Can Bikes Get Any Better? | GCN Tech Show Ep.85

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. This week we’re talking
the world’s fastest socks, and the world’s biggest
padlock, I mean it must be huge. – Yeah, I’m not sure if
it is world’s biggest, but either way it’s an absolute whopper which you’re going to get to see. And, we’ve got all the usual favourites. We’ve got the bike vault, your upgrades, and have we reached the absolute maximum in performance when it comes to bikes? – Mm, good question Jon. – Who knows? (fast electronic music) (whooshing) Have we reached maximum bike performance? – I mean that’s a good question Jon, but what’s got you thinking about that? – Well, last week, I went off to visit three of the world’s fastest
bikes that have ever been used. And I know what you’re
all thinking at home, and I know what you’re probably thinking, “Oh yeah, well you’ve
still gotta ride it.” You do but, these bikes were so fast that two of the three were banned. – I know what you’re talking about, Jon. You’re talking about
well the UCI rule book. – Yep. – [James] And we’re back
to again, aren’t we? – Yep.
– We still talk about the rules and the regulations. And we think that the UCI
does need to relax it, just a little bit. I mean they’re still on
that 6.8 kg weight limit, that I think every team out
there could well kinda buy a bike that comes in under that weight. – [Jon] Oh 100%, yeah,
you can go into a shop and you can buy a bike which weighs less. – [James] Mm. – I really wanna see
limits being pushed, right? Now, yep, I know I’ve already said it. It’s not all about the
bike, there is a rider, too. But, let’s face it, when
we get press releases, from most bike manufacturers out there, when it’s a top level performance bike, it’s either focused on
aerodynamics or comfort. And with aerodynamics, yeah, they are all beginning to look the same. I mean yeah, there are
some small refinements being made here and there, to
try and slightly improve them, but, well, they’re all starting to, be a bit the same-ish. – I mean, you’re so right about in that, because if you think about the silhouettes of the frames that abide by the UCI rules, they do all look fairly similar. So is the UCI rule of
frame building limiting what can and can’t be with frame design? – Yeah, I reckon we’re pretty close. I mean we’ve had some
great advancements in tech, think about electronic
gearing, for instance. When I was a kid, that was a mere dream. I remember when Mavic
Mektronic first came out I really wanted it and never got it. But also, things like carbon fibre are common place these days. – Yeah. – Back then, that was stuff, it was almost in it’s prototype stages. STI levers, they were for professionals. The only tyres worth racing
on were tubular tyres, and well, we’ve got pretty far. – Yeah you’re right, Jon. Are we at well, peak level? – Gotta be close. – I mean we have to be, unless the UCI relaxes their
rule book a little bit. We’re kind of like stuck, aren’t we? I mean think back the Great
Britain still used the bike for the Olympics that
they did back in 2004, because they think they are that good. – [Jon] Yeah it’s
interesting that, isn’t it? I mean, I think they’ve
changed the handlebars, and the forks slightly, but
yeah they’re still using it. – Yeah. – Which is absolutely
incredible, mind blowing really. Now, don’t get me wrong, I
do not want to see a peloton, full of riders on Beamstar bikes, and I definitely never ever want to see that image again that
we’ve just had on screen. – What image? – [Jon] That one it offends me – [James] Arg, you can’t even un-see that. – [Jon] No. – Anyway, what about Tron bikes? – No, definitely not allowed. – Why not, why?
– Well, it’s just impractical, but
what I do wanna see, right, is for UCI time trials and
also individual and team events on the track, I want to see
technology being used again. – Yeah.
– Think back to Miguel Indurain, the
Pinarello Sword that he used. Absolutely brilliant bike, even the Battaglin Piranha back in 1985. I mean we’re talking about a bike which is over 30-years old, and it still looks absolutely amazing. Those bikes oozed passion. We want these rules to
be changed right now. – I can feel your passion right now, Jon. But what does, well, what do, what do we, what do our thoughts really matter? What matters is what you
think, so let us know in the comments section
below, are we at the peak, at the pinnacle of bike design? – Yeah, or are we just
barking up the wrong tree, is it all really about– – I don’t wanna bark up your tree. – Well you’re not welcome. Or is it all about just steel
frames and round tubes, and well just, bike designs that
look like something pre-war. – Yeah. – Get involved in the comment section let’s know your thoughts.
