Can You Ride A Mountain Bike In Snow? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 101

– Are you ready? Are you ready, Blake? – I’m in.
– We’re ready. – Are you ready? Blake’s ready. – I can’t hold this
smile forever, you know? – All right, good. It’s time to stare this
sport of ours in the eyes. And I ask it honestly, can
you even ride in the snow? – But we’re going to be doing
all the usual good stuff and are you going to be
tasting a spring onion, a strawberry, or a chilli later on? You’ll have to tune in and find out. – What? (percussive music) (electric guitar music) So the question this week is, can you even man a bike in snow? – Well, we all know the
answer is of course, going to be yes, but it
got us thinking about steerage of ice mountain
biking in the snow. – Absolutely. In 1997, way back, I had an
experience riding in the snow where I found it incredibly hard. I don’t know what your experience
of riding in the snow is. – I guess my experiences
are pretty similar. I’ve done the mountain of hell and also the mega avalanche. – Ooh, tough races. – So you start off on a glacier. There’s 600 people around you. The gun goes, and everyone starts. And it’s like, just
chaos, basically (laughs). You race down the hill until
you get to the finish mark. It’s fun, though. It’s a lot of fun. – So lots of people and snow. – Yeah. – Now we spotted this
video from Fabio Whitman who did really well in our
world’s best mountain biker poll recently, and he’s put this
video out of him riding in the snow, and clearly, you can do it. – Yeah, riding racing, and
trying to back flip, too. So clearly, you can ride in the snow, but let’s check out Fabio’s video. (electric guitar music) – Whoo, hoo, hoo! Fabio! Woo, hoo, hoo! – Yeah! – That is a sick video. Fabio is producing some wicked stuff. – I tell you what, all
respect to him as well, because you actually see
at one point in the video, the back wheel just comes up
and flaps him in the thigh. And those spikes in the
tyre, well, they dig in, cut him up. And even a little while
after the event, he said he was still hurting.
(laughter) – Oh, it just goes to show
you that you do have to make some preparations for riding in snow, like those spikes on the tyres. And what about fat bikes? I mean, they’re amazing in the snow. I mean, it’s a big part
of the industry now. They’ve got their own
world championships over in Crested View. I mean, take a look at this. It looks so much fun. (electric guitar music) (electric guitar music) (electric guitar music) Oh, I think it looks awesome. It’s so serene in the snow. Neal loves fat bikes. I mean, I’m starting to
think I could really, – Anyway, enough, enough, enough, enough. I think it’s time that we
talk about the shape, ride, shoot guys.
– Yes. Because they have made
an absolute bang header. They’re riding this trail. I think they’ve done
it a few times before. But they’re riding in the snow. – Fast. – They’ve got a gimbal on. One is following the other,
so it’s Anton and Gaton. They’re riding it together so fast, coming down the skully. And you know, the snow
is almost like loam. They’re headed to turn, and
the snow just flakes up. And it just looks so much fun. – And they’re really
demonstrating that yes, you really can mountain bike in the snow. And you can do it fast. – And with a lot of fun.
