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DIRT/BMX Jumps in our backyard // The Start #1

Today, Sunday 3th of november 2019. We are starting to build some new jumps in the backyard. Probably gonna be one of the craziest jumps we have had in the backyard. We like to think crazy. I like it already. Let’s build again. So, let’s explain the plan. Starting from here, jump off the roof […]

Influential Car & Motorsport Technology In Cycling | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 71

– Welcome to the GCN Tech show. This week, we’ve got ourselves a brand new gravel groupset, a super limited edition, very stunning, frame set not to mention, very fast charging batteries, your upgrades, and as ever, the Bike Vault. – And then we’ve got, what has the motor industry given to cycling and what’s […]

Best way to tow a bike with another bike (MTB)

G’day. It’s Michael here from MTB Direct. Today we’re gonna learn how to tow someone on a mountain bike. So the first thing we need is an ocky strap. This one’s about 1200 long and it’s got the closed loops at the end. These are much safer to use than the typical hook style ones. […]

Bike the Metro – Purple Line 2019 REDUX

This is Bethesda Metro Transfer to Red Line This is Connecticut Avenue This is Lyttonsville This is 16th Street-Woodside This is Silver Spring Metro Transfer to Red Line This is Silver Spring Library This is Dale Drive This is Manchester Place This is Long Branch This is Piney Branch Road This is Takoma-Langley This is […]

What is British Cycling ride leadership?

Ride leading is very much about engaging with your group, keeping them safe whilst they’re on the ride and encouraging them to come back and start that journey in cycling wherever that is Ride leading for me I think is facilitating the ride making sure that the riders have a great time, it’s fun it’s […]

🏍☣Free ride 🚀ducati Supersport S (20C°~68F°)☣🏍

Welcome to my Live stream! My lovely people how are you doing?? how is everybody doing?? Trier View! Do you like this view? mm-hmm hello lady coach explorers and welcome to my live stream how are you ? doing we have another person we have Mary’s flog wyldstyle welcome to my livestream are you doing […]

Running Away From Dogs

From the last video, almost 20 days have gone. In fact the country didn’t go through a quarantine but we are having several restrictions to go outside and many are not working. However, you can still do sports and make quick walks. There’s a lot of anger, frustration, fear, depression and everybody in the world […]