– Yeah do. We like a heated, heated
conversation below. – Or a calm one, I don’t
mind, but right now, I’m pretty heated about this to be honest. – I could tell. – Bring back those funky bikes. – Oh! (whooshing) Right, hot new tech now and
DeFeet, the sock specialists, have come up with these
that they claim to be, the world’s fastest socks. I mean Alaphilippe wore them to win a stage of the Tour De France. And they say it’s because of rider demand because of Deceuninck-Quickstep, the whole team uses these socks. – Yeah. – And these are the new
ones, the Evo Disruptors. These are the white editions, and to be honest, I think
they look pretty nice! – Yeah, nice and simple
looking sock, aren’t they? Now, the stats behind it are at 48 km/h, these are 4 watts quicker
per leg, than a bare foot. – I’m gonna get them.
– So, that I reckon, and also they’ve tested them against other leading aerodynamic socks
in the cycling market, too. Team GB do take note, I think
it was back in 2015 or 2016, the Team Pursuit squad,
do you remember this? They were riding bare-footed. – Yeah, it was Bradley
Wiggins’ new thing, wasn’t it? – [Jon] Yeah, do you know what? He wasn’t doing it for any
aero-gains, whatsoever. The reason he was doing it was just to see if anyone else would copy. – And they did.
– Yeah they did, it was absolutely hilarious.
– But, I wasn’t a fan, to be fair.
– No, I don’t like them, your feet start to smell. – Oh!
– Yeah. Something totally
different now, my friend. To the world’s fastest socks, is this Indiegogo crowdfunding project from the folks at Altor Locks. Now this is the new SAF Lock, and it is a sad well, state
of affairs, isn’t it really? That bike theft does occur. – Mm. – But well, something
to protect your pride and joy could well be this new lock. Just check out the sheer size of it. – [James] Phew, that’s ginormous. – [Jon] That is a whopper, isn’t it? Absolute whopper, and it can actually resist angle grinder attacks, too. – Yeah, either those angle grinders either burnt out the engine, or run out of battery, or
the grinder just broke. – Yeah, now one of the reasons behind this could well be the fact
that it has a vinyl casing over the actual shackle itself. The shackle is then 60 mm in diameter, which is pretty big, let’s face it. And inside of that 60 mm shackle, is a 14 mm hardened steel insert. – I mean it’s absolutely huge, but the real question I
think everyone’s gonna be asking, Jon, is, well
how much does it weigh? – Yeah, it does weigh over
six kilos, yeah I know, but do you know what actually? Some bike locks do weigh
more than that already. – Oh my god.
– Yeah, so you don’t want to go lugging around one of those with you all day, every day. – I’m not going to have
that in my rucksack, as I go to work.
– I don’t know, you get a strong bag, but it’s not really designed
with that in mind. The idea behind it really
is that you leave it at your place of work, or
you use it at your home, secure your pride and joy. And do you know what? Hats off to them for this because, I’ve seen people get through bike locks in literally seconds
with an angle grinder. – Yeah. Right, moving on from enormous padlocks, our mates over at Canyon
have just launched their new flat-bar, E-bike
called the Roadlite:ON. And to be honest, look at
that, it looks pretty nice. – Yeah, now they say that
this is the definition of high-performance fitness bike. And I reckon, like you say,
it does look very nice indeed. Now the motor system,
that comes fitted on it is from Fazua, and it’s the Evation model, which adds just 4.6 kilos to it. – Oh, that’s not bad.
– So, it’s not bad at all really, we don’t know too much about the bikes though,
because the embargo was just a few hours ago. But what we do know, there’s
three different models, and they come with aluminium
frames and carbon forks, and of course, they’re gonna have different
groups sets on them. I look forward, actually,
to having a peddle on one of those.
