Average Andy Drives Tourists Around NYC in a Pedicab

So whenever we
start a new season, there’s always a big ad
campaign to promote it. But those are very
expensive, so instead I sent my executive producer
Andy Lassner to New York City to remind everyone
to watch season 17. And here’s how he did it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Why would the pain
ever end for me? It’s season 17 and it continues. So I’m going to mount it? Yeah. Oh, OK. So this one’s hydraulics,
so you want to pump it when you brake with this. I want to what? You got to pump
the brake if you– That’s a cute dog. Thank you. Ellen’s not here. You don’t have to wait. She’s not coming. Oh, she’s not coming? No, it’s just me today. Oh. Sorry. [LAUGHS] This is going to happen all day. Not that I’m not used
to disappointing people on a daily basis. Season 17’s coming up. Hi there, Ellen is mean to me. You want a ride? Do you really? Where do you want to go? 42nd and 6th. You’re my first ride. 42nd and 6th? I don’t know where we are, but
we’re going to figure this out. I’m Andy. So you know this is obviously
New York’s Times Square. Don’t honk me. How long have you
guys been together? Year and a half. Here’s the thing,
all I’m doing is like I’m chewing your ears off. If you guys want to
make out, do your thing. I’m not stopping you. [MUSIC – LIZZO, “JUICE”] (SINGING) Mirror,
mirror, on the wall, don’t say it, because I
know I’m cute, oh baby. Louis down to my drawers. Hi there. Yeah. Love you, Ellen. Season 17 Ellen DeGeneres Show. How much do I get
paid to promote that? Nada. Ellen? At one of her 17
homes right now. Me? Biking through New York City. My legs are killing me. I don’t have a lot of lower
body strength or upper body. We love Ellen. Yeah, Ellen, I love her. Oh yay, go, love Ellen. I’m Andy. (SINGING) Blame it
on my juice, baby. It ain’t my fault that
I’m out here making news. If you look to the right
with the afro is Al Roker, but he does not want
to be recognized, so he wears that wig. [LAUGHS] Are you guys are all getting in? Oh, that’s a lot
of– that’s, yeah, I’m not used to three customers. I’ve only done two. Hold on, let me just
get out of the walkway. I’m sorry. My entire life is being an
inconvenience to people. Oh God, Oh God, pedaling. Pedaling, stop honking. [RINGING BELL] Oh you’re going to honk me? You’re going to honk? I ring the bell. How about that? You honk, I bell. Hi. Hi. Come on in. Where are you going? We have a show down the road. Down the road. Go ahead. Can I get a picture
standing next to Ellen. Yeah, well, that’s–
yeah, that’s Ellen. That’s Ellen. Right here. She looks different. She looks different on TV. [LAUGHS] Get a picture. TV, there’s a lot of makeup,
and so people don’t believe it. Isn’t that great. I’m just taking a little break. What? [BLEEP] you. [RINGING BELL] Oh, honk all you want. Oh look at you, you’re so fast. Try driving people. Oh, she just gave me the finger. I love her. Watch season 17. This is really
going to– this is going to draw the viewers in. This is a great idea, Ellen. [APPLAUSE] It was a good idea. Thanks, Andy. We’ll be right back.