Blake Vs Elliott Heap | Mountain Bike Challenge In An Abandoned Quarry

– I might go off the big bit. – [Blake] Yeah! That’s too good! – [Elliott] Where’s he going? – [Blake] Oh! (both laughing) – [Elliott] Oh my god. (Elliott laughing) – Oh, my goodness me! Welcome back you beautiful people and today is a special day. I’ve got Elliot Heap. This dude is an enduro
shred machine, right? You ride everything. – I try my best.
– Pretty much everything. We’re going to set some challenges yeah? – We’ll try. Well, you can set some challenges. – We’re in a quarry, a
sandy one, small one. Somewhere in Fort William. And, I reckon we could mess around there. I’m going to set first
challenge, it’s up there. – Okay. – This.
(Elliot shouting nervously) Looks quite steep. But what you want to do, challenge, is you come up to the edge, grab your front brake, go into an endo, to the point where it’s
like, and then let off and try and drop in. It’s quite scary starting off, innit? – Oh! (both laughing) – It’s slippery! – Well I looked at where you were going, I was like, ooh. Right, let’s see if I
can do it any better. Oh it’s slippery! – Three two one, (babbling) – Oh gosh. Oh! Like that! Oh my god! Thought I was dead. – [Blake] You get to go again if you want. Oh! (clapping) – Oh, that was grippy. – That’s good. – There we go, we got there in the end. – That’s good. Next challenge. – So, number two. Power from the top. Jump, land in a manual, and you can stand up pedal wheelie, see if you can get your
front wheel on that pallet. – Oh wow. Three goes. And if we’re super-close
you can have a fourth one. Three goes.
– Or we could just have one. – Or we just have one. Challenge.
– Ooh. Do that. – That makes it more exciting. – Alright. Drop, speed, manual, (both shouting) That’s close! (Elliott sighing) – Gutted. Gears! I need to drop another gear, spun out. – I’ll try, let me try,
that was good effort. – I’m pretty disappointed
with that, I’ll be honest. Yeah, buddy! Oh! Come on. – [Blake] Oh, oh, oh, that’s too good! That’s too good! (Elliott laughing) – Come on son! – Argh! – [Elliott] Come on! You’ve got it in ya! He’s doing it backwards. He’s not doing it backwards! (he laughs) – That was poor. Watch this! – [Elliott] That’s it now,
he said it, he’s on it! Oh my God, I can’t believe
he’s done it first time! (Elliott laughing) – Obviously that stupid manual killed me. – Stupid manual.
– Stupid manual killed me. – It’s always stupid when you can’t do it. – Exactly. Bloody hell. Right, we’re going to,
let’s jump this backwards. but we’re going to set distance to where you can get your speed
from to clear this jump. – So the shortest run up wins? – And you’re not allowed
touching the blue palette. – I’m a bit nervous about this one. Oh nice gear change! Easy! Tell you what. (Blake scoffing) Right. – It’s good gate training. – It is, ready? – Yeah. Ready to see this case. Oh! That’s too good! – Oh! (he laughs) – Bike length. – Another bike length! Go on! (Elliott laughing) Fair play, that was like,
– Terrible actually! – That was like butter!
– I didn’t even breathe. – That was nice. That was smoother than
what I got the other way. (Blake scoffing) Right, okay. This is stupid! (Blake giggling) Yeah, let’s do a challenge
video with Blake, yeah it’ll be dead fun! Here I am, sprinting me ring off at a jump with a pallet on it. – Go on, let’s see the power. – Oh God
– Let’s see the power. – This is a lot closer that I thought. – [Blake] Oh, my goodness me! – The pedal up the take-off’s the one. (both laughing) That was a short one.
– It was like, you’re out of mud. Watch this. – You look like you’re
about to do the long jump! – Three, two, one, go! – [Elliott] Oh, the power! (both laughing) Oh my god! – I had to dig deep, man,
I was like (he gasps) – [Elliott] You didn’t hit the
pallet though, I don’t think. I don’t think you hit the pallet. – I hit the log. – [Elliott] There you
go, we’re alright then. – You can go from my mark and we can be equal, or.
– Nah, I can’t do that. It’s all or nothing. – You can. (he breathes heavily) That was actually quite hard.