– Yeah. – That is the key. – Yeah, absolutely. (electric guitar music) And now, it’s time to find
out all of what’s been happening in mountain
biking from Scotty Lockland. – Well, what I want to
talk about mine is the fact that Rossendale Sports
have bought felt bicycles. – Spending some cash. – Now this is cool. We were just talking about
mountain biking in the snow. They’re a snow brand. They develop skis, they sell skis, and now they’re getting into bicycles. And I think this can only
mean one really good thing for mountain biking, right? All of these resorts, these
brands are wanting to develop and invest into mountain biking. Really seeing this as a summer sport. You do, of course, own your
round, depending on where you might live. But is really a summer
sport for those resorts. And for them to invest and
develop into that brand, we’re getting bigger. – Absolutely, love it. What else is happening, Scotty? – Well, there’s been some
team changes happening again. So the intense factory racing
team who actually announced the new team, they’re
going back to their roots. They’ve got Troily designs and board. And they’ve signed young
ripper Charlie Harrison. – Oh, cool. – Now Charlie, last year,
had some fantastic results at World Cup level, but he
had absolutely no support. I think he had some top 20s at World Cups and world championships,
so he’s a pennant. – Yeah, one to watch for sure. – And with that support, you can only ask, what is he going to do? – Yeah, looking forward to seeing that. And of course, racing news. Neil Donoghue the Dawn,
is out in Chile ready for the Andes Pacifico. Getting ready to race. What do you think? – [Scott] Yeah, we’ve seen
some fitism already out riding. He’s obviously having a blast. I assume he’s having a few Piscos. – [Blake] Yeah, he’s definitely
getting in on the fun times out there, but you know what? Neal is a class act when it
comes to racing, and those guys might get a surprise. He’s ready. – [Scott] Have you got
any predictions for Neil? – I haven’t got a prediction,
but what I can say from this video, you can tell
that Neal is feeling good. – I feel good. What better way to blow
out the 14-hour flight than to climb 730 more metres? It feels good (laughs). (speaks foreign language) – Good luck, Neal! I’m expecting big things from him. He could do well. Right, let’s have a look
at what’s been happening on the channel this week
through your comments. – Okay, so the first ones
are from dirtshed100, and it’s from Lubinianin and he’s saying, – [Blake] Yeah. – [Scott] Jimmy Jarker said, (laughter) – [Blake] Ooh. – [Scott] I agree. – Shorty. – On the how to ride
off camera video, Scott, you’re in a bit of trouble here. Lorenzo MTP Channel, countered by Yorkshire Skating saying, I think we need a how-to video for Scotty. (laughter) (upbeat music) Welcome to my how to dab video, the essential guide to making that super slick dance trick happen. Okay, first step to how to dab. What you’ve got to do is throw
your arm right out straight. You want a really nice,
sharp end on that arm. Throw it out. Let this one follow. Let it come in. Energy. Out, energy, dab. (loud explosion) I think you need that. And you’re not out of the woods, yet. How to wheelie longer video. CrazyKidGamer66, – [Blake] Pedalling! (laughter) Obviously. – Fendt On A Farm said, because we all know we
can’t manual (laughs). – Why, I can actually mile
and don’t think that you’re not out of the woods yet because
you’re in a bit of trouble. – Oh, yeah. – The dirt shed live that
we did the other night for the bike vault. You really weren’t nice to cats. – No, no I implied that if
you’re a cat owner, lover, you weren’t a mountain biker. And I apologised. I’ve actually got a cat myself. – [Blake] I’ve got two. – I was joking, I was joking. – But we’ve got this amazing picture from Amy.
– Yeah. – And this is with her dog watching. And I believe that you’ve
got one with the cat. – Yeah, well, Tiago, just to
balance things up and show that there is cat lovers in the dirt shed, he sent us this in of his
cat enjoying our live action. (electric guitar music) Right, onto this week’s progressions. Mark Severage has sent us
this from the Philippines. He’s been doing some whips. He’s been taking your
advice on your videos. It’s looking really, really good actually. – Let’s check out the tape for it. – He’s putting a lot of
work in, but he really wants to try and get it bigger if he can. – [Scott] Getting better and better. – He just needs to go bigger. – Yeah. – It’s a great video, Mark. It’s coming on. There’s progression there. – Right, the next one,
this is really cool, Mark. It’s been sent by Robert
Dickinson, and it’s his son Eliot Stone, mountain
biking at four years old. He’s now seven, and it’s
kind of like a transition, just really showing off
– Yeah. – that progression. So let’s have a look,
– Yeah, I think. – shall we? Oh, and he’s even coming up for a ramp. – [Martin] Ramp! – That’s sick, yeah. So he’s nailed it for the first time. He looked stoked, actually. – [Martin] He does, look. Little bit bigger. – [Scott] Yeah. – [Martin] It’s getting a big faster. – [Scott] Yeah, getting a bit
– front wheel off the ground. – More air time. – [Martin] It’s so good, this video. Oh, it’s awesome. (both exclaim) – [Scott] Oh, that’s sick! – [Martin] That mannie was amazing. – [Scott] And then,
– Oh, that’s much bigger now. – [Scott] Yeah, that’s way bigger. (Martin whistles) – [Martin] Oh, yes. – [Scott] Yeah, that’s very cool. – [Martin] That is nice. – [Scott] He’s got himself a new bike. – [Martin] Check this out, then. Wrap, now he’s a mountain biker. Look at this!
