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Canyon Inflite 9.0S | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Canyon AL Inflite 9.0S. Now, the Inflite AL is actually Canyon’s aluminium cyclocross frameset and it’s been kitted out in this case with road going components to make it ideal for riding in harsh conditions. Cyclocross framesets actually make for excellent winter road bikes and the reason for this is that they […]

Best Electric Bikes – Most Comfortable Best Electric Bikes

Day 6 Bicycles makes the Best Electric Bikes you have ever seen. Each Day 6 electric bike comes with a combination of features not found on any other bicycle. These include a contoured seat and backrest for unrivaled comfort, extended handlebars that promote upright, relaxed sitting while eliminating leaning forward, a lower seat that allows […]

Emflux One : India’s first electric superbike : PowerDrift

In order to travel through time you need a device known as a flux capacitor… Or that’s what the Mad professor from Back To The Future would like you to believe! But then, that stuff movies are made of… …today, I have a device that will actually take us into the future With the name […]

Review: Focus Bold² Electric Hardtail Bike

Hi. I’m Brett from The New Wheel Electric Bike Shop in San Francisco in Marin County. And I’m here today with the Focus Bold Squared hardtail mountain bike. This is the new hardtail in the Focus Squared product line. It’s built on the same platform as the Jam Squared and the Sam Squared, but it […]

The RAWBIKE, Stockholms hottest electric bike.

Rawbike is something like a car on two wheels its not really an ebike in that sense that it has a throttle you can pedal and you can use it as a bicycle. But you can also throttle it that turns like gas. and I discover it for a year ago it was a guy […]

Overview of the Wisper 806 Torque folding electric bike

The Wisper 806 talk electric folding bike is the step through design with fully adjustable seat and handlebars which makes this the perfect bike for all riders. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you can ride this bike. The hand welded 6061 alloy frame is tough, durable and top quality. The premium […]