Can A Super Bike Make Up For A Lack Of Talent? | The GCN Show Ep. 325

– Mmm. Are you recording this, John? (laughing)
(beeping) – From the majestic climbs
of Malibu, California. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we find out just how much is down to the bike and how
much is down to the rider? – [Dan] We do because Si-fu
took on Chris Opie in a sprint, to find out how much of lack
of talent you can make up for. – Well you say foolish, it
could be a master stroke. Anyway, we also have Alberto
Contador’s predictions. A war on cars in Amsterdam, and the ultimate bike cheat. (upbeat bass music) – This week in the world
of cycling we learnt that Victor Campenaerts is look
seriously fast as he prepares to take on the world hour
record in Aguas Calientes. – Yeah, Luis Lemus has sent us this video and he does look super fast doesn’t he? His bike actually is gonna
be featured in the tech show this week. Campenaerts is gonna be hoping, it is about the bike as well
as the rider, I thought. – He’ll also be hoping
to get more motivated like he does in that video but unfortunately for him he won’t be. We also learn this week
that Gent Wevelgem, despite being known as
a sprinter’s classic was one of the hardest races of the year. Alexander Kristoff had a normalise power of 345 watts for 5.5
hours en route to victory – That’s some big power isn’t it? Right and lastly this week
have we finally learnt just how much is bike and
how much is the rider? I am more than happy to admit that Chris is a vastly superior sprinter to me. But whilst we’ve been out
filming cheap bike to super bike, we started wondering whether
or not the difference between these two bikes
is big enough to offset the difference between me and Chris. Can I ride this super
bike your Orbea orca aero and as for you, on a
cheap now mid range bike? – Yeah this is where it starts
getting a little bit nervous because I’ve already
done a few accelerations on this bike today, so I
know exactly how it feels but more than that I might
actually get out sprinted by my own bike which
would be a bit of a thing. – It would wouldn’t it? Well worst than that mate if
you got out sprinted by me, I think you would be on a
very small list of people that have ever been out sprinted by me. – I’ve got that finally
lap feeling in my chest. – Do your reckon the difference
between these two bikes is enough to compensate for the 500 watts that I have less than you? – Well I think it depends on a few things, the starting speed of
the sprint being one. I actually think the faster
the start of the sprint the more chance I have on
this despite that being definitely very aero, is I just, we’re gonna find out aren’t we? I mean I’m nervous, like the way I’m speaking
you can probably tell. – Oh yeah, we can all tell. You’ve got a aero helmet on there. – Oh yes.
– Alright come on then. Let’s do it. (suspenseful music) – Chris.
– Yeah? – You got any tips?
– It’s all in the core. – Yeah.
– And the legs. – [Simon] Three, two, one, Go! – [Chris] Ooohhh! (shouting) (suspenseful music) – Honestly I’ll take that. That was as close as I’ve
ever been in a sprint to someone of the calibre of Chris. Second mini victory! It’s just I lost. – I quite enjoyed that in a weird way, like all my muscles are burning. It feels good. – Well hats off to you mate. You have successfully overcome an enormous frankly mechanical deficit to absolutely annihilate me – Never underestimate
a motivated individual. (laughing) – Yeah it certainly makes
you think though doesn’t it about just how much is
bike and how much is rider? In this case you’ve got an extra 500 watts of sprinting power at your disposal and that I guess is enough
to offset the difference here but food for thought. – Hmm, back to the studio? – Back to the studio. – So in conclusion Si,
being on a super bike meant that you still weren’t even
close to where Opie was. – [Simon] What do you mean not even close? That was close, I mean genuinely. – [Dan] like you still see him I guess. – Yeah I, genuine, I was
pretty happy with that. I also have only myself to blame ’cause you see when we were out filming
cheap bike to super bike, doing all the tests that morning. That Orbea orca aero felt so much faster in the flat time trial, that
I was thinking to myself. If ever there was a time
when I was gonna be able to out sprint a sprinter, it was that. – I mean despite being fast, the fact that you thought
it might make up for the what 500 watts peak power
difference between the two of you. – I mean in the cold hard
light of day I’ll admit that an extra 50% from your
bike would be going some but anyway. – To be fair, at slowest
speed the bike might make a bit more of a difference, but then there’s always the legs that do the bulk of the talking. – It is indeed, the super
bike feels faster, is faster. But ultimately you have
to provide the engine that you really, I mean put it this way, if you and I were on super
bikes and Peter Sagan rode a unicycle, you’d still know who to predict
for the win, wouldn’t you? – Or who would be the
better bike handler still. – Yeah and he’s not in