– I want one of those. (electric screwdriver buzzing) Cha-ching. Now time for screw riding
upgrades, buy upgrades. – That’s right, the part
of the show where you can be in with a chance of
winning, wait for it, I’ve actually got one this week. – Go on, what’ve you got?
– The GCN CamelBak eddy water bottle.
– Have you been using it? – I have, yeah, don’t worry
you do not win this exact one, with my, with the remnants
of my lime cordial in there. Anyway, last week the competition was between Richie and
Martin, not Ricky Martin, remember we had that joke of the week, that was absolutely brilliant.
– Absolute joke of the week. – Well edited Quacker. Now, last week, there
wasn’t a landslide victory. But the winner was Richie,
(applause and cheering) 62% of the votes get
in touch with us, mate, on Facebook to arrange the delivery. – Knocked it out of the
park, didn’t he, boof! (clinks) – Steady on, someone’s
had their Cocoa Pops. Right, anyway the first
one this week is from Frank from Hardenberg in the Netherlands. Frank bought this slightly
tired Cannondale CAAD 5, from Dutch eBay for a mere 180 euros. 180! (cheering) (celebratory music) (cheering) Because he believed
that with a bit of TLC, it could be a banger. – Oh! – Frank decided to strip
the bike down to the frame and tackle the dated paint job first. Red and brown, really?
– I like, red and brown? – Ew! And then Frank hand-sanded it
down to the bare aluminium, and he adds that he wouldn’t
recommend to anyone, as he feels he must of been inhaled most of the old paint job. Yeah, we don’t recommend that. – (coughs) We don’t want that. – Once that was finally done, he put some nice new stickers on it, a couple of layers of clear coat, and began the rebuild.
– Oh yeah! Love it, go on. (claps) Oh!
– On went a load of new, hold your horses, honestly,
on went a load of new parts, and, importantly, some new bar tape. – Beautiful.
– Apparently it rides like a dream, and it didn’t
cost Frank an arm and a leg. – Oh, Frank.
– Frank, is a happy boy. – Right there it is before,
yeah, awful red and brown. Awful, what were they ever thinking? – I can’t look at that monstrosity. – Yeah, now look at it being sanded down, that would have taken some
good old fashion elbow grease. – That is some serious elbow grease there. – Painted and patented
elbow grease, as well. Painted, patented elbow grease. – Yep, there we go. (talking over one another) – Right, there we are, there it is. That–
– Oh, that looks sweet! – What’s that picture in the background? In the, inside of the, what
looks like his dining room? – I don’t know but it looks like a sweet house, nice windows. – But isn’t it? I’ll tell you what, that looks absolutely ’cause Cannondale were
good bikes like that. – To be fair that looks
absolutely awesome. – Brushed aluminium
bikes they always look– – Compact on front. – The absolute dog’s danglies. They look brilliant don’t they? – Nice bike, Franky boy,
if I can call you that? – Yeah, you can call him that. – (laughs) But he’s up against Christopher from San Diego, California. (halting music) – Never, ever do accents again. That’s for Oliver only, only
joking mate, only joking. – Sorry Jon. (laughing) – I’m joking! – Christopher got back into
road cycling earlier this year, for fitness purposes. Because he was being lazy, his words– – Christopher! – Not mine.
– Okay. – He found a super cheap
Specialised S-Works SL4 frame on eBay, yeah. It had a boatload of paint
damage and seized bearings, so the price was just right at $200. Total bargain. Christopher went to work on making it look as good as he could. Custom, automotive, automotive, paint was sprayed on, before-hand
drawn logos were added. The build-up has taken place over the last few months including
Ultegra 6870 Di2 drive chain. – Nice. – With Pioneer dual-sided power metre. A custom padded and wrapped carbon saddle. – That sounds naughty, doesn’t it? – Naughty, deep rounded
HED 5060 carbon wheel set. And I’ve just got a peek at
it, and it looks pretty cool! I don’t really think
you’ve got a chance chap. – Right, so there it is, there it is. Ah, ah, ah, go back up to that, okay yeah, so I see the bit of paint
damage on the chainstay. – Where’s the paint damage? – There on the chainstay. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, there it is, yeah. – There it is.
