Bike Maintenance 101 – how to clean your bike

Hi, I’m Rob and I’m here to show you how to
clean your bike properly. Cleaning your bike is really important because it helps to keep
your bike running smoother, for longer. One note to take is that using high powered water
blaster is not a good idea; it’s going to really damage your bike. Your garden hose
on the other hand is perfect and we’re going to start with the garden hose and we’re going
to get our bike really, really wet, from handle bars all the way to the ground. Once we’ve
got the bike wet, we’re going to use some bike wash and we’re going to spray it all
over the bike – paying extra special attention to the drive chain. If you don’t have access
to bike wash, using a bucket, a brush and some washing up liquid will do the job almost
as well. Once you’ve given the bike wash a little bit of time to do its work, you need
to rinse it off and we need to be really careful that we rinse off any residue of any bike
wash or washing up liquid that may be on the bike. Really go to town with the water. Once
we’ve done that, we’re going to use a rag to help clean our chain properly. I’m going
to hold onto the rag, grip onto the chain and pedal backwards and that will really help
to clean the chain. Once it’s clean, I need to re-lube it with some bike oil. I’m going
to add the oil down here and work it into the chain. Once we’ve got the chain oiled,
I just need to wipe off any residue on the outside of the chain, to make sure no dirt
is going to stick to it. And that’s how you clean a bike!