Burley Minnow | Product Features

Welcome, this it the Minnow, the perfect trailer
for single child families on a budget without sacrificing safety, quality or durability. The Minnow comes ready to bike, has seating
for one child with a weight capacity of 75 pounds. Now, lets take a look at some of the great
features the Minnow has to offer. The 2-in-1 water resistant cover is a 600D
polyester fabric. Our trailer windows have a UPF 30 rating,
and you’ll also notice the reflective material making the trailer more visible at night. For warm sunny days simply roll up the window
and secure using the velcro straps. Moving to the interior you’ll see spacious
seating for one child. The adjustment points on the seat can be slid
up and down to accommodate children as they grow. Between the shoulder straps you’ll see some
loose mesh, this is our helmet pocket, which allows for a more comfortable ride. Next to the seat are several pockets for snacks
or toys. The Minnow also comes equipped with our 5-point
harness system. The hammock style seat comes with soft side
of the velcro for add-in extras. For easy loading and unloading, the Minnow
comes equipped with a splash guard. And behind the seat is a large storage space
for any cargo you may need on the go. The Minnow also comes equipped with easy to
use push button wheels. Lastly is the compact fold, simply pull the
red tabs at the top and lay flat. For parents looking for an affordable, single
child trailer, the Minnow is a great option.