So, on the left we have the cyclists And on the right the enduro mans We have all the Dakar here And in the middle we have a rugbyman that rides We’re gonna take the track… We take mine The CG so we f*ck ourselves before the end Let’s go Let’s go The enduros are on my a** The roadies, everyone It’s ok? Everything’s fine? Perfect The bikers behind, they’re on fire Doing MTB after the Dakar… It’s not worse Good training Let’s go We’ll wait for them a little Old World Cup track This one is cool It was nice here Come on, let’s go It’s so good Let’s go This was the world cup track The first world cup in Andorra Let me say it was hard With an enduro bike it’s ok but it’s hard We’ll wait for everyone here Sherco team It’s good, right? Let’s go Here, directly on the right because two parts are sh*t Left and directly right On the right here Here we are This was the old world cup Let’s go The insides are slippy There already was almost a carnage Come on I’m waiting for the others There is insides everywhere Come on Come on Come on, come on It’s war bro Crash! Crash! Crash in the peloton You’re ok? Crash in the peloton! Pit stop Pit stop Here we go again Come on It’s war Let’s go I’m breathing hard Let’s go We can stop at the top if you want There was a carnage There is one in front Jump the double A good bast*ard ride It’s always good Roadies and the bikers from the Dakar They send hard They’re not scared What a laugh *spanish speaking* I’ve seen stuff bro I was dead laughing behind You’re full of dirt Behind I laughed Behind, I sh*it my pants bro I was dead laughing I laughed behind I’ve seen everything Behind, I laughed F*uck*ng animals Insides *I’ve find a new cut* Son of a b*tch Now beer *I was so dead I dropped it* When you’re down it’s horrible *He’s so nice he doesn’t pass you* He was riding I’ve done two good insides *Yeah the left* *I didn’t knew this one when you went left* Come on *A good beer* Come on The beer is gonna be good Oh yeah The enduros are drained too They’re dumb No f*cks given Oh f*ck Do you think the cassette loves it? The cassette, the chain Nico had the puddle He took the puddle on the exterior He took it hard Not sure it was only water tho It smells like pee a little *yeah cow pee* Oh f*ck we can’t see sh*t Oh the dust Come on It’s gonna be war It’s ass war Carnage! So tell me What do you think about reuniting roadies and enduros? The two here were riding together before It’s Paris-Dakar level here Here it’s road Here it’s Dakar new generation Here there is a little everything The old ones Retired rugbyman on the right He knows how to drink and eat peanuts The problem is not here The debrief’s not here The problem is I’m only one beer, they are on the 2nd WTF here? You have a legend to defend here Gracia I’m disappointed They drink, they were thirsty Yeah but DH level… *You made us eat the dirt* *We forced 3 times more than you* *Everytime you passed on top, left, right* I laughed tho You’ll see the video, you’re watching it right now We did anthology insides But the bastards are not breaking when they see you They go anyway No f*cks given I’ve seen a dude crash hard tho Yeah but it’s the tree that has bent Not me Two or three crashes in the day, normal Everytime good crashes When I saw you crossed the track onto the tree I was dead laughing I didn’t know how to pass you I was thinking I’m gonna hurt him if I pass But this ones are riding like bastards They’re not thick Look at the arms Look at this they’re not thick Yeah but black track and all Flat out, block pass I loved “Come on we’re going to the CG it’s simple” The assholes The dudes from the Tour (de france) in the CG track No one hurt himself Except you *I didn’t hurt myself* Just a bit of skin You guys, if you watch the Dakar You need to follow those dudes in Sherco They’re gonna send hard Well it was good, good day We’re gonna continue to drink