– No way! He’s got a proper bike and everything. – [Martin] That’s too good.
– That’s sick. – [Martin] Eliot, you
are railing the bent. Look at this. Off down the trails. – [Scott] Yes! Tell you what, that. – That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? – That is the best progression session, – Ah. – I think I’ve ever seen. That was just pure stoke right there. – Progression session
defining video, that one. (electric guitar music) Right, starting out this week
is Kevin Connohan, who has got this rather interesting hack
saw action on this barge. Have you ever done this, Scott? He basically couldn’t fit his
dropper post on with all his gadgets on his handlebars, so
he’s just cut the dials off. – I’ve done something similar.
– Yeah. – And it is a great barge
– Yeah. – because it is a bit
of a fiddle sometimes. You know, you’ve got all of these things on your handlebars,
– Yeah. – But you don’t have enough space. – And who’s really, Kevin’s
right, who’s really reading those things to see what gears they’re in? I’ve never really done that. – [Scott] Exactly, no, not near there. – It’s rare, it’s rare
that you do, so you know, good botch? – Good botch.
– Good botch, good botch. – I give it botch approval. – So I think that’s it for Scott. – [Blake] Hang on, I’ve got two – Oh! – [Martin] Tea as well.
– I’ve brought teas. Well, you’ve got coffee
because you always have coffee. – Lovely, lovely. – You want tea. – Thank you, I’ll be the judge
of just how good this is. – Right, I’ve got one here. – You’ve brought a hack
and a barge, love it. – You can have that one there, Scott. I’m going to scurvy dog. Look at this. I think this is a hat. This is two tooth brushes
duct taped together, and that looks like a perfect instrument for cleaning your chain. – [Martin] Yeah! – Was the teeth stain
extra, was it on that one? – Yeah, it was, yeah. (laughter) – Nice, nice hack, that one hack. – What about this one
from Alister Thornton? Now, if I was serving
spaghetti trail-side or there’s noodles, whatever it is.
– Noodles, yeah. – Wow. – And this is mountain bike utensil. – Yeah. – Look at that. – You know what, that’s
real manly biking, that is. – I think that’s a hack. – Yeah.
– Yeah. He left his fork at home, there. – [Martin] I hope they
tasted nice, Alister, yeah. And I hope you used that
tool before you used it. – Good work. – There we go, another one. (frame crash lands) – Wow, that went through the roof. – I think that’s broken. (electric guitar music) – Okay, so the first caption that I’ve got is from Richard Fan, he says, – [Blake] Oh, that’s a good one. – [Scott] Get it?
– Yeah. – [Martin] Ivan Markovic is saying, (laughter) Hey, that’s just what happened. That’s what, – Are you implying that because
you won the Fort William World Cup, you got up to
him, you got the selfie, – [Martin] Oh, I caught Quin because not many people catch Quin. I got it, – And then won the race.
– That’s good, yes. (laughter) – But I’ve got the winner
that won this bottle, and it goes to The082919852, Is that right? Should we say it again? – Say it again. – Ventriloquism. You’ve won this bottle. (laughter) – Ven. – Ven. – Trila. – Trila. – Quism. – Quism, ventriloquism. (laughter) – The way you say quism sounds sexy. So to this week’s photo for
the caption, we want to hear what you want to say about
this photo of Blake and Scotty. (donkey neighs) – And next week, you
can be the lucky winner of a water bottle. – That one. (electric guitar music) – This is the part of the
show where you can send your movie clips that
you’ve made at home into us, and we can make you a viewer edit star. – It’s my favourite bit. – So let’s start with a great example. Chris Roven has sent us this. Now boys, you’re going to have
to hold on through this one because it’s a bit weird. – Okay.