– Limit 15. – Looks like he’s stolen that sign, we don’t encourage theft, Christopher. – We don’t.
– Borrowing. – So started off with some
primer there, didn’t he? – Yeah, there it is,
boring old grey primer. – And then we start looking at that logos, that says all-American.
– Yeah, is that sprayed on or- – No, he’s drawn it, he’s drawn it. – Like naturally like felt-tips. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like Crayolas or something, wax crayons. – With a permanent marker. – Oh right, a Sharpie. – A Sharpie. – Blimey. – But this artist, this is artistic. Tarmac with the four stripes
– Alright, alright. – And the stars and it’s
blue and it’s American. – It does actually look really good, that. – Yeah, and that– – It’s individual. – Is the full bike. – Yeah.
– That is it, revealed. That is it on top of the
grass, looking amazing. – Sounds like that’s it. (laughing) Sounds like that’s it. – But that’s it! – That’s it! Okay, who’s it gonna be Franky boy, if we can call you that Frank? – Franky boy!
– Or Christopher? You decide, top-right hand corner. – I know exactly who I’m voting for. – Who’s gonna be getting their, well having their thirst quenched? – Yeah, but with your old
second-hand water bottle. – No, no, no we only send out new goods. Vote up there, top right hand corner. – Okay, not a competition this week, but a short tale of how Egan
Bernal got his Pinarello F12 in time for the final stage
on the Champs-Élysées. – That’s right, so our
friend, Alan, over there on GCN Italia, he got to
chat to Fausto Pinarello, and I’ve done my very best in translating this video into English. Although, I’ve obviously
not done a voice-over, because that would just be really bad, wouldn’t it?
– You did well there mate. – So we put subtitles
on the video instead, but it’s well worth a watch.
– Que video. (foreign language) (whooshing) – Where’s the bell? (banging) – Where’s the bell, where’s
the bell, where’s the bell? – There is it, there it is. (singing) (metal clanging and bell ringing) Music to my ears that. (laughs) – It’s now time for the bike vault. If you’d like to your
bike into the bike vault, then you can submit it
using the uploader tool in the description below. – Yeah, but before we go on, we need a couple of
things actually, don’t we? – Yeah, we need the bell and, (comical sound effects) we need the bikes. (comical sound effects) – Yeah, that didn’t really work quite as good as the bell did. But anyway, yeah let’s crack on with the first one this week.
– [James] Who’s first? – [Jon] Okay, it’s Chris from Portland in Oregon.
– What’s he got? – [Jon] So this is Chris’
Eddy Merckx bike, right? So this, was from the mid 90s, and this is a Motorola team bike. – [James] Ah! – [Jon] You see on there
on there it says CALOI, and in little letters
it says by Eddy Merckx. So CALOI are actually a
big Brazilian manufacturer. I’m gonna take, hang on
a little bit of history, a bit like memory lane,
or something like that. – [James] Rewind. – [Jon] So yeah, so CALOI are like a big Brazilian bike manufacturer. But they wanted to sell more bikes, so they kind of sponsored
the Motorola team to try and obviously sell a bit more. – [James] Promote themselves, yeah. – [Jon] So they had Mexican
rider Raul Alcala riding for them at the time. Anyway, this bike isn’t a CALOI, it’s not an Eddy Merckx, it’s a Litespeed, just to further confuse it. All that aside, great
looking bike isn’t it? – What’s it on the top, Laurent? – Laurent Madouas, ah yeah,
so he was actually a rider in the squad at the time we got a pair, well actually that’s
a Cinelli Grammo stem. So that’s titanium, we’ve
also got the very short list– – Spinnakers.
