Best New Tech For Road Bikes Part 2 | Taipei Cycle Show 2018

– I’m back at the Taipei Bike Show for a look at more of the
hottest new cycling tech, because this place is absolutely huge. There’s over 65,000 square
meters of exhibition space, and over 1,000 individual exhibitors. So, strap yourselves in, and let’s get hunting for tech. (upbeat music) Yesterday, I saw a carbon disc brake rotor, and I thought I’d seen it all. Well I was wrong, cause today, I found this, which is a ceramic
coated disc brake rotor. Ceramic coated is like
automotive race tech coming to bikes. And the makers, HCM,
reckon that being ceramic it has a number of advances. So it offers superior ware, superior modulation, superior heat dissipation, superior wet weather braking, and weight savings, too. How cool is that? It’s seriously cool tech. First, the most important thing, that would look absolutely
amazing on my bike. I love custom paint, and I’m over at the Fuji stand, where the Japanese brand is showcasing it’s remix custom painting program, and they’ve got loads
of beautiful examples up on the wall here, including ones with these
really nice fade paint schemes, and they’re actually
painted by a single guy back at Fuji which is really cool. Now to design your bike, you can use an app where you can actually
change all the colors, the graphics, the style of paint so you
can have fades in there, and you can also change
the background color so you can see what it
looks like in real life. It gives you a better appreciation, but if you go in to a Fuji dealer, then you can see these
little color badges as well, which give an accurate representation of what the color is like in real life. And there’s all these different
ones you can choose from for the graphics as well. I think I would go for black rainbow and maybe the rainbow chrome silver, which I think I would actually
call that unicorn blood. Power meters are becoming
more and more affordable, and a great example of
that is this, the Arofly. Now we actually reported on
a prototype version of this on the GCN show, but this is now a production
version you can buy. And you can actually
get it in this set here for just 239 US Dollars,
which is incredible, but it’s got a really innovative design, so this actually attaches
onto your wheel valve. And from there it is
able to measure the force going through the pedals. There’s also a sort of sensor part, the brains of the unit, which you can fit elsewhere on your bike, and a speed and a cadence sensor as well, but that is a really sort of neat and innovative design. I’ll be intrigued to see how it stands up when it actually measures power but cool. Fully carbon shoes. These shoes are actually
called the Power Racing S, and they’re from a Taiwanese
company called UTS. Now perhaps the most
remarkable thing about them, apart from the fact they’re fully carbon, is the price, because you may remember, Mavix incredibly bling comet shoes which cost 1,000 US Dollars. Well, for a limited time only, these shoes are available
for 280 US Dollars, which is quite exceptional really. They’re about 300 grams for a size 45 and wow, they just look amazing! Look at those! Another interesting feature is the heel retention pad at the back, which is actually adjustable using the retention dial there. That’s really cool. I’ve not really seen that before, but it helps adjust for
different people’s size heels. A bike that’s really
caught my eye is this, which is the Liv Langma. Now Liv is the female specific sort of division of Giant
Bikes, and the reason why Giant has a females specific range of bikes is because it fundamentally believes that men and women are very different. And it’s actually used data from NASA, which has said that if
you have a man and a woman who are the same height, then proportionately, on average, the woman will have a
shorter torso and longer legs than a man of the same height. And so consequently, women need bikes that are of a different geometry to men. And so that’s exactly what they’ve done. And also, the nice thing is is you’ve got a woman’s bike here that looks absolutely awesome. In the past, some brands have basically taken the men’s frame and then adjusted the contact points, with a sort of more padded
saddle or shore to stem, and sprayed it pink, but it’s nice to see a bike that has a really stunning paint job. I’d quite like to have a bike that has a paint job like that myself. So the Langma is a climbing bike, and consequently it’s designed with certain features in mind for that. So it’s got a nice, boxy square down tube that really optimizes stiffness
into the bottom bracket. And also, you’ve got some
added comfort built in as well with the sort of signature
Giant dropped top tube here. So you have more of the
D-shaped seat post exposed and therefore you can get more
deflection of that seat post to add more comfort as well. It’s a really cool package, and Giant says that this
one will be available with the full 105 groupset for around 2,599 Pounds in the UK. I’m not sure on the pricing
for the rest of the world, so you’ll have to forgive me on that. But there’s an even higher
spec one around the corner, so I’m gonna quickly show you that one. Check this out. This is the Liv Langma Pro 0. It’s the top of the range model and it has an absolutely
stunning paint job. Now Liv calls this paint job Sambo and it’s just this amazing
iridescent glittery paint that changes under the light and I hope it’s coming though
in the camera, you can see. It is really spectacular
when you see it in person. I really like the paint
job on the other one, too. That one was called chameleon. It’s great to see women’s bikes
that just look so awesome. I also really like this really
neat headset detail here, with this compressed
carbon headset spacer. It’s just really neat and tidy the way that sort flows
into the rest of the frame. This model, though,
comes with Ultegra Di2, and a pioneer power meter. That is seriously awesome. Topeak also has a new ninja bottle cage. Now this is a clever bottle cage because it has a modular pod on the back to which you can then
attach different items depending on what you need for your ride. So you can see here, you’ve
got the CO2 cartridges, but you can also attach a multi-tool, or a sort of larger saddle pack type Well it’s not a saddle pack cause it’s on a bottle cage, but you get the idea. You can put an inner tube in there and perhaps even a tool, or whatever you need. Now you can adapt this depending on your type of ride. So, the kind of things that you might wanna
carry for a short race are gonna be different
from the kind of things that you’d wanna carry for
a round the world trip. So, depending on what you’re doing, you can fit different things, which is really neat. But if you want to use
your own bottle cage, there’s also this neat solution as well. This is like a sort of washer that fits underneath your bottle cage, with the modular ninja mount on the back. So you can still use all
the different accessories that fit on the back. In case you were wondering, this is two CO2 cartridges and a micro booster inflator on the back. It’s not what I thought it was, which was Action Man’s
scuba diving equipment. Another award winning product from the Taipei show is this from Vision, which is the TFA Aerobar. TFA actually stands for:
The Fastest Aerobar. Well, it’s an Aero copper that you can fit either onto a road bike or a triathlon bike
in order to make it faster. But it’s main selling point, and perhaps the most
exciting thing about it is how adjustable it is. So, in addition to the normal
adjustments that you can make, on tri bar setups like this, where you can adjust the pads
and bring them in closer, or fore and after justment of the actual tri bar
extensions themselves. There’s a whole load of other adjustments, so the base bar can actually be flipped, you can raise the whole
thing with spacers here, but perhaps the most
interesting and coolest feature, is you can adjust the
angle of the tri bars, and raise them up by 16 degrees to get into that sort of
praying mantis position where you’ve got your
hands in front of your face which has become a
really popular position, for the sort of fastest
time trialists out there. There’s also been a lot of attention paid to cable integration, so you can route cables
internally through this system to help it fit with modern bikes that have got lots of
heavy cable integration. But one of the things I also really like is the way that you can actually
fit this onto a road bike and make the front end
really neat and aero. So if you’re perhaps wanting to have a go at doing some time trials
or a triathlon perhaps, and you’re wanting to make
your bike more aerodynamic, but don’t wanna spend all the money on a full on time trial bike setup, then this is a good option that’s really cost effective. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video with the latest and greatest
new tech here at Taipei. And if you have, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. And to see more tech if
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