– All right, yeah. – [Martin] But it’s
good, it’s really good. And see Chris getting ready, here. A bit of
– what is he? – A bit of strobing,
bit of drinking water. – [Scott] I guess he was thirsty. – [Martin] He’s getting out on his bike. It’s a nice Cannon there, of lefty. (Scott and man speak over each other) – [Scott] If there’s one
thing that I’ve learnt from this video, it’s that Chris likes himself. – [Martin] Yeah, well, I
think this might be Sullivan in Chris’s filming. I’m not sure. It might be a camera test, but it’s very, – [Blake] I think he’s getting to, – [Martin] We’re off onto some trails. – [Scott] Okay, onto the trails. This is getting better, yeah. – [Martin] I mean, it starts
getting a little bit weird now, though. He pulls up and the glasses go off and. (all exclaim) Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second, it’s not as bad. – [Scott] Why is he getting naked? – [Martin] Because now he’s on a swing. – [Blake] What? – [Scott] Well, I’m glad his
shirt is on for this, guys. – [Martin] Look at this, he’s
styling it up on a swing. (laughter) – [Blake] But why is his top? I’m glad he did his top back on. – I, I. – Can I just stop you guys here? Because I think we should
go in and have a look at real viewer etiquette. – I think we should. That was a good one though, Chris. I enjoyed it. – That, I don’t know. (all talk over each other) – [Scott] This one is
from Greg Hewitt, okay? So he’s riding in Canoc. And let’s just take a look. – [Martin] So this is Greg cam. – Aw, this is better. – [Martin] Greg cam, this
is a bit of trail riding. (all talk over each other) I like that.
– Hey. – [Martin] It’s a good trail. – [Scott] Can I just have
a look and see what else he is doing? So then, it starts to split
off between different people’s helmet cam, it shows different angles. (all talk over each other) – [Martin] Oh, yes.
– Look at that. – [Martin] Yeah. (all exclaim together) All right, fail. (bangs table) – [Scott] D cam doesn’t make it round. (all talk over each other) – [Martin] Greg is fine, though. Greg is good. That is a good video. – That was a brilliant video. – It’s a great example. I think we had each
end of the scale there. We had Chris’s rather out-there video. – Pretty extreme. – But I liked it. And we’ve got Greg’s video, which is – Good. – Great riding, great riding. – That looks like a good weekend. – Now if you want to be a movie star in this part of the show, and
why wouldn’t you want to be? – Yeah, of course. – Send in your videos
to [email protected], and we’ll take a look. And we’ll put you up here and
you’ll get millions of views. Great job, brilliant. (electric guitar music) – Okay, so the first thing
that I’m going to talk about is the Shimano no single truth. And this is an app for your computer. If you go onto the home
screen, a link will be in the description down below. You can actually go onto the thing. So let’s take a look. Okay, what kind of
mountain bike rider am I? I’m going to say, of the
options, Enduro rider. Click on Enduro rider, it loads. And then, what kind of
mountain bike do you ride? 27.5 full suspension. What is your fitness level? I’m going to say good fitness. Do you always ride the same terrain? I’m going to say always changing. What kind of trails? It would be downhill focused,
but I also ride up and down, so I guess both of them. What is the average length of your ride? Oh, average, I’m going to say 15 to 45. And then, what is your top speed? Generally, it’s greater than 45. Interestingly, it’s
configured that I should be a double rider. Not really. I’m fully convinced, I’ve
got to say, on that one. If you look at Sram and
then you look at Shimano, well one has done the
eulogy for the front neck, the other is pushing the front
neck, so there’s obviously a bit of a fight going on for
who really owns that drive train market. Personally, I’ve always
been a one-buy rider. All my race bikes are. And even today, I don’t think
I’ve got a two-buy system. So I’m going to stick with
my one-buy, but it’s a very interesting app, and quite a clever way that Shimano has done. Something that I spotted this
week on Instagram stories on Brent Atkinson’s page
in fact, was the fact that he has got a brand new Norkle
bicycle, a downhill bike. This is something that
we’ve seen them developing over the past couple of months. We’ve seen Sam Blankenship
already on it, and with World Cup riders like Joe and Sam
themselves, we definitely expect to see that in the
World Cup races in 2017. One bike that has really
caught my attention this week has got to be the fact that
intense lunge, the new tracer. Now this is a trail bike. It’s got 165 millimetres of travel, and a 65.5 degree head
angle, so it was really built as an aggressive trail bike
for racing in the Enduro World Series, and kind of
just as your all-around mountain bike. Now what I really liked about
this is the fact that Jeff Debber, the owner of Intense, had been really developing this. And he’d actually been
using some of his factory riders to do so, so he’d made
some rough cuts of aluminium bikes, put them together, so
he got everything as he hoped it would, and then sent
the frames off to be tested by the riders Jack Moore
and Dean Lucas of Australia have really been helping with that. And then, once they were happy with it, he was happy with it, they
developed it into the carbon. So that full serve way going
around of manufacturing and developing the bike can
really be seen in this video and I’ve got to say,
it’s pretty damn cool. (electric guitar music) (screaming) – Right, time for some
crashes and only earlier on, we were talking about riding in the snow. – We were.
