CAN BIKE    Bike Helmets 101 HD

CAN BIKE Bike Helmets 101 HD

skull dome melon nut no matter what you call your head I think we can all agree it’s worth protecting right yeah Ken bike Manitoba presents bike helmets 101 a basic user’s guide to brain safety when you’re doing something cool like riding a bike now find that hazards are everywhere from car doors to gravel on the street to dogs crossing your path yeah even the cute ones crashes can add even the littles with awesome biking skills in a fight between your head in the pavement the pavement always wins so it makes sense to protect your skull and the valuable grey matter inside by wearing certified helm think you look like a dork no way there are plenty of cool-looking helmets out there but tons of styles and colors to choose from there’s downhill and BMX helmets on bike helmets Road helmets and racing helmets whatever style you choose just make sure it’s for the kind of riding you’re doing and then its safety certified visit any good bike shop or sporting goods store if you’re unsure what kind of helmet you need they’ll have people there to help you make the right choice even a certified helmet has to fit right to work properly so when picking your size make sure it doesn’t wobble around or fall off when you’re not yes shake no even when the straps are undone somehow let’s come with extra pads you can attach or a nifty crank to help you get dialed in see so once you’ve found the right helmet that fits you remember the to be one rule with your helmet sitting level on your head you should have no more than two fingers between your eyebrows and the bottom of the helmet the side straps should form a V shape just below your ears adjust the chinstrap it’s only one finger fits under there like so when you open your mouth wide like this the helmet should still feel comfortable taking care of your new helmet is easy just keep it in a cool dry place away from excessive heat or direct sunlight that’s bad for the phone new stuff it protects your brain bones clean off any gross with a mild cleaner like dish soap and warm water certified helmet last three to five years but after that it’s time to get a new one if you have a crash are there any visible signs of damage your helmet is officially toast there are no accidents only crashes the nobody has one on purpose so protect your brains and wear a helmet when you ride this important message is brought to you by ken Blake Manitoba the Manitoba cycling association and the Manitoba government have fun ride safely