the room with us, is he? – It’s time now for our
weekly GCN inspiration, where we pick out three favourite photos that you’ve sent us over the last week to give you one of three
wiggle voucher amounts. 100 pounds the first, in vouchers 2nd place, gets you 75 pound and 3rd gets you 50. Two ways to enter, GCN inspiration
hashtag over on Instagram or there’s an upload and a link to that in the description below. In 3rd place, – C’mon mate – I’m not gonna say no
particular order this weeks ’cause you weren’t big on it last time. – No it is. – In 3rd place, is this one from, Mika. This is taken just outside Calpe in Spain. An area we know quite
well actually as a rider. It’s amazing, but that
photo is supercool isn’t it? he said getting in sights is quite nice when you live in Altea,
so many amazing climbs. true that, not making us
jealous in any way whatsoever. – Well we’ve had some
decent weather in the UK since we’ve been back
from new york haven’t we? – Yeah. – I’ve been out riding out of choice Si. Didn’t take any inspirational photos but I have been out on my bike. Next up in 2nd place and
getting 75 pounds of vouchers is Aashiq on a java bike
over in the UAE at Alie which is place I think I’ve ridden before. But it was very very hot
when I was over there but that was like a nice
early morning group ride. – It does that looks cool, that is a cool photo isn’t it? nice group ride, out in
the desert just before It gets super hot. Like that inspires me, but there can only be one
winner this week and fun enough, 1st place is coming up now. – It is in an order yeah. And the 1st place 100
pound winner is Grumpy. Clearly not the real name but
he says summer rides in India and not very pleasant give the
soaring temperatures we face. – [Simon] Sounds pretty grumpy to me. – [Dan] One of the ways
to make it interesting is to take the off road and get lost in one of the many green
patches around the city and discovering unusual locations and that’s a cracking photo frame. – [Simon] That is a
cracking photo isn’t it? yeah I like that. – [Dan] I’d say its gritty. – There’s something
quite inspirational about the story behind that isn’t it ’cause at the end of the day as
we said week in week out not everyone lives in an
amazing cycling paradise but you can find great riding anywhere. – Yeah that’s an absolutely
great photo which is what I think what that is. – There we go, a worthy
winner of 100 pounds of wiggle vouchers, as
Dan said, get stuck in either using the hashtag
GCN inspiration on Instagram or using the uploader
for your chance to win and our chance to look
at your amazing photos. (trumpet music) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We’re gonna start
cycling shorts this week with a little bit of sad new, RN. Because unfortunately Emma
has decided that she is going to put her long list of
qualifications to good use and actually take up a job in engineering, close to her home in Switzerland. – It is sad new for us,
fortunately thought, she is still going to find the time to do the occasional guest
appearance for certain videos so she will not be disappearing from your screens completely,
which is very good news and of course we want to firstly thank her for everything she’s done
for us over the last year and also wish her all the
best in her new career. – Yeah absolutely, right now it probably didn’t escape your notice that last week’s show was filmed
in front of a live audience which was pretty nerve wracking. – It was in fact some of
the feedback we got directly from the audience was
that we looked nervous, and there was a good reason for that. – There was indeed, anyway
to cut a long story short. We had to film a show on Thursday which is a little bit earlier
than normal which meant that we didn’t get to
talk about Milano Sanremo because it hadn’t actually happened yet. Now we’re not going to get
into the ins and outs of it. We still want to give
ourselves the opportunity to talk about Mikkel’s
Bonifacio’s unbelievable descent off the Cipressa. Here it is again, it really was a heart in your mouth stuff. – [Dan] Oh my word We were
watching with the studio audience on that Saturday and everybody went – Wooooaaahh. – Its a deep intake of breath, its been a long time since
I’ve seen somebody take that many risks down a descent but what we’d like just as
much as watching him descend was the fact that he soon after
the race put a statement out – he did to the affect that
please do not try this at home which seems like good advice
to us because firstly, he’s a pro bike rider and therefore well he knows how to handle his
bike at those kind of speeds but secondly and most importantly he’s doing it on closed roads. That’s the big one. – [Dan] and he also lives nearby, so he knows it like the
back of his hand too – [Simon] yeah – Right before we finish with racing I want to talk Alerbto Contador. Now you ‘ll have seen that
Ollie was over in Taipei at the bike show recently. He’s put out three cool videos
on the tech channel already, so watch them if you haven’t done so. This is what his predictions
are for the Giro d’italia. – I’m joined by multiple
round tour champion Alberto Contador, I just