– Mm-hmm. – And to get us in the mood,
I’ve got this little clip from Clive Skipper. Who’s
riding in the UK on a bit of snow. – [Sott] Oh, bike park wheels! (all exclaim) – [Martin] It goes a bit wide. Oh, he’s down! (all exclaim) He’s down, down. – Oh, he’s crashed. – I tell you what, though. At least in the snow it’s a soft landing. – At least, there you go.
– You would think. – [Scott] Okay, so I’ve
got one from Barry. Now take a look at this. (all exclaim) – And then he just ejects. – [Martin] How did he do that?
– Nasty. He runs over the edge. – [Martin] He like, slips up. – Let’s have a replay. So he comes in, feet are off the pedals, and he just jumps off.
– Wow. – [Martin] Proper panic mode. – [Blake] At least he’s smiling, look. – [Martin] Yeah, he’s having a good time. – [Scott] I tell you what,
that has got me in the mood for a cup of tea and some
more fails and bails. – Run VT! (electric guitar music) – [Man] Whoa! (electric guitar music) (electric guitar music) (electric guitar music) (laughter) (electric guitar music) – [Man] Come on, oh! (electric guitar music) – Oh, sick. It’s time for a quiz.
– Yes. – I’ve got you boys this week.
– No, no, no. Because last week, Gilbert253 said, – Oh, yes. (laughter) – You were caught out
again for wearing your hat. – [Blake] You’re not
going to learn, are you? You’re not going to learn. – I’m going to need a quiz
master, minding your in for it. Blake, you just. – I just.
– He does quizzes. – I just get quizzed all the time. – So if you get a question
right, you get some strawberries. (bell dings loudly) (all exclaim happily) – Nice, I like strawberries. – But, but but, if you
get the question wrong, you get a spring onion. (laughter) (mechanical buzz) – What’s with onions? – I like spring onions. – Onions. – Aw. (bell dings loudly) – Oh God, come on then, let’s do it. – Are you ready? – No.
– Yeah. – Okay, the first question, – 19 seconds. – No, Blake? – Do I get a chance? – Yep. – 14 seconds. – Correct! (bell dings loudly) – Yes! – Strawberry for Blake.
– Oh, my God. – Might want to bite that oion. – I got one right. (loud chewing) – How is it, boys? – Lovely. – Good so far.
– Horrible. – Okay, the next question. – It’s hot. Ooh! – Go on, then. – 1958? – No. (loud mechanical buzzing) – Aw, I don’t want anymore onion. – Do I get lifelines? – Just answer the question. – Answer the question. – 19, – Yeah. – ’53. – Oh, if you’d answered
in three you’d be correct. It was 1950. (loud mechanical buzzing) – I did say that. – So it’s both, take a bite of the onion. – At least my mouth’s
full of strawberries. – And what about whilst you’re
enjoying that, I’m going to ask you the next question. Finish the quote. – What’s that? – So it’s a famous quote. “Anyone who rides,” you’ve
got to finish it off. – Got to finish the quote. “Anyone who rides,” – Loves life. – That’s his answer, that’s wrong, right? – That’s wrong, yeah. (loud mechanical buzzing) – Get yourself an onion. – Ah, are they hot? – Think it’s, “Anyone who
rides, is a ride-hard rider.” (loud mechanical buzzing) – No.
– No. – You get one of them, as well. – It’s, “Anyone who rides a
bike is a friend of mine.” – Oh, of course it is.
