Building a steel road bike:  5 STEPS to a GREAT CUSTOM FRAME [Behind a Custom Steel Bike]

Building a steel road bike: 5 STEPS to a GREAT CUSTOM FRAME [Behind a Custom Steel Bike]

In this video, I’m going to show you the 5-step process to a great custom steel frame. It’s the same process that we have been using at the Battaglin workshop for building thousands of custom frames since 1981. You will learn how the choices you will make will impact the characteristics of your steel road bike. I’m Alex, the co-founder of Officina Battaglin. Let’s dive right in. The starting point for any custom build is providing the frame builder with your body measurements and riding preferences. This usually takes much more time than just fitting on a production road bike. But it’s the only way a frame builder can come up with a frame geometry that suits your needs. And it will ensure that you can ride your new custom bike longer, more comfortably, and with more confidence than ever before. The second step of this amazing process is choosing a specific frame model. The frame model will provide a template to guide the custom geometry design. This way, the final build will show its distinct personality. And it will give you the unbelievable ride quality of a bike that was designed to your specifications. Choosing a specific frame model might also mean choosing between different types of frame construction. The methodology used to join the tubes will have a great influence on how the bike will look and ride. Fillet-brazing and lugged construction are your two best options for building a high-end product. A skilled frame builder can create a great custom frame using both methodologies. It will all depend on your aesthetic and riding preferences. The third step of the process will be making a tough decision: rim brakes or disc brakes? This has now become a classic debate. And discs have become a standard feature also on handmade steel bikes. But you know what? From what I can see, rim brakes aren’t dead at all. Many of our customers still prefer traditional brakes. Again, the choice is yours. And the frame builder will help you choose the best option for the way you ride. A great way to customize your steel frame is by brazing a personalized metal plate to it. The plate can be engraved with a personal inscription like your name, your birth date, or a famous quote. Another great custom touch might be engraving the frame itself. However, this should be done by a skilled craftsman to avoid damaging the frame. An expert builder will be able to advise what’s possible and what is not possible. At this point, you will be ready for step number 5: making your steel bike a work of art with a custom paint scheme or a custom finish. This is probably the most exciting part of the process. An expert builder can work with you so the frame is painted just like you want it. And if you’re after something special, you can finish your frame in cromovelato. The frame will be polished to a mirror-shine, chrome-plated and painted with colored lacquer. The final effect will be a stunning translucent color. And your steel road bike will be guaranteed to turn heads. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions about this process, let me know by leaving a comment below. I will read and answer all of them. I will see you in the next video!