– Bloody hell! – That’s quite hard. He’s actually going another bike– – That is actually stupidly short for the distance that we’re going. Off the landing. – It’s unfathomable. – (beeping) That’s what’s
going through my head at the minute. (Blake laughing) – Oh my God, right. Oh my God, that is such a long way. – Oh he’s still got, he’s going! Aw, just touched it! – [Elliott] It’s so hard! – [Blake] There. – I reckon I could get that if I go again. – Good effort. (Elliott laughing)
– I was in the wrong gear. Wow. You actually cleared that really good. – That was like a race jump, I didn’t feel like I want
any higher than this. – That was ridiculous.
– Oh no. – You’re a racer, dude. You know what freeriders do? – Go up.
– Like to go high, yeah. – Here we go, a complete standstill. And he’s off! Oh. – Ooh!
(Elliott laughing) – I just tried to get
that, keep the nose in! – I was going to say, I’m
not going to nose it in but I know I’ve made it! Oh my god! – I hit the pallet, right? – Right, okay, let’s just call it at that, that’s good enough for me. So what we’re going to do
now is we’re going to try the off-camber pedal of death. If we had E-bikes it’d be very nice. – Way easier. – Unfortunately we don’t,
we’ve just got these. – Natural force of legs.
– Calendar model. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to pedal in from up there. Straight through the water
splash, or, just a puddle. – The river crossing.
– The dirty highlands puddle. We’re going to come up any line you want, as long as you make it
round the two trees. And back down the other side, without putting your feet down, and without falling over. Off-camber pedal strikes, I couldn’t think of anything better. I wish I had a shorter right crank. – [Blake] Oh, that’s too easy! That’s too easy! – Oh!
– You make that look too easy which makes me think it’s really hard! – I hit the other side and just went, ugh! Oh, easy! Easy! Easy! Oh! (Blake laughing) Look at that! There’s got to be something
else stupid we could do. – So, I’m building this,
step-up jump, mate. – I used to build sandcastles
out of that stuff, mate. And that wasn’t that long ago. – So the aim of the game
is to step-up from here, as high as you can up there. – You can tell he’s a freerider, can’t ya? – Sorry, I’m still playing.
– Oh, you’re only 12 years older than me! – Hey. (both laughing) – Neil coached me when
I was 15 at Llandegla. When I started mountain biking, Neil was the man in enduro. – [Blake] He is the fricken man. – You set it, be my guest. Oh my god! (he laughs) (brakes squealing) That was amazing. – Yes!
– Oh my God! (Blake giggling and clapping) – [Blake] That was beautiful! – You got to get the turn and back across. Oh, he’s using the berm! Oh, oh! (brakes squealing) (Elliott laughing) – Bloody hell, I get so nervous! – I thought you was just going to
– Yeah, I was like, I’m going down. – [Elliott] Oh, fair play. Right, I’ll try again,
a little bit higher. I feel like I’m starting back in Wigan, and had to wait six hours
to get to this take-off. – [Blake] Oh! (both laughing) – Jesus!
– That was good. – That was tight.
– So tight, ’cause you’re going so fast into it! – Go on! The power. (Elliott laughing) Ah, you did it in one, mate. – I can’t do that. – Little things like that are so much fun. – Can you do, like, hand tricks? (brakes squealing) (Elliott laughing) Cor, that is so soft there! I stopped dead!
– Oh no. This does not look like
my cup of tea at all. Why do I get myself into these situations? Oh my God!
– Oh, wow, race speed. Yeah, see? Oh! (he laughs) (both laughing) – Honest to God.
– Oh, that’s ridiculous! – That was the worst
no-hander I’ve ever done! – [Blake] That was good,
I liked the little, – Thanks mate.
– Hand buzz there. – The tire grab. So what we’re going to do now, we’re going to head up the hill, approximately about 15 meters. (he laughs) – It’s directly up. – Directly up, the steepest thing in here that’s doable on a bicycle. – [Blake] Oh wow. Oh, oh, oh, oh! What’s it with people and trials? Oh. What’s it with trials? – What d’ya mean? Well it helped me get up
’cause I didn’t quite make it. It’s quite sloppy up there. – Yeah? – Let’s see that power. Jesus! He’s pushing a big gear. Oh! Jesus Christ, where’s he going? What gear were you in? I didn’t even know you
had a gear that hard. – I’ve no idea. – Jesus! (gears clicking) Oh! Oh, easy, what?! (Blake yelling) You made that look like
an absolute piece of, – Cake?
– Ease, yeah. – Right, I thought that was a challenge, it was like, more physical than, – I thought
– tricks. – it’s more physical, yeah. – Thank you so much dude,
– No worries, pal. – that was super epic.
– Thanks for having me. – If you guys want to see more
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to see another video with this, monster machine right
here of an enduro rider. – Monster, ha!
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