Bob Harper Reveals How Ellen Stays Fit

– So, you’re the host now. Which is why
I never see you anymore and we don–we worked out
all summer long, and then he’s like,
“I gotta go work now,” and then I can’t
work out anymore, so look at me.
– She looks fantastic, right? – So–no, but it–
– Yeah, she does. – [laughs]
– She does. – So, uh–so, what’s it like
being the host? – It’s a lot of fun.
I mean, it’s a lot of work. We have, like,
late night shoots. I mean, there are times
where I’m working till 6:00 in the morning,
I’m like, “I have got to get to bed”…
– Yeah. – “And so do these people,
but it’s been great. – Yeah–oh, good.
– It’s been a lot of fun. I wish that I could train them
though. It’s like, you’re my only–she’s
my only client now, and it’s like, I get so excited when we get
to work out together. – Which is–
– And– – It’s been a long time,
so I’m looking at these like, “Oh, I remember this.”
– This is, like, I want to show you guys
what Ellen does. Ellen is so fit and so athletic. Aren’t you?
– In the summer I was. – I know.
– Okay, all right, let’s– – Okay.
– Let’s get to it. – Well, one of
the first things I have her do, I have her doing
these box jumps… – Go ahead, Ken.
You’re gonna do it. – Okay, okay.
– Can you just jump on the box? – Okay, can I jump on this box?
– Just jump on that box. – It’s kind of big.
– Jump. [cheers and applause]
both: Yeah. – I would get Ellen
stepping on this for one minute. She would step up–up and off
for one minute, right? And then we’d move on
to the next. – Tell people
why that’s important. – This is important
because it really works explo– it makes your body explosive. It works
into your fast twitch fibers, so you’re able to really
activate you body in a way that you don’t normally do when
you’re just, like, on a treadmill or an elliptical and you’re just kind of working
in that mid-intensity. This is very dynamic movement. – Because it surprises
your body. We get used
to sit–you wanna try to jump on this one, Ken?
– Sure, sure. – Oh, my gosh, really?
– Absolutely, absolutely. Sure.
Okay. Oh, my God.
– Hey, yeah! – Boom.
Boom. [cheers and applause] [both laughing] – I mean, he is amazing.
– Off. – Oh, oh, all right.
Okay. – Okay, all right.
This thing… – Tell him.
– This is called the assault bike,
and I have one. Bob gave me one, and it is called
the assault bike ’cause it assaults you. – [laughs]
– It is so hard. I can’t tell you
how hard this is, and I don’t know why. – It is the hardest
piece of equipment to date. I say to, um–the whole
fitness trends right now is: What was old is new again. These kind of bikes were around
a long time ago, and, like, the more fit you get, the more you get stronger, you start
pushing yourself on this. Your heart rate goes up so high. Just–I have her doing this
for one minute, right? One minute
and then coming off… – Yeah.
– Or ten calories. – Yeah,
you go as fast as you can. I–what I did this morning,
I went for a minute to see how many calories
I could burn in one minute. Wait, get him on the other one ’cause this–the calories have
already started. – Jump up.
– So, go– – How many calories did you burn
in one minute? – Uh, I did nine ’cause I’m out of shape today.
– That’s fantastic, okay. – 15 is the highest
that I’ve done in a minute. – Three, two, one,
as fast as you can. both: Go.
– [grunting] – Sit down.
Sit down. – Be quiet blubber. Go away blubber.
[both laughing] Go away fat cells.
– “Go away blubber!” – You think you’re
better than me? – We gotta go faster that this. – You think you’re
better than me? You’re not!
You’re not! I used to be a doctor! I used to be a doctor! Shut up.
Shut up! – All right.
– How many did you do? – All right,
that was 25 seconds. That was five calories.
– That was five calories. – All right. So, we have two more exercises
to show you. Pull-ups, why are they good?
– Pull-ups are great because you can just
use your own body weight, right? They’re one of
the hardest things to do. – Yes.
– I get Ellen to just, like, start progressing. She could be down here
lifting her body up. Just getting that body
used to that movement, and then, all of a sudden, you can just start going
into this motion. Let’s see you do a pull-up.
– All right, I– [laughter]
– Ready? – Okay.
– Jump. – Look at that.
– Whoo! [cheers and applause] – [laughing] – That is one of
the best movements that you can do. I mean…
– Oh, my God–all right. – That’s one of
the best movements you can do. Now, I always want Ellen
to do jump ropes. – You’re gonna be
so sore tomorrow. – I know, I know.
– We’re making you do so much. – He’s gonna walk out like,
“Ow.” Okay.
– This I love and I do it every day.
– Yep. – Tell people
why this is so good for you. It’s so good for you.
– I love doing jump rope. Again, simple basic movements. Ellen likes jumping
on the trampoline, so I get the same movement
just with a jump rope. It’s a great cardio burn.
It’s simple. You wanna show everyone
how to do it? – Good for your adrenals.
– Sure, I’m simple. – Yep, very good
for your adrenals. – Okay, just?
– And on your joints, it’s like, it’s so easy on your joints, right?
– Yeah. – Because think about it…
– Yep. – He’s doing
the exact same thing… – Oh.
– As I’m doing right now. – I don’t want you–you gotta
try to stay in the middle, Ken. – Okay, copy that.
– I don’t want you to hurt yourself.
– Same thing, right? – Yeah.
– All right. – [laughing] [cheers and applause] – Yeah. – ‘Cause I’m always wanting
Ellen to do jump rope… – Yeah.
– And she’s like, “I’m not gonna jump rope,
but I’ll do this.” I’m like, “Great.”
– But you can act like you’re doing jump rope on there.
– [laughing] It’s–