Blake’s Pro Diary | Riding The Audi Nines

(hip hop music) – So we’ve arrived in Frankfurt. And we’re on our way to Audi Nines. Got my luggage, I’m all ready. Now I just gotta go through
this big green square thing and go find the shuttle. I’ll see you on the other side. (hip hop music) So obviously it’s not a bus, we get picked up in this
massive Q8 Audi, it’s insane. Now we’re on our way to the quarry where Audi Nines is gonna be happening. And if you don’t know what
Audi Nines is all about, let me explain. – Audi Nines. – Is. – The best damn thing
in the world, it’s like. – In a quarry, we’re deep in Germany. – On a beautiful course. – It just basically
brings the boys together to a low-stress environment. – A professional event. – The world’s best riders. – You’ll see people on downhill bikes, jump bikes, slope style bikes – Progressing the sport and
action sports in the overall. – And there’s some guy
riding round on an E-Bike. – The best session with
your homies you never had. – You ride in your own time and if you wanna do some
banger tricks, you do it. – Basically having the best
time we can for a week. Yeah, out the shot! (hip hop music) – Argh man, now you what
Audi Nines is all about. (Blake sighs) First run, it’s always
a bit nerve-racking. All my senses are buzzing, everything. Especially my sight one. ‘Cause everything just looks so huge and you need to go so
fast to hit everything. But it’s all about working out speeds, which is the main thing. Overcoming those fears. I’m gonna train and I’m gonna
see if I can get Sam Reynolds ’cause I like training him in. And he helped built the
course, he helped build it, so, I’m gonna train him in
and work out speeds. That’s the main goal for those first runs. Wish me luck. (Blake giggles) I’m here with O-Dubs, Olly Wilkins. This is the first drop,
it’s kinda big, it’s big. And then you’ve got a jump
after it but we just, yeah. – [Sam] I went deep but, I didn’t die. Like, it was fine. – And this jump? – Just roll, if you land this, roll out. You can’t not land this,
you just go from there. – Yeah.
– I’ll do it now, if you want. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Sam] And just cruise off like that. – That’s simple, it’s
easy, it’s alright, Olly! – [Olly] Hey! – There’s not really much to
warm up on here, is there? – Yeah – It was the one thing we kind of were, not worried about, but we were like, hmm. Just follow me. – Yeah I’ll follow you (rock music) Ho! Whoa! – [Man] Yes Blakey! – I cased the, the jump,
first jump a little bit and I thought, oh I need to
pedal for this big step down and I did not need to pedal (laughs). I went so far deep, it was insane. I’m gonna go do it again. (rock music) Ah! (rock music) Running a course like this
may seem out of this world to you viewers. For riders like this it’s
second nature to them and they make it look easy. I asked Ethan Nell and Clemens Kaudela, how do you deal with this sort of pressure and what sort of mind
set do you need to be in to hit these sort of jumps? – It’s crazy to you guys
but it’s really mellow to us because this is what we’re
doing every day of the year, basically, is riding, doing crazy stuff. – It’s easier for me if
I build a jump actually because I think so many times, in my head I like, I go for the flied
curve, how it’s gonna be, how it’s gonna feel, I look
at the takeoff from the side all the time and then I guess the speed and look at everything. That helps me a lot, personally. And then I hit it, but it’s
still gonna be very scary. But, other than that, there’s
no real special preparation. – It’s basically second
nature to us, like, doing what we’re doing
here is, it’s like walking, we ride as much as you guys would walk, so, it’s pretty normal even
though it might be crazy to you. (electronic dance music) – It’s 6:30 in the morning. I’m in the car with Matt
and Pete from PlusSizeBMX. We’re getting a lift all
the way to the quarry. We’re up early because
you get the best light at this time of the day. It’s nice and gold but
it’s only for, like, an hour and a half gap. So we gotta be on it, so we’re having breakfast at the quarry and then straight in to riding,
first thing in the morning. But first we need a coffee. (Blake laughs) (mellow electronic music) Where’s my bike? Where is she? Gabby! Oh there she is. Great! Gabby! Urgh. (mellow electronic music) – [Man] Good job. Morning.
– Good, yeah. – [Man] Feeling good? – [Blake] Yeah. – [Man] How’s it Blake? – Just B’s out but, I
reckon it’ll buzz there. But there will be fine. It’s just soft. – [Man] What’s going on Blake? – Well I’m gonna try and
ring Brendan Fairclough ’cause he obviously he rides a Gambler. I need a stiffer spring. I’m running a 550 spring on this, pounds, 550 pound spring, which
is Fox’s maximum they do. But, it’s not too, it’s not
stiff enough, for jumps. Probably good enough for
dirt, for downhill, but. He’s at World’s right now. So he’s in Lenzerheide. (voice on phone speaking) How is it my (speaking
in foreign language) How you doing man? Aw, Brent, savin’ my bacon. – Present, for you. – A freshie. Look, aw. – You can put a 300 psi and
do double backflips now. – Thank you very much. Well Brendan was at
World’s, the World Cup, and I was like, dude, can
you, can you stop off at Fox and get me a new shock please? And he was like, urgh, if I have to. So he did, ’cause he’s the man.
– Did him a little favor. – He’s the man. – Nice. – Thank you very much dude.
