Brompton CHPT3 2019 special edition folding bike

This is the limited edition Brompton
CHPT 3, they are like gold dust and this one’s temporarily here Today we’re going to look at the
Brompton CHPT3 and point out some of the key differences between it and a
Brompton m3l. Let’s start with the weight The weight of the m3l is approximately
twelve point two kilos the weight of the CHP t3 is
approximately ten point three kilos now we’re going to unfold him so we can get
a proper look I’m just going to lean him up against a post starting in the front
of the bicycle it has lock on handlebar grips that are
made by fabric they’re black and red to match the bicycles color theme they’re
designed so that they give you ultimate grip both with gloves and without it’s
an S type handlebar so it gives you a nice racy position the levers are black
like at the black edition on the right hand side you have your shifter for your
hub gears on the left hand side you’ve got your two additional gears with you
order a Lea it’s got a bell so you can be heard in the cities the stem is
textured black to match the main frame the brakes are black in similarity to
Black Edition bicycles it doesn’t have any mud guards so on the front fault it
has a fender disc the front forks are titanium to save you weight but unlike
most folks they’re painted black again is the textured black to match the main
frame it comes as standard with a super light black front wheel with the bolt
through axle it’s fitted with Schwabe 1 tan more
tires these are limited edition the front of the main frame is sparkly red
with a chpt 3 deck out the hinge clamp levers are metal they’re hollowed out
again to save weight the mainframe is a textured black the chpt 3 has a special
edition Brompton deco the cranks and pedals are black as is the seatpost
subtle like the handlebar grips is made by fabric it’s a special edition for the
chpt 3 it has an extra firm suspension block in red it has a titanium rear
triangle that is also painted black its textures as well
the titanium rear triangles do not allow you to fit a pump it has higher gearing
it has a 50 xiv chain ring in comparison to a standard Brompton that has a 52 3
it has a grommet ined wide ratio Sturmey Archer hub it has a special edition
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