– Oh. – Which is good, I like that. (Martin and Blake agree) – That is really good. – I’ll eat an onion for that. – Yeah, eat the onion. – Okay, so this is a bit
of a bonus round, boys. I’ve got some chilis right
here, and it’s a question. – Where do they come from? – Told you, it’s a bonus round. So the first question, this is for Blake. – This is not bonus for you to get. – Yeah, so if you get it
wrong, you get a chilli. Okay, so, – Oh! – I know. – Tell me. 1993? (laughter) – You get an onion. (loud mechanical buzzing) 2003. – Oh.
– Oh. – Close, I mean, close. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Only the white bit, hey. – No, no, no, no. You’ve got to have a chilli. – You’ve got to have a chilli, dude. – Oh.
– Yeah. – What do you want, red or green? – Red or green? I mean, you’re lucky because
you’ve got the choice. – Wait, why do we have
to eat the whole thing? – I like the green one because
the red one looks fiery. – Yeah, maybe like, a third of it. – Oh.
– Okay? – Is there another bonus question? – No, the question now
is from Marin about you. – So I’ve got to eat this?
– Oh, God. – So if Martin gets it wrong, he’s got to have the red chilli. (laughter) – And that one’s real hot, I can smell it. – So my question for you, Martin, is, – It was a, Honda, it was a Honda 500, 600. – Wrong, eat that! (loud mechanical buzzer) (laughter) – It was a 450 Super Dream Jet truck. – Holy sugar, oh! – You don’t (coughs). Don’t eat the things. – The things? (coughing) – I ate some of these.
– I’m dying. (electric guitar music) That’s cleaned me pipes out. – Yeah, I’m (sniffs) fresh. – Are you guys ready now
for some Instabangers? – Oh, yes.
– Definitely! Definitely.
– I love Instagram. – I’m going to kick off
with this extreme one from Brook MacDonald doing
his wind gate, the 30-second test, and he’s an animal. (all talk over each other) – [Martin] You’ve got to ask a question. – [Scott] Could he be a road
cyclist sprinter as well? (all speak over each other) – [Martin] He’s definitely
got some big power. – Maybe track, maybe track. – Yeah, I’m going to
throw to Kaos Seagrave, younger brother of World
Cup racer Tahnee Seagrave. – [Blake] Oh. – [Martin] He’s got
amazing style, this kid. I really, really like him. And I love following him. – [Scott] And that’s a good
shout-out because I probably think that he’s under-shadowed
by, you could say, Tah-nee.
– Mm-hmm, sister. – So yeah, Kaos is a good follow-up. – Got a great whip on him. What have you got, Blake? – I’ve got Olly Wilkins, odubs. He is rad. He’s travelling, he’s got a new sponsor. – [Martin] And he is funny. – And he is funny.
– Very funny. – And he’s super steezy.
– Yeah. – Super steeze. (loud screaming) – Shout outs!
– Oh. – Oh. – Right, this week I am shouting
out to the one and only, it’s collectively, we’re all doing it. Shouting out to the
one-and-only Neil Donoghue. The Don out in Chile. – [Blake] Oh, yes.
– Yes. – [Scott] Because on
Friday, it’s going to be one of the last days of his
race, and he’s going to need every bit of energy to see him through the last couple of days, and make sure that he’s getting that win. – Yeah, and he’s a
danger man in this event. I reckon he could push
his way into the top ten. You never know.
– Oh, yeah, you. – [Scott] No, he’s going for the win. – Well, you never know.
– He could, he could. – And he’s been putting up this series. It’s really cool. It looks like he’s having an amazing time. It will get you inspired,
so go and check it out. (upbeat electronic music) – [Martin] Go! (hands slap) – (All yell together) Go! Whoo, whoa! (laughter) (electric guitar music) – Okay, it’s time for our
favourite part of the week. (laughter)
– Oh, yes. – It’s time for the bike vault. – Guys.
– Right, go on. (bike gears whir) (all exclaim in delight) – Cannondale lefty.
– Super nice. – Yeah.
– Yeah, super nice. It’s a brand new habit, as well. They’ve just been launched. (all express agreement) – He’s in there. – And he’s actually even
said, Chris Edwards has said, no people, no two bikes, no two dogs, just a super nice! – Wow. – He’s helpless with the rules as well. (all express agreement) Nice one, Chris. Chris, that’s a good job. – Yeah, has off.