– Put your own hardware in that though. – I’m gonna put, yeah, I need that. I’m gonna swap out that coil. When I sat on it, it
was like nearly 30% sag. Now I’m 10% sag. It’s good when you’re out in the woods, but when you’re here
hitting some big jumps with some crazy forces in those lips. You’re just going to blow
out through your suspension. And your tires gonna eat your rear seat. And it’s not good because
if it does bite hard it could stop you and
throw you over the bars. And it’s not comfortable,
just hearing that, (imitates grinding) it is horrible, so I’ve got the new shock. – This year we’ve got
three different choices of lines basically, we got the big air, which is one massive jump for insanity. ‘Cause then we got the slope style line for any bike you wanna ride. We got freeride line for the big jumps and the downhill bikes. So there’s just so much
stuff to do this year and it’s like super hard to
get bored and it’s just epic. (mellow hip hop music) – It’s time. It’s time to hit the big line. It’s a big hit, I’m not gonna lie. 18 meters, but I’m gonna
follow Sam Reynolds in. – [Sam] Or follow me
in if you want, Blake. – And follow Sam Pilgrim. Ahh. No, I’ll follow Sam Reyn. How was that drop? – [Sam] It was alright. – [Blake] Did you land flat? – [Sam] Yeah. – It’s quite a heavy landing, eh? – [Sam] My head almost
fell off behind my back. – [Sam Reynolds] Ah look
you got the DarkFEST forks, you gotta represent still. – [Blake] Yeah, yeah, (laughs). – [Sam Reynolds] You’ll be fine on these. Either ride it so crap that
you lose all your speed, like, landing like, and
then over the roller like, and then you’re fine. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Sam Reynolds] Or like, if
you land fast out the drop and, like, smooth and just like (imitates buzzing) – [Blake] Okay. – [Sam Reynolds] To be
fair, you carry good speed, like me, so, I was great. – [Blake] Okay. – [Sam Reynolds] Welcome back. Am I your least favorite
person to ride with? – [Blake] No, you’re my favorite. – [Sam Reynolds] Oh, cool. – [Blake] You have to be. Oh man. – [Man] Good luck. – [Man] You got it, Blake. – [Sam Reynolds] Chill Blake. Ready? – Yep.
– Here we go. (tense music) – [Blake] I got it. It’s easy. It’s easy. That was nothing. It’s easy. I just landed deep on that. – [Man] Yeah. – And then.
– It’s well easy. – [Blake] Yeah, I know, it is. – [Man] (laughs) I’m joking. – [Blake] Yeah it is easy. – [Man] Saw my prank? – [Blake] Yeah, and I went deep
and I thought, still brake. – [Man] Yeah. – [Blake] Don’t still– – [Man] That’s why I don’t brake anymore. – Yeah. (hip hop music) Oh! Okay, I just had the
biggest case of my life. And no, I wasn’t in court. It was on the back of that landing. The second one, I dropped
in, I did the lip, I did this good, got in good,
I landed quite far right as right on the shark fin. And then when I came in I
was like, tuck don’t pedal, ’cause tucking is better than pedaling, and I cased the hell
out of that next jump. Oh! My legs gone a bit numb. So I’m gonna chill. Plus it’s a bit windy. Plus we got all week. Eh! At least I did that. Alright, you wanna see our crib? What us athletes, us riders, get to have? Come look at this. Right here, over my left. This, that is a crazy Spanish boy. Over here, this is where
all the athletes hang out, chill there, and then you
can come over to the Audis, look at this. These things are glass cubicles, you can open these things
up, they’re insane. This is where we chill out. This is where we have our dinner. It’s been mind blowing,
actually, for a mountain biker, dirtbags like us, having
all this is pretty cool. You got Monster on tap,
coffee machine on tap. Slush Puppies, this juice, to die for. Apples, there’s some cool bars. Come this way. This is where we get our
dinner, lunch or breakfast. At the moment we haven’t got any yet because we’re going
out for dinner tonight. But we got bread. So you wanna come and have a
snack you can get some fruit. Got some french stick. Got some pretzels, I’ve touched that so obviously I’m gonna have that one. This is basically full of food. On the menu we had pasta,
we had a salad bar, we’ve got main course and
then we’ve got desert, so that is a one, two,
three, four course meal. Plus, you got deserts that comes out here, which is insane, but
you got all this on tap. You got some cheeses, if
you’re feeling a bit peckish. Man, that’s not it. These vehicles, we have at our disposal. These things have bike racks
put on the back of them. These are Audis, these
things are not cheap, they’ve got Alcantara,
like, leather inside, carbon fiber inside. They’re running on low profile tires and we’re just bombing around this place. That’s the most expensive
uplift I’ve ever experienced. We have our own massage, people. So if we have a big crash, and we, like, move our shoulder a little bit, we come to Navelo. These people are at our disposal as well. And then this is the athlete lounge. Look at that. More Monster on disposal. Big screen watching Monster stuff. And yeah, this is it. That is our crib, thank you for watching. And, yeah, I’m gonna eat my pretzel and carrying on, chilling out. (rock music) It was alright. I’ll do it again. Bigger. Faster. Watch this though. (rock music) Alright, if you don’t know
what an airbag is all about, well, it’s a huge, crazy,
thick, poly-plastic, like, tarpaulin kind of thing, huge thing. And you got these two
fans that feed it air. So you’re landing,
basically, on a big air bed. A great place to start
learning some crazy tricks that you would think you
would do it in your dreams. This thing makes dreams come true. That’s for sure. (mellow music) Having the airbag in and
then removing it means that riders can send their
tricks straight to dirt with added confidence. Having this sort of setup
available can only lead to one thing. World’s firsts. (mellow music) Like this, Adolf Silva
doing the first body varial on a mountain bike. Watch as the bike carries on straight and his body rotates 360
degrees before jumping back on to the bike. (crowd cheering) (mellow music) And there’s one more thing
I really wanted to tick off. And that was completing the freeride line. – [Man] Blake is dropping
in the freedride line. – Whoa. Wow. Holy! There you go everyone, thank
you so much for watching, this is Audi Nines and I’ve had a blast and thank you so much for having me. If you wanna see more of this content, please give it thumbs
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