wanted to hear your thoughts on the up and coming
Giro d’italia this year and who you think is gonna win. – well yeah I think that
for the Giro d’italia will be a great year because its many many strong
riders, many favourites dumorender, goder, it’s
because he has confidence. The last year was very
close in my opinion because he did a little mistake in the last days when the fans attacked for a long time, I think if he concentrates or tries to do a little alone time behind
maybe he can save the Giro. and one rider that for me is incredible I don’t know will be the
limit is Egan Bernal, Egan Bernal is belgium rider but he has incredible experience, he has with the tension with,
pressure with responsibility, for him is not a problem. I think its maybe the two big favourites. – interesting stuff there isn’t it? and since we’re on the
subject of predictions. Can we allow ourselves
a little mini high five? Cause we kind of almost
predicted Alaphilippe would win Milano Sanremo, didn’t we? – Well I think we said he
might have won Milano Sanremo by the time our viewers watch this show, which I’m not sure qualifies
as a fully blown predictions. – Well semantics mate,
I think we got it right. – Well if that’s the case
I’ll say Massy’s Vanderpool might win the tour de France. – really I think Bob Yungels, but I’d quite like Valverde to win. – [Dan] who knows one
of us might be right. – We might indeed. we got a tour de France
preview show coming up actually this week so make
sure you check that out. – oh its my favourite
preview show of the year – well yeah we get to
look at the race in depth and we also get to drink
belgium beer, so brilliant. any excuse, right then change the subject
completely now to a bit of research, a bit of science, researchers at the Monash University have published a study in
transportation research part F. Traffic behaviour and psychology. – [Dan] yeah, I can’t even remember that – one of my favourites,
yeah I read it very night. Anyways, the study is
frankly terrifying isn’t it? because half the people they surveyed said that they view cyclist
as less than fully human. – Which is worrying as you say but it gets even more worrying than that when you read on further isn’t it? Because the researchers also found that the dehumanisation measures, so the significant correlation
with the self reported aggression towards cyclist. – yep so basically if you’re a cyclist, you’re less than human and
therefore your more likely to basically endanger their life. Which is frankly terrifying. and I don’t know what we’ll do with that to be honest with you. Do you try and make
yourself look more human? Take your helmet off, take your Lycra off, to be replaced by hank style chiefs maybe? – yeah you’ll be replaced by something. – yeah and they’re or move to Amsterdam where they’re happily waging
a war on cars apparently, by removing 1.5 thousand
parking spaces each year for the next 5 years and
replacing them with trees and bike parking and
that’s a bit of nugget go to GNC city lab websites. – You’re gonna love the Netherlands when it comes to making
provisions for our site. – yeah – right moving on now
to talk of marathons. – What? – Bear with me here, this
was an article that I saw on the Independent website
that talks about an as yet unnamed lady who has been banned from racing marathons for life because she was caught cheating at the Xiu Xiu International marathon by riding a bike for some of it. – No I mean, like on record pace? – No it took her 5 hrs and
38 mins to complete it and apparently officials were
telling her multiple times dismount from the bike but she refused. (laughing) – Oh that’s amazing, that’s
like your style of cheating isn’t it? Right now, from a runner that got a bike, to a biker that got on a treadmill, this is going a little off
topic but we tune in to show you this absolutely hilarious. This is EMBN’s Steve Jones
running on a treadmill for the GTN show last week and its genius. – move forwards – this is ridiculous. oh get out of here! – I don’t know how many
times I’ve watched that. It still makes me burst out with laughter. How can you get to over 50 years of age and never have learnt how to run? – I don’t know. I mean to be fair though
you got to nearly 40 and you couldn’t say
Bogota or off the mat. – Well actually I’ll give you that I was about 35 when you taught me. – Bogota, Butawah – Yes well I’ll give you that one. Anyway we were talking
about a couple of classics a little bit earlier in cycling shorts. we have got Dotto
Vlandereen coming up for you in terms of highlights
on Facebook on Wednesday and the big one, tour de France on Sunday before the following big one, which is Paribay the
following Sunday but we now because of doubly
cobbled classics have got a limited edition T-shirt
which is available at which I’ve been sporting
throughout this show. So if you’d like to get your
hands on one all you need is go on linked to the shop
in the description down below. – Making it look very cool
indeed slightly ironic with this red wine colour
but then I don’t suppose you’d want a beer coloured
