Behind the Scenes “Urban Freeride Lives”

Hey guys it’s me Fabio and today I’ll give you a deeper insight into my latest urban freeride video in Salzburg It’s sick how many people already watched the video I think it has already over 850.000 views big thanks to everyone of you for your comments, for your awesome feedback, for sharing and so on. makes me really happy and I think we should just watch some clips and I comment them Let’s start with the “castle wall drop” I just name it castle wall drop This was definitely one of most difficult clips to film It probably doesn’t look that big in the video but the whole setup, with all the steps on top of it, was really terrifying Also the landing was definitely not perfect and on the left side it was pretty high as well Then I did some test runs to get a feeling for it I tried to focus and then I just did it That was for sure a super awesome feeling Next clip “The Drift” A lof of you guys said that this was one of the coolest clips in the video and to be honest I really like it as well It was pretty difficult to get the right timing with Elias We started at the same time and tried get a good camera distance I also had a little crash it was actually super close with Elias, who nearly crashed into my bike He’s lucky that he got away from it without crashing We tried it a few more times until I was happy with it I spread these pebbles to make it more slippery and I think the final clips is definitely ok it was so much fun to do this and I really like the clip And the there were stairs, stairs and more stairs I think Salzburg was definitely the perfect place to shoot such an urban freeride video It was so much fun to rip these stairs there were some really cool alleys the city has a really cool flair also the stair sets were awesome, especially this one tried to ride this one like a motocross rider And I think it’s import to mention that we definitely didn’t film without any thoughts about people Surely we blocked the spots and made sure that it was safe I think the whole scenery fits very well to the riding style and to the whole idea of the video By the way this was the longest staircase in the video and it was crazy how fast I got down there Disadvantage of this, I had to go up again it was super exhausting but yeah in the end it paid off and it was so much fun riding them down The Bike Slider I had this trick in my mind for a couple of months or years I tried it on snow before but it was a different story on asphalt or on concret as you can see In the end I was quite surprised that it worked after just 2 or 3 tries I think the 5th try was the final one To be honest this is one of my favourite clips in the video Ok, the big staircase drop or gap This one is definitely one of the sickest gaps I’ve ver done I may not look like this big in the video but when you stand on top of it and look down, then you get fear. Especially because it was so tight I had to ride a little curve in the run up and jump very gap it very clean There were just 20 or 30 centimiteres between the handlebar and the two sides I had to bunny hop on the take off and land it perfectly In the end it was such a good feeling that it worked Also did a little whip for the style points It was a really sick feeling to jump this one The toilette scene A lot of you guys asked if I actually had to go to the toilette and yes I actually had to go to the toilette I think this scene mixes up the whole video I really like to put funny scenes in videos which make them more entertaining And it was funny to film it The “Big Mama Drop” don’t ask why it’s named big mama but I think it fit’s very well I had this crazy idea of jumping over this fence and over a 2-3m wide gras road I had this little ramp which I built a day before we started this project Police was here as well They took it pretty easy and were super chilled First try, didn’t really know what to expect, way too slow I came way to short and crashed I’m pretty lucky that I got away from this without any injuries and that I was able to go up and do it again Second try, Boom It worked, and it definitely one of the best moments of the whole video To say it in enlish, I was stoked I thought I don’t have to do it again but Hannes filmed on top of it and as soo as I went by I touched his camera and the focus was gone So the whole footage was blurry So I had to do it again It worked again, it was pretty smooth as well and in the end it was one of the coolest clips in the whole video but it definitely cost me a lot of nerves Then some words to my Crew That’s Hannes, he’s doing a lot of videos with me, always the gimbal in his hands this was one of the first scenes This is Elias, he did the 2nd camera looking good as always All in all it was super good fun to film with these guys Thanks Hannes and Elias for making this video happen. it was really nice time they were alway super motivated as you can see Two questions to Elias: Elias what do you hate about me ? or about Fabio? Fabio’s riding skills fade away Ok and what’s my biggest fear? He’s worried about breaking his parts but actually he’s worried about damaging his head That’s how we all know him from Sick Series Before we end this video I’ll answear some questions from you guys first of all I answer a question from Stevie Schneider who got over 12o Likes on it and he’s asking: Is it possible to meet you and check out the size of your balls? Cause i think they are massive Stevie you are welcome to check them…. No definitely not However, to everyone who wants to meet me You can meet me at Eurobike this year or also at the dirtmasters festival in Winterberg I’m really looking forward to it, it will be sick What’s next? How long did it take you to finish the video? I filmed the whole video in 5 days I was pretty surprised that everything went so smooth and that we managed to film it in just 5 days What was the most dangerous scene? For me it was the big staircase drop/gap because it just so tight and I had to jump it perfectly and were not allowed to make any mistakes How often did you crahs? To be honest I had one serious crash I had some very little crashes but i would just count the last one as a crash So basically I had just one crash Which pretection did you use? I ride protection from POC chest protector, back protector, helmet, everything from POC knee protectors, five ten shoes and a jersey and a jeans for the street style look One more question: Which bike did you use? I’ll do a bike check in the next weeks It was a Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works with a limited custom painted color Looks super super good, also with the hope parts and magura brakes Really like it and it is so so good to ride with it My favourite bike Guys, I think that’s pretty much it hope you enjoyed the video Thanks again to everyone for the cool feedback, for all your comments and yeah I think that’s it and CIAO, until next time