Climb Steeper Hills On Your E-Bike | EMTB Skills

– Okay guys, today I’m going to talk about getting you up some banks which you might not
normally be getting up, which in turn will broaden the
type of riding you’re doing on your e-mountain bike. It’ll also be more of a workout and, like I said, it’ll
open up some new horizons to your riding and it’s a good bit of fun. (electronic pulsating) So today, six skills for steep hills. (mellow trip-hop music) First step, anticipation is key. Make sure you make that transition from flat ground to steep
ground really smoothly and make sure you know
exactly where you’re going up that climb. And don’t just stop thinking. Keep looking at the hill all the way up and make sure you avoid
any stones or roots that may disturb your momentum. Now one really critical
thing about anticipation which everybody forgets is you need to make sure
you’re in the right gear and the right mode before
your start your climb. So now I’m in high power
mode and an easy gear. (mellow trip-hop music) The big high gear simply
are not going to cut it when it comes to steep banks. You need to keep spinning
in a high cadence. Try and avoid, as well, to change gear. You’re better off backing off and keep things ticking
over running smoothly because when it comes to steep hills, you’re better off
picking your way up there rather than forcing it. (mellow trip-hop music) Now when it comes to mode
on those really steep banks, you’ll rarely be in eco or trail and more likely be in turbo or boost mode and then that way, you can control your
speed and your cadence so that if you encounter
some tricky situations on the trail, you can back off or speed up to cope with that. (mellow trip-hop music) Next up, be conscious
of your body position, which affects your weight
distribution on your e-bike. So expect to be moving
forwards to keep the front down and backwards to keep the
traction on that back tire. (mellow trip-hop music) Now seat height is really important and you need to keep it low. Yeah, I know it goes against the grain but if you think about it, if
you bring your seat up high, then you can’t actually
move around as easy and you’ve got all your center of gravity perched right up high there. Low down, way better for steep climbs. (mellow trip-hop music) And finally, or should I say that firstly, don’t forget your bike set-up because if you’ve got your bike with too little air in the rear, that means there’s going to
be too much of weight bias over the rear of the bike and also such things as tire pressure. Too much pressure in the tires and you simply ain’t
going to get the traction. So to sum up, don’t
forget those key points. Anticipation, gearing, mode, cadence, weight distribution, bike set-up, all those things come into play when you’re climbing steep climbs. So there you go. If you want to look at
some more climbing skills, check out our seat up versus seat down. If you’ve got any questions guys, just let us know in the comments below. Click on the globe to subscribe. Give us a thumbs up.