T-shirt would you? Just like kind of brown-y, yeah. – off yellow – yeah – Nuh, while I think I could carry it off. – It’s time now for hack
forward slash bodge of the week. We think we know what you like now, that we have a studio audience that was the biggest uproar
was about the gaffer tapes disc wheel. – that’s right that’s right so more gaffer tapes disc
wheel please that was great. – Please send them in use the upload below and the hashtag GCN hack on social media. – yeah I have a sneaky suspicious though that this first one is gonna be great. How do you dry your cycling shoes? have any of you stuck it in a Terrarium. That’s right look at that. A pair of fizzing shoes
sharing a nice warm cosy space with Rocky the lizard. – [Dan] Well lizards
got the smell of those, he smells quite the same. – [Simon] he looks quite at home. – [Dan] You could put your
T-shirt in their couldn’t you? – [Simon] Well I wonder why
they might combust under those lights anyway? – [Dan] or if you come back
to not having a lizard. – [Simon] a dead lizard after an hour? Yeah anyway bodge? – [Dan] bodge yeah okay. We
have this that has come in from P is the author’s name. – [Simon] thanks P. – [Dan] I tweeted my earlier submission of the bike being stand out
without having a sword horse. well this version of the bike stand the rear work can stay on
and its much more useful as a bike repair stand and that is a hack. – [Simon] nice – [Dan] neat and tidy and does the job – [Simon] yeah I’m into that Dan, that’s pretty cool isn’t
it? a grade A hack from us. Right this one sent in by Adrian, dress shoes with cleats
on and BMX handle bars will transform a gentleman
into a time travelist on a city bike, there
you get, also presumably it would transform a
gentleman into a tap dancer because if you’ve got metal
cleats stuck on a pair of dress shoes everywhere you walk. Normally dress shoes don’t
have enough room to recess. – I don’t know. – You’ll literally be like (tapping) – maybe he likes people
to know that he’s coming – You think Dick Van Dyke
is a famous tap dancer? – Might well have been. – Skip that bit. – My mom’s a fan. maybe he
looked like Dick Van Dyke, bodge! – [Simon] Yeah bodge – Next up a hack, before
we even look at it. – [Simon] yeah – [Dan] This one from
technik2 over on Instagram, what he has done here is he has removed that very long piece of outer
cable from the rear derailer, which we think it should’ve
been slightly shorter. – [Simon] I must say it looks
excessively long in my eye – [Dan] He has done a
very neat job of putting what we used to call a coke hold – [Simon] a cokehold yeah – [Dan] Christ back in our
mountain back days 20 years ago yeah here’s a genuine product,
but he’s made one himself and that is amazing. – [Simon] well yeah, let me say that I don’t think personally
that red railer needs it but what’s amazing is
that you look at that and its hard to work out
which bit has been hacked on and which bit is actual
real life derailer? – [Dan] it looks like it’s
been brilliantly done, it has. – [Simon] I’m interested to
know whether it actually works? – [Dan] mastery so neat it
can’t possibly not work. Hack. – Another massive
generalisation by all hacks and bodges, well if it looks
neat it must be amazing. Right what about this one,
does that look neat Dan? – Well yeah this has
come from thelovingdoc over on Instagram who has
upgraded Evoc bike bag with an extra pair of
wheels that have been put on to busted plastic runners
underneath the bike there that for me is a hack because the thing with those types of bike bags is that you still carry half
the weight around the airport where as with that you can
just wheel it around its nice and easy – [Simon] with little
pigeon arms well then you do get tired walking around so yeah that looks like a hack to me. – Well yeah I’m so skinny I
might topple to one side of it bucket bag even if the bag’s really light. – Right then last one we got
his sent in from Lino Cebey I found this today, I
was confused but amazed. A wooden chain guard, that’s
pretty hipster isn’t it? I like it I mean I wonder
what the weight of wood is compared to a metallic
or carbon alternative? – [Dan] well it depends on
the type it looks like an MDF to me. – [Simon] yeah cause wood is
the original carbon fibre. – [Dan] isn’t it really? – [Simon] what like fibres
glued together with resin? its pretty bodge aint it? – [Dan] yeah put it under bodge. – Right don’t forget to
keep sending your hacks and bodge as mentioned the
upload link to it is below and the hashtag is GCN hack. It’s time now for our
weekly caption competition. We give you a photo and
you have to caption it. This was last week’s photo
of Sam Oman on the podium. – [Dan] Mention the prize
otherwise I look stupid holding this thing. – sorry mate left you hanging , you can win GCN camelback water bottle if you have the best caption. – Carry on – The best caption from last week, well honorary mention
I think to Pass Left TV Who said “Ooman it’s gonna blow”. – That’s an our sort of level isn’t it? – It is pretty much – but on the next level is the winner who is POBG, here’s the caption, don’t worry that happens to