– Spinachis. – Spinachis! (laughs)
– That’s the one. – Spinnakers. – Same effect, made you go very fast. Those ones had holes in
them, so they caught the wind and tended to whistle a little bit. Either way, ring that bell, go on. (bell ringing) Right, who’s up next then? – [James] Right, we’ve
got John from Pennsylvania in the US of A. – [Jon] Okay. – [James] 2018 S-Works
Tarmac, look at that! Rapha bottles, S-Works frame, it’s the Tarmac com version discs. It’s got those new,
what are those, Rovali? – Roval wheels.
– Yeah. – [Jon] What? I mean, okay, there’s a
blazingly obvious mistake here, isn’t there? – [James] Yes, I mean the
bike’s not, drive side. – [Jon] Yeah, I mean that’s
the biggest downfall of this. – [James] Because, we can’t
actually see a lot of the bike. – [Jon] No, good depth of
field, but the problem is– – [James] And a nice
bike, let’s be honest. – [Jon] You just need to flip it. (talking over one another) – [James] I like the Tarmac,
and I like the paint job. – [Jon] Yeah. – [James] Ah, it’s got
DIT on it, hasn’t it? – I just cannot condone this sort of photo in the bike vault, I’m afraid. – No, I’m sorry, it’s a nice– – It’s a nice bike though my friend. Okay, next up, is Jahn
Dorris in Terschelling in the Netherlands. – [James] I haven’t seen many of these. – [Jon] And that has got the
Rotor Uno hydraulic group set as well by the looks of things. – [James] Yeah, this bike
always looks kind of strange to me, because of the
seat post and just the way the bike is angled, it
hasn’t got angled like clean– – It’s like really thin, really big– – Everything’s kinda like
a bit higgledy-piggledy. – Yeah. – It’s a bit you know, got nice shapes. – That’s one of my favourite
words, higgledy-piggledy. – Higgledy-piggledy. – Yeah, no, it is. – [James] I don’t know if I can say it. (laughing)
– [Jon] I use it quite often. But yeah the, okay, so. – [James] It’s got Roval wheels as well. – [Jon] So, I mean again,
this is a submission they clearly have not
watched a certain video that went out, have they?
– No. – [Jon] Because values don’t line up. Biggy-big, no biggy-smalls. Oh those things by the way
they’re called deserts inserts. So you know those like, the big
bits on the tubes and forks. – [James] Oh, is that what they called? – [Jon] Yeah, they’ve got like dampening. – [James] Yeah I, yeah, I mean
for the cobbles aren’t they? It’s designed for the cobbles.
– Yeah. The thing is I really, I
love those chrome logos on that bike, and you don’t
see the Rotor Uno groups that very often. – No, you don’t at all. I can’t remember that many I’ve seen, I’ve seen about three, I think. – Yeah. But, for me, it’s the fact that- – I like the town wall tyres though. – Yeah. – On those Roval carbon rims. – But you know, the
logos aren’t matched up with the valves aren’t lined up. – [James] What’s the
white bit underneath it? – [Jon] That looks to me like a a bench, so he’s like raised it up. – [James] Oh, I see what he’s done. – [Jon] So it looks like old Jahn Dorris has raised it up in his
garden in Terschelling, just to try and you know,
give it a bit of some, a bit of oe la la, a
bit of something, but– – [James] A bit of oe la la. – [Jon] But it’s not really given me that. – [James] No, sorry. – [Jon] No, nice bike. – It’s a nice bike. – Definitely sorry, it’s a nice bike. Oh wow– – [James] Look at this,
this is Paulo Albay from the Philippines. – [Jon] Ah-hm. – [James] Is it Paulo? – [Jon] Yeah, it is Paulo, yep. – [James] This is his Bianchi Oltre XR3 CV location. – [Jon] Well, it’s actually
a beautiful location, look at that? – That is insane, where is that? – Philippines. – Yeah, but where in the Philippines? – Albay. – Where’s Albay? – I don’t know. Never been. (laughing)
Paulo, I’ve never been. – Could we go Paulo? – Yeah, please I’d love to go. – ‘Cause that looks incredible. But let’s hone down on this bike. – [Jon] No, no, no I’m
looking at, is that a mountain or is that like a really
well shaped cloud? – It’s a mountain. – Okay.
