire in this case I have a wheel with an inner tube and then I will transform this rim from an inner tube to a tubeless one also inserting the mousse inside first thing to do is clearly to remove the tire by removing the inner tube Ok Now with the help of a tire lever we go to dismantle the tire, so I always advise you to disassemble on the opposite side of the valve this makes disassembly easier Ok let’s extract our inner tube Then we make sure that our circle has a flap mounted suitable for the tubeless, on tubeless rims it is already fitted as standard while on this wheel you need to transform it I mounted this tape dedicated for the transformation you es in glass description also the link where to find this tape together with its tubeless valve. I insert the valve into the hole so then insert the gasket and nut onto the valve like this We spread strong enough so we pay with simple water So all our mousse that helps the assembly On the Then, once the tire is wet, we insert the mousse inside the tire reminds you that the mousse There are various sizes based on the diameter of our wheels. We simply slip it in this way as if it were an inflated inner tube Ok let’s push inside the center of the circle So that it facilitates the assembly of the tire at this point we always start from the fable area, we do the assembly manually and insert the tire inside the circle In this way Then in the end we can bathe in the most critical area where it is more difficult than assembly soak it with water that we just arrived at this point that with a simple lever plastic tires in the center so we enlarge that we insert our tubeless So our tire is completely assembled as you can see the rubber is as if it were swollen at 1 and 2 1/2 and therefore in the event of a puncture we have no problem getting back home or even when cutting tire where it is almost impossible to repair it with a mousse we can safely go home because as you can see it is as if it were swollen at one and a half therefore the mousse is very useful for the edges as you see keeps repairs and saves the circle from the edges and then recommends it to those who are afraid of puncturing often at this point we need only to insert the anti-puncture liquid and inflate ok once inserted in liquid inside the tube do not overdo the liquid with the valve because the thickness of the bus is enough wide so let’s say about 50 ml more than enough in the video description I will put the link where find these products I remind you that there are various sizes of mousse depending on the diameter and to the width of the tire to be of help also in this video I recommend you subscribe to my channel put a nice I like and see you at the next tutorial, hello everyone