BMX Bike Tricks & Jumps : How to Do a Bar Spin : BMX Tricks

Hi, this is Mike, and on behalf of,
and in this clip I am going to be showing you how to do a bar spin. Basically, what
you do when you bar spin is you are going to be leaning back, and then you want to pinch
your seat with your knees, take off your hand and throw the bars. All the time you are keeping
your eyes on your bars so that when they come around you can get a good grip on them. And
you can either do it either way. You can spin it to the left like this, or you can spin
it to the right like that. And there is no right or wrong way to do it, depending upon
which direction you spin it; it is just whichever way you are more comfortable with. And I said
before you need to pinch your seat when you do this trick so that way when you are in
the air and you spin the bars, your front end does not drop. So for doing this trick,
it is always easier to keep your seat higher up. That way it is a lot easier to pinch,
but then as you get more used to doing the trick, you can drop your seat down so then
it is less in the way. And I can show you how to do a bar spin on the ground right here
and then once you master it on the ground you can take it to jumps. And I recommend
doing it onto a surface first, doing a fly-out onto a flat surface and then once you are
comfortable with that, you can actually do it on a jump or a double.