Hi everybody, I hope you are well ! Today I’m going to answer a question that come very often in the comments: Can we do streettrials with a bmx? The answer is NO ! That’s it for this video, I hope you liked it, Do not hesitate to put… No, more seriously, today we will see a comparative between a BMX and a Street-Trial bike We will see the positives, the negatives, and why it’s going to be difficult to do street trials with a BMX. For this comparison, we have on one side my Inspired Fourplay Team and on the other side, a BMX of the brand Subrosa So first glaring difference is the size of the wheels! On one side, we will have 20 inches for bmx While we have 24 inches for street trials This difference comes from the goal for the bike For the BMX, we will look for a bike to handle a maximum of tricks, whether in skatepark or street. For the street trial, we will look for a handy bike, which will be effective in crossings and tricks! There will also be a difference in the tires, or you will have studded tires in street trials It will adhere on all surfaces where we can ride. In bmx we will tire a little more slick, which will allow to have more speed and to make lines a little more rolling Each of the 2 bikes will have a very compact frame that will leave a maximum of space for riders to express themselves. For the street trial, we will have a large handlebars raised on a long stem. This will be super versatile, whether in the crossings or in the tricks! On the BMX we will have a large handle with a huge rise, with a short stem, which will allow to have a maximum of reactivity in the jumps. Another obvious difference in the brakes! On a streettrial we will have 2 brakes, in general, it will be hydraulic disc brakes, who will brake very hard, which will be very powerful, in 180mm or 200mm It will have a very effective braking, on the whole trial part and on all the passages in rear wheel! The front brake will allow us to make new tricks and will be more comfortable in the trial part! In BMX, most riders will ride only with a rear brake or brakeless without any brakes! It will require more control, and it will make almost impossible any trials stuff! Small parenthesis where some rider ride brakeless in trials It’s very complicated, it requires a lot of experience and it’s not the best for beginners. On a BMX, in general, there will be brakes with a cable. Braking will be much less effective than on a street trial with hydraulic disc brakes. This difference in braking will make it much more difficult to learn some trials techniques with a bmx. The last big difference will be in the driving. A bmx will use a gear much harder than a street trials We can take more speed, but it will make it difficult to execute several techniques specific to trials. For example: hops on the rear wheel, gaps or whatever is crossing by pedaling, This will be almost impossible on a bmx. To give another idea, On a bmx, we will generally use a crown of 28 teeth with a rear sprocket of 9 teeth. On a street trial, we will generally use a crown of 22 teeth at the front and a sprocket of 16 teeth on the back. The gear will be much easier on a street trials facilitating the performance of hoping on the rear wheel, crossing, gaps and all techniques specific to trials. This video is not meant to tell you that it is impossible to do street trials with a bmx. It’s still possible but it will be much harder to learn. These 2 bikes have a lot of difference, they are destined to 2 totally different practices so it’s normal that it will be harder to learn the street trial on a bmx! In comparison, it’s like you decide to learn tennis with a ping-pong racket It’s not impossible but it will make things a lot more difficult. That’s it ! I hope you enjoyed this video! As usual do not hesitate to tell me what you think in the comments just below. I would answer to a maximum of comments. You can also put a little like if you liked it, subscribe on the channel, and we’ll see you soon for a next video! See you !