most people their first time. Genius. – yeah that is – This is your win as soon
as you give us your address as a message over on Facebook. – right this week’s photo is this one from the E3 big bank classic. Dan do want to get us started? – [Dan] whilst you’re down there could you put in my big ring? (laughing) it’s alright isn’t it? – Yes not bad that. – If you can do better
than leave your caption in the comment section just down below. – Alright you can take
that ball hound to tweet Before we get onto what’s
coming up on the channel over the next seven days. Our traditional look back on
some of the amazing comments that you’ve been leaving under
the previous 7 days videos. Starting with how fit
did Dan get in 10 weeks. – Not so easy for you to say mate – Some great comments under that because it was a cracking video,
cracking effort as well mate. But Herr Absurd said from
now on Dan shall be known as the horse. – [Dan] cause I used to
posses 1 horse power back in the day Si. I like
the comment underneath it from Arthur J. He has the
hair of a handsome stallion. – [Simon] Yeah no-one’s arguing with that but I did take exception
with this from David Raynham I’ve been calling him that
since I saw the photo of him in his Cervelo skin suit. We know you’re lying David. – That was when they
called me a one trick pony (laughing) – Veloriderkm I’m so sorry
if that isn’t how you say it but Chris Opie with the ice,
genuine good lad right there and you’re spot on he’s
always a genuinely good lad somebody said if you didn’t
think that wasn’t good you have another thing coming. some of the things we do are scripted, that most certainly wasn’t. – no – Out of the goodness of his
own heart because I was so hot – He went to the bar got
himself several beers and came back with some
ice for Dan so there we go, Right venturecyclist
underneath the rad race video when Dan went to Berlin and raced Fixies. He said insane not just
riding but the whole video, the production team
needs a big shout out for this editing and filming. so there you go a big shout to our production team. – They are increasingly having to make up for our short falls and
still managing to make the videos look really good,
they are doing a cracking job – I know so thank you mast
as well as venture cyclist – and finally in this last week kind of live studio audience show we actually got a comment
about the main subject which was budge cap, earthstick puts if a budget cap we brought
in the next scandals to hit pro cycling would be budget doping. – You know it earthstick
absolutely 100% budget doping would be a thing wouldn’t it ? – right coming up on the channel this week we’ll start with Wednesday
where cyclists look at a brand new product now we’re
not giving you any details I’m afraid. – None at all? – Well I’m gonna give them one clue, – What? – It’s really good but not
quite good enough for you to beat Chris Opie in a sprint. – Well then it’s not an unlimited Ebike but otherwise it could be
anything and it might help. what else is coming up? – On Thursday if we manage to
get through it when we film it in time. We have got tour
de France preview show which should start of
fine with introductions it might get a little bit
slurry towards the end as we’re making our
predictions or saying we think that Matthew Vander Laut
might win on Sunday. Friday as of it is ask GCN anything – Yes on Saturday we’ve got
strength training on the bike. Is it fact or is it fiction? Chris Opie and Hank delve into that one. Then on Sunday we’ve got the
most english epic ride ever. Jeremy Powers the US stock
cross legend came over and I basically tried to make
the most english ride possible so that’s definitely worth a watch. And then of course Monday and Tuesday is the racing news show where I guess we find out
whether our predictions came true and then Tuesday is the GCN show. – you stop for mid ride scones? – we did – Did you really? – yeah of course we did mate.
Green tea and Whortleberry jam – No wonder he scooted off
back to the us pretty quickly after that visit. – We finish off as ever
with extreme corner. Where to start with we’re going to relive Bonifacio’s epic depressive descent. – Ready whoooaaaa – I still expect him to
come out of his hollow suit but somehow manages to keep it upright and the 2nd part of extreme corner is reliving Steve on the treadmill. – ridiculous okay. oh no! get out of here! No! – which is as extreme
as it gets. isn’t it? Stated out. – So strange. – Stated out, he is a great
bloke, but I’m gonna remind him of that treadmill every time I see him for the rest of his life. – We should put Ollie on that
treadmill and see what happens (laughing) – Yes very true yeah as soon
a he gets back from Taipei he’s going straight on it. Speaking of Ollie we’re going to throw it to his video
very shortly indeed. First up reminding you can
get these cobbled T-shirt over at and to like this video if you’ve liked it. – That’s right and then
of course as Dan said, do make sure you check out Ollie’s awesome sackle
harbour video where he tries to break the 30 min barrier
to secure his best ever time.