Chino Hill Trail Run Series Half Marathon/10K Course Preview

I’m standing right where the start and
finish line will be for the Chino Hills Trail Run Series 10k and half marathon.
Yes, at this very spot eager runners will head off down the
parking lot into the unknown, returning hopefully victorious or at the very
least with a smile on their faces. For anyone who hasn’t done it before, I’m going to preview the half marathon course so you can get an idea what to expect.
I’ll also be covering most of the 10k course and I’ll point out where the
routes diverge. The trails are pretty wide and easy-going; although both the half marathon and the 10k do have a short section of fun single track. The
routes are going to be well marked with color-coded ribbons, so to get lost you
actually have to try really hard. The first couple of miles are a gentle
upward slope just to get you warmed up and then you get to the first climb of
the day. Here we leave Telegraph and head up Diemer towards South Ridge. At this point you might decide that
walking is a better idea. There’s no shame! Yay! Up on South Ridge now where we have a
series of rolling up and down until we descend to the first aid station. Oh sh…! Just admiring the views! Here at the Rimcrest entrance to the park is where the first aid station will be. The 10K runners will take a left and head down a single track called Easy Street that will take them back to Telegraph Canyon. Whereas the half marathon will continue on South Ridge with another climb. We’ll be meeting up again with the 10k route but not for quite some time. After the climb out of the aid station, what
will follow is a seemingly never-ending series of sharp ups and downs. More climbing! Well in this case what goes down must go up. We’re at the point where we finally
South Ridge. This is the highest point of the course and it’s pretty much
overall downhill now all the way to the finish. Before we go to the aid station at
Four Corners, we’ve got a bit of fun single track on Bovinian Delight. Just about at Four Corners now where the
second aid station will be. And from here it was just a straight shot back to the
finish down Telegraph. Now there is a porta potti here, which I’ve never used… and I don’t intend to any time soon. Eww. Time to settle in and enjoy the run back! After coming down Easy Street, the 10k
runners will emerge here, join up with Telegraph, and then both courses continue
down to the finish. Back at Diemer! Don’t go up there. Keep going; finish awaits! When you hit this ashphalt bit where
there’s an old bridge you know you’re almost finished. Pass the yellow gate! Around the corner! And that’s a wrap! Get yourself a drink, a “Ron-burger” and give yourself a pat on the back and maybe we’ll see here again for the
50k in November!