– Yeah, is it? – Well I don’t, that’s why I asked? – Oh no, that’s a big mountain. – It’s a monster, isn’t it?
– It looks like a volcano. – Yeah, right by the ocean. – Yeah, let’s just, but I wanna
get honed down on the frame. – Okay.
– I mean this is Celeste. – [Jon] Lovely. – [James] Lovely, and he’s also
gone for a Celeste bar, too. – [Jon] Yeah. – [James] But the only, he’s
matched up with the saddle. – Yeah.
– I like that. – Bottle cages as well.
– Yeah. – [Jon] Oh, I’ll tell you
what that sunset as well. – [James] It’s a nice bike that. It’s a small as well, and I always think small bikes look pretty good. – You would say that.
– Yeah. – [Jon] Ah, do you know
what this is virtually an all Italian-built Fizik
saddle I think that is. Or is it Selle Italia, fulcrum cranks, you don’t see those very often. – [James] No. – [Jon] Ah, everything on it is Italian. Other, than what looks to be a
pair of Shimano SPD-SL pedals which you can be forgiven for. But, ’cause you’ve gone
almost full-out Italian. – I like that.
– Yeah. – [James] I’m gonna give it a super nice. – Yeah.
– Super nice. (bell ringing) – Right okay, final one this week, comes in from Sam in Florida. And this is Sam’s Specialised Tarmac. – [James] Oh, it’s beautiful,
Specialised Tarmac. – [Jon] But you know what, yeah, but that’s a 1965 Mustang, yep. Which is one of the first
generations of Mustangs at that– – [James] Oh! – [Jon] Now some of the standard
features of those Mustangs was the fact that it had
black front seat belts. Of course in the rear, they
didn’t tend to have seat belts. Safety wasn’t such a critical thing. – [James] No. – [Jon] A light in the glove box and also, a padded dashboard. – Okay. – I don’t really know why they
did those padded dashboards. I must research a little bit more on that. Enough of that though,
what about the numbers– – Yeah what, the bike yeah. – Okay well, the range topping challenge a high-performance model kicked out 271 horsepower
from its 289 cubic inch engine which is 4.7, that’s a V8 by the way. It also came with a 4-speed
manual transmission. Nice, isn’t it?
– Yeah– – 0 to 60, was 8.6 seconds. And the top speed of
those, a whopping 120 mph. Not really that whopping though, really, for a 4.7 litre engine. – And the bike–
– And if that’s not enough, it only took 18 months to
sell 1 million of those. Give it ring, go on! – For the car?
(bell rings) – More bike vault next week. (laughing) So there we are nearly
time for end of the show but I think it’s worth looking
at some of the comments underneath last weeks show. And to be honest, well most people tended to talk about Quacker, didn’t they? The Quaker behind the lens of course, so. – Not about us is it?
– No. – We’ve got a new star of the show. – Yeah, Mr Quackmeister himself. – Quack, quack.
– Anyway, yeah, big shout out really for that isn’t? – Yeah.
– Let’s face it and in fact, someone said, “The editing deserves an Oscar for this episode.” So well here’s Oscar Pujol.
– Here it is. Have him!
(glass smashing) (laughing) All right, we got one from
Erica Shayffer, great, Shaffer? Yeah, you happy with
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– Yeah. “Hank and Jon, comedic duo
from the beginning to the end. I’m very happy to see this
other side of you all.” – Do you know what, that’s the first time I’ve been called funny, everyone seems to, well, laugh at me not with me. Right! – Well you got your finger– – I did, yeah! If you enjoyed this show then make sure you give
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– Each and every time– – Notification. Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say. – We put a video live and well, for two more great videos how about– – Can I for one? – Go on. – If you would like to
get in the bike vault and I think, well, you would, I mean
why wouldn’t you not? Then watch this video
on just how to do that and how to get that perfect picture. – Yeah, and if you wanna
see how I’m tryna turn a kinda garbagey bike
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– Poof. Poof!