– Right. – Iva Sommerville.
– Oh. – My second time entering
this in recent weeks. Please, let me get in with his, – That’s an evil.
– Yeah, quite a cycle. – I’m going to say that’s a super nice. (toy squeaks loudly) I love all black everything. (all talk over each other) – I wouldn’t have given
that a super nice, but. – And it’s at the start
of a super black trail, so if you’re, so yeah. – Oh, even double points. – And he has put it across the trail, so. – Yeah, so no one can ride it. – Right, next one.
– Oh, I like. – Specialised Enduro. – David Blackwell, yeah. (Blake exhales loudly) – You know, some really
nice-priced furniture in the background, there. – But he’s telling us a good
little story because he’s sadly not ridden since that
day because he fractured his collarbone.
– Oh. – Should we give him a super nice? It gets better. (toy squeaks loudly) – Yeah. – Super nice, get well soon, David. Right, Patrick Teeper.
– Aw, that’s nice. – Hang on a minute, the
picture’s great, but the bike’s not fully in shot.
– Where’s? – Yeah, the bike’s fully not in shot and he’s got a shadow in. – Did he forget his front
wheel at home and he’s just put his bike there out of the van? – But I mean, has he jumped in the water? Is that his friend taking the
photo and he’s off for a swim? – The wind blew the bike over. – It’s not a super nice.
– It’s a nice. (loud slap) – Nice, nice. Patrick Teeper, you’ve
got a nice orange patriot. Okay, Jamie Drummond.
(all exclaim excitedly) – I Love Harris, up in Scotland, yep. – This is good.
– It’s a good shot. – It’s a super nice! (loud explosion) – [Martin] And that’s it,
we’re out of time now. (all exclaim disbelief) – That was a real good
one, I enjoyed that one. – It felt short, it felt short. – Yeah. – But there was a lot
of super nices in there. – Yeah, you gave to
many, you gave too many. – No.
– Yeah, you were a bit – You were too lenient.
– Bit nice. – There was one too many in there. – I feel like I’ve got
a bit of a soft spot where a bike in Scotland
is perfectly set up. You know, like, it just really show off. – We’ve all got our
weaknesses, we’ve all got our weakenesses. – I haven’t seen any from Zimbabwe. – Well, Blake needs a bike from Zimbabwe. That would be great. I think we’re going to definitely
get some bikes from Chile by what’s going on with Neil out there. – Yes
– Yeah, definitely, I would say so. – Send them in to [email protected]
and we’ll put them in the bike vault. We’ll try and get them
onscreen in the dirt shed show, and then you will have your
chance of being super nice. – (Mumbles) (toy loudly squeaks) – God, that’s too loud, that one. (electric guitar music) There’s a very exciting week coming up, so what is it full of, Scott? – On Saturday, it’s a
bunny hop technique video. – Oh. – And we do a little bit in
the gym again, just to really sort of get that action going so you can be bunny hopping higher. – Excellent. – And then, on Sunday, it’s
more about tyre pressures, which discipline you’re
riding, and what pressures you should be running, which
we get asked a lot about. – [Blake] Mm-Hmm.
– So hopefully it will help you guys.
– Sick. – So Monday, it’s mechanical
Monday, obviously. Tuesday is five essential
advance skills to improve your mountain biking. – Excellent.
– It’s a good one. – I need those. On Wednesday, we’ve got how to 180. – Oh.
– A skill we all love. And then on Thursday, we’ve
got our regular ask GMBN. – And then Friday, – (All together) it’s the Dirt Shed show! (screaming) – Scott is excited about it. Well, it’s another show done.
– Yes. We’re into the hundreds, now. (all express disbelief) – 101, wow.
– Yeah. – And if you want to watch
some more videos from GMBN, make sure that you click
right here to find out, does practise make perfect? – And you can click just over here for our MTB jargon-buster video. – And click over here to subscribe to not miss another video. – And there’s one thing left to do. – Oh.
– Or two. Leave all your comments
down below for the caption and then, give us a thumb up like. – Whoo-hoo!