Best Puncture Resistant Tires For Road Bike / Commuting

hey guys what’s going on, Two Wheel Cruise here and today we’re going to be talking about tires so for those of you who are
new to this channel my name is Cruise I like to make videos here about my life
here in Japan and cycling and everything in between so I actually just got this
package in the mail pretty big as you can see this giant package so this was
ordered through chain reaction cyclists this video isn’t sponsored by chain
reaction cyclists it’s just a really good site where you can get stuff for
cheap online shipped to Japan some Wiggles also really good so I usually
shop between the two but anyway I ordered some tires on line so I thought
I’d make a video talking about what tires that I’m using what tires that I
recommend for training and riding on road bikes and also for commuting so
let’s go ahead and open up the package and check these tires out we actually got some mountain bike tires as well but we’re not going to talk about those today so right off the bat you’ll notice there’s a big difference between these tires and this tire in this box as well as this tire here the key difference is
this tire is folded whereas these tires are not so there’s a big difference
between these are usually called wired bead type tires and these are more
like folding tires it really depends on the tire but generally people say that
the folding ones are a little bit easier to get on and get off the tire just
because they’re a bit more flexible and the wider tires tend to be a little bit
on the cheaper side so you can save a little bit of money by going with the
wired bead route so let’s go ahead and go through some of these options
so the first tire that I want to talk about is one of my favorite commuting
tires and this is a …. Schwalbe
I’m not actually sure how you pronounce this so I so the company Schwalbe the
model of this tire is the marathon from whatever it online this is one of the
more popular commuting tires so probably most of you guys already know about this
tire so starting with some key traits about this tire it’s really affordable
it’s not too bad it’s about twenty-five dollars or so for when I bought this
online at a pretty standard price it’s got some water tread in the top it’s got
really durable thick protection if you look on this chart here this is level
five on the protection chart on their chart
one two seven and that’s pretty darn good I think so I’ve been riding these
tires on my commuter bike my yellow Schwinn madison for over two years now
and I still haven’t gotten the flat and there’s plenty of miles plenty of
kilometers on that bike these are really solid tires so I finally got some
replacements for it right now so the water tread on the top also on the side
it’s got this nice little white band so it makes it stand out a little bit more
while you’re riding that’s precise I mostly go at 25 with my commuter bike
because it’s still a road bike it’s still a fixie there’s not too much
clearance for the tires if I had some bigger space for a commuter tire I might
go up to a 28 or even bigger they do make some bigger sizes for this tire so
you can easily get the bigger size there anyway these are credibly durable I’ve
written thousands of kilometers on mine no problems never a single puncture and
they really handle really well I ride in the rain all the time really solid tire
really great price point really you can’t beat it so solid recommendation
for the Schwalbe Marathon tire so my next tire that I ordered is also from
Schwalbe well this is called their de Durano…. living in Japan so long I
lives my ability to pronounce like how we pronounce things in English so the
durano I’m guessing the Durano model for the tire this is a new tire for me I
haven’t bought this one yet but there was a fairly decent difference in price
between this one and the marathon tire that I just showed you guys this one on
the protection level is only a four so one level down I’m not sure how big of a
difference that makes the previous tire was a level Green this is a level blue
protection whatever that means by their standard the tread as you can see it’s
not nearly doesn’t have as many water lines as the marathon one does so it is
a little bit less protected in that sense but this was a lot cheaper this
was only about for the marathon tire I ended up paying about 3000 yen per tire
so that’s about 27 26 dollars and for this one it was about 2400 yen so about
22 dollars so it’s a savings of about five six dollars so about twenty five
percent though on these tires so a twenty five percent savings in price
might be worth it if these end up having some decent durability these also seemed
to weight a little bit less because there’s less
detection but I’m gonna put these on and test them out and see how they go if
you’ve heard in these times before the schwa Boulder ah no de Reynaud let me
know how it’s worked out for you they had some pretty good reviews online so
I’m pretty hopeful for these and if they end up working good I might use these
more and save a little bit more money in my commuting tires these are also 25
with pretty much do that standard on all my road bikes so I got one set of each
of those the final Road commuting tire that I want to highly highly recommend
is the continental gator-skin most of you watching this probably already know
about these tires these have incredible protection I’ve
been riding these on my road bikes for years and I still have yet to get a
single puncture due to fault of the tire itself any puncture that I got was just
from wear on the tube itself so nothing from the tire ridiculous level of
protection I actually still race on these tires are so smooth and fast as
well so I actually use these tires to do races I’ve raced in crits here in Japan
on these tires I’ve placed in crates and cat1 crits
here in Japan on these tires it’s not nearly as light as some other racing
tires that you might use but I’m right now in my racing career I’m not really
focused so much on results I’d much rather have a tire that’s guaranteed to
not flat then just take the risk and go a little bit lighter and have that
lighter tire so talking about racing tires that’s a whole different topic
that’s not what we’re talking about today today we’re talking about tires
that will protect you from getting flats and allow you to enjoy your ride and not
worry about those things the bad point about these tires is these are much more
expensive than the other two tires we just recommended these ones start up at
about 50 dollars and if you’re lucky and you time you’re shopping online right
you find these on sale you can usually get these for about forty dollars if
you’re really lucky you can get down to 35 dollars but again it depends on the
type that you’re getting there’s two types of these tires
there is the folding style which I have here which is more expensive than the
Wired bead one which is the more open style just like these two that we just
reviewed so if you find it way cheaper online make sure that you’re getting the
correct one that you want if you don’t want the wired bead one and you want the
folding one make sure that you’re selecting the right one this one’s
usually at least about five dollars more expensive than the
wire feed one so keep that in mind so yeah usually I can get these on sale for
about 4045 dollars if they’re ever on sale I’ll stock up on a few of them so
when I need to swap them out I have them rather than waiting and then buying them
at full price later if I can’t get them on sale definitely worth stocking up on
a few of these because you will use them eventually so these are handmade in
Germany really great product highly recommended I’ve raced these on gravel
road races I ride my road bike everywhere and actually I have these on
a lot of my bikes right now I have these on my road bike I have these on my
wife’s road bike I have these on my cyclocross bike and I ride everywhere
all right on dirt roads all right on mountain bike trails and again no
problems incredible durability on these incredibly fast rolling you can still
participate in races on these so if you’re looking for a commuter tire that
you can still ride hard and fast and keep up with everyone this is the one
that you want to get if you want to save money and still have something
incredibly durable go with these rubble marathons you can’t go wrong with both
of them the only problem with these ones is they do have a bit more rolling
resistance so you’re not gonna be able to go quite as fast as you would with
the Gator skins but these probably do handle a little bit better in the rain I
do have to say can’t go wrong with both of these but anyway hope you guys found
this video useful if you have any other suggestions of Road tires that you can
use for training or commuting that I didn’t introduce in this video I’m sure
there’s a bunch of other ones available let me know in the comments if you have
any other cheaper solutions more durable solutions more puncture resistant
solutions by all means please let me know please let everyone know in the
comments and we’ll maybe check those out in the future when we need to get some
more new tires anyway that’s it for today’s video
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