Building Eric Porter’s MTB Garage Workshop

Eric Porter has been a pro mountain biker
for the better part of 20 years. He’s always riding a fresh bike with fresh
gear, and traveling to incredible destinations. He even has the dream backyard, nestled in
a picturesque valley in Utah. But despite this dream that Eric is living,
his garage is a wreck. Sure the view from it is incredible, but the
only thing incredible about the inside is just how much crap Eric has crammed in there. And it’s not very organized. I suspect that Drama takes more care in organizing
his toy box than Eric does putting away his things after a long trip. He has a busy travel schedule, lots of hobbies,
and a family all taking priority over this garage. But as a professional Eric needs to actually
work on his bike in this space. And that’s why I’m here this weekend. We’re dragging everything out of Eric’s
garage, hitting the drawing board, and then hopefully, building a functional and attractive
workshop—in under three days. And it needs to hold what’s left of this
stuff after we’re done sorting it. Eric talking. As we go through all this debris it’s becoming
clear that Eric